Thank you lost soul mate

Wandering soul yogi becoming

thank you for showing that I am lovable

thank you for making me know I am worth

thank you for giving me unlimited happiness as long as you were there for me

thank you for making my those days beautiful

thank you for taking my problems away as long as you were there

thank you for providing security for those many days

thank you for filling my days with feelings of us

thank you for giving me chance to hold you,hug you

thank you for giving me chance to feel divine feminine beauty

thank you for the lovely kisses and touches

thank you for breathing with me

thank you for coming in my life when I was lost

thank you for holding me when I was alone

thank you for trusting in me

thank you for making me believe in love

thank you for letting me sleep in your arms

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DAS KAPITAL: Back in the USSR…..’Ode To Mother Russia’


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“…Today, the “wants” of the 1% and the ruling elite that serve them, is deeply cutting into both the wants and the needs of the peoples of the countries in the West. The elites are beginning to see that looting the other parts of the World just isn’t enough for them to fulfill all their “wants”.And that they must take from their own nations populace to keep their lifestyle going up ever higher. They also know that to lessen the need for that,the only areas left to loot for their benefit are Russia,China,and Iran”:

Back in the USSR…..

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/08/12 … Open Thread”. The moderator believes this comment is well written and has a good understanding of the underlaying forces at work in current confrontation with Russia, China and Iran. The moderator personally has…

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THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: 15 Years Of A Transparent Lie – By Paul Craig Roberts


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“…9/11 was used by the US government to launch wars that have destroyed in whole or part seven countries, killing millions of peoples and producing millions of refugees.  9/11 was also used to create an American police state, which is a far greater threat to freedom and democracy than Muslim terrorism”:

(9/11: 15 Years Of A Transparent Lie – By Paul Craig Roberts)

There are many conspiracy theories about 9/11. The US government’s own expanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory in which a few Saudi Arabians outwitted the American national security state. Little doubt that many of the more imaginative conspiracy theories were created for the purpose of stigmatizing any skepticism, no matter how well reasoned and supported, of the official story.

When thinking about 9/11, it is important to differentiate expert opinion from improbable explanations.

Among the expert opinion are 2,600 structural engineers and…

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Syria cease-fire enters into effect

The Muslim Times

Source: Associated Press


In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian President Bashar Assad,… Read more

BEIRUT (AP) — A U.S.-Russian brokered cease-fire for Syria came into effect on Monday at sunset, with monitoring groups and state media reporting clashes up until the final minutes, and the most powerful rebel groups having yet to commit to the truce.

Syria’s military announced at 7 p.m. (1600 GMT) that it would abide by a cease-fire until Sunday at midnight, while maintaining its right to defend itself against any violations.

The cease-fire marks the latest attempt to end the five-year conflict, which has killed more than 250,000 people and driven some 11 million from their homes. The 2011 uprising against President Bashar Assad began with peaceful protests but escalated into a civil war following a brutal government crackdown and the rise of an…

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Woman gets awarded $4.6 million in damages after being pricked by needle in Target parking lot

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A jury has awarded a South Carolina woman more than $4.6 million after she was stuck by a needle picked up in a Target parking lot. The Independent-Mail of Anderson reports that Carla Denise Garrison’s award will be one of the largest in Anderson County history if it stands.
Court documents say Garrison was in the retailer’s parking lot in May 2014 when her daughter picked up a hypodermic needle. Garrison swatted it out of her hand and was stuck in her own palm.

Garrison was bedridden because of medication prescribed because of the potential risk of contracting HIV.
The paper reports Garrison’s attorney had offered Target a deal of $12,000. Target offered $750 in response.
Target spokeswoman Erika Winkels said the company is considering an appeal

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