U.S. Hostage Rescue Attempt Failed

The Muslim Times

Source: The Daily Beast

U.S. special operations forces mounted an unsuccessful attempt to rescue two kidnapped American University of Afghanistan professors last month, the Pentagon confirmed Thursday afternoon.

“In August, at the recommendation of Secretary Carter, President Obama authorized U.S. forces to conduct a mission in Afghanistan, aimed at recovering two civilian hostages,” the Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the hostages were not at the location we suspected. During the mission, U.S. forces engaged and killed a number of hostile forces.”

The statement added: “No U.S. personnel or civilians were harmed. We will not provide further information on this mission in order to protect the safety of hostages and operational security. Military hostage rescue operations are inherently sensitive and dangerous and careful deliberation went into this mission. The United States military remains fully prepared to take extraordinary steps to protect American citizens anywhere in the world.”

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DAS KAPITAL: How is Real Wealth Created? – By Bill Bonner


Source – acting-man.com

“…Even profitable innovations can destroy wealth as well as create it – Crack cocaine and television, for example, have probably cost the nation a trillion dollars of real output. Are Facebook and Snapchat much different? As in any other service industry, money passes from one person to another. But is wealth created? Or destroyed?:

(How is Real Wealth Created? – By Bill Bonner)

An Abrupt Drop

Let’s turn back to our regular beat: the U.S. economy and its capital markets. We’ve been warning that the Fed would never make any substantial increase to interest rates. Not willingly, at least.

groping-in-the-darkGroping in the dark, Yellen-style

Each time Fed chief Janet Yellen opens her mouth, out comes a hint that more rate hikes might be coming. But each time, it turns out that the economy is not as robust as she had believed… and that a rate…

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US Global Hegemony is Officially Dead

My thought is along the same line that the U.S. global hegemony is dead. And the death is at the hand of Americans themselves.

Covert Geopolitics

Humanity is now in the cusp for a massive globalwide revolution in engineering and scientific development as divisively regressive geopolitics are being shamed in the global stage, and instigations for new wars are effectively suppressed.

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ARCHIVE: Grandson of Lucky Luciano sets the record straight about the JFK & Hoffa assassinations


Source – arcticbeacon.com, By Greg Szymanski

– Tony Gambino of the infamous Gambino New York crime family said besides
Mob Bosses, the outfits that benefit most from organized crime are the
corrupt Vatican and U.S. government.

The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino made a guest appearance Tuesday on
Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal on Liberty Radio
at http://www.libertyradiolive.com The entire interview can be heard at
http://www.arcticbeacon.com as well as Liberty Radio.

The high-level former mobster talked openly for an hour, indicting top
Vatican and U.S. government officials with complicity in high crimes,
treason and assassinations as they worked together “like a tight-knit
happy family” with the Gambino and other Mafia families.

With America’s fascination of the Mafia, Gambino’s statements should
shake the halls of St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as Capitol Hill, since
he talked about his first hand knowledge of George Bush, the Pope and
other high…

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MOB RULE: ‘Killing Jimmy Hoffa’, Some Secrets Won’t Stay Buried (Flashback)

Value of documentation to history.


Source – killingjimmyhoffa.com

–  “…Jimmy Hoffa was a Shakespearean character. One of the last of the self-made American men to rise out of the working class, he was born fighting. To seize and maintain the power he so obviously craved Hoffa had to embrace the corruption of the world he inhabited. Corrupt businesses, corrupt politicians, and the very essence of corruption: La Cosa Nostra”:

The Story:

Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance and probable murder is one of the great crimes of the century. Despite a massive Federal investigation spanning 4 decades and hundreds of suspects, only the general contours of the crime are known. In the American mythology Hoffa is both hero and villain; a self-made man who ran the nation’s largest union and was so beloved by the rank and file Teamsters he represented that they supported him as union president while he was under indictment and even in prison.


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Arabia: Haji’s go high tech during Hajj

The Muslim Times

Each bracelet carries a bar code readable by smartphone. It indicates the pilgrim’s identity, nationality, place of lodging in Mecca, as well as other information, the vice secretary of the ministry of hajj and umrah, Issa Rawas, told AFP.Muslim pilgrims circle the Kaaba, Islam's holiest shrine, at the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016. Millions of pilgrims have arrived to Mecca ahead of the Hajj annual pilgrimage which begins on Saturday.

Close to two million pilgrims have converged on western Saudi Arabia for the annual hajj where new measures aim to prevent a recurrence of last year’s stampede which killed around 2,300.

The stampede legacy has contributed to renewed tensions between Saudi Arabia and its regional rival Iran, which is not sending pilgrims for the first time in nearly three decades.

While the main rites of the six-day event begin on Saturday, pilgrims have already been swirling around the holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, in a procession that continues day and night.


It is one of the first rites of the pilgrimage, which is among the largest religious…

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