New mothers to undergo breast exams in Egypt to prove they really need baby formula

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New mothers will have their breasts examined by the Egyptian government to prove they need baby formula in an attempt to save money.

Women will need to prove they cannot breastfeed before being supplied with subsidised manufactured milk.The Egyptian Health Ministry say they supply around $51m in baby formula per year to help families across the country feed their infants.
But following a recent 40 percent increase in formula prices, the ministry said this week that it will tighten the criteria to determine who is eligible.

Women who have more than one child, work full-time and suffer health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure will be prioritised – and breast-checking procedures will be brought in.

As of Monday, mothers who want subsidised formula for their children will first be forced to undergo a medical examination and obtain written confirmation from a doctor.

Last Thursday, Egyptian mothers protested baby…

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Federal Government Backs Down in North Dakota After Judge Denies Injunction

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I went to dinner with friends and when I returned to my computer, I discovered that two things happened in my absence:

1. The blog picked up three new trolls who arrived either to insult me in my living room and/or to inform us that Trump is a great man, not an “unhinged lunatic” (to use Lawrence O’Donnell’s apt phrase.

2. The Justice Department intervened immediately after a federal judge denied a preliminary injunction to stop the construction of the pipeline on Sioux lands.

Ellen Lubic wrote to bring the news:

From VOX…

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

“• The Obama administration issued an order late Friday blocking construction work for the Dakota Access Pipeline on federal land (and asking the company building the pipeline to suspend work on nearby land as well). [Reuters / Ruthy Munoz]

• The move follows several weeks of protests over the proposed pipeline, led by the…

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Biafran Not In Igbo’s Interest, Nigeria Must Be Restructured To Save Her From Break Up-Akin Aduwo(Ex-Naval Chief)

The Republican News

Image result for akin aduwo Ex-Naval Chief, Akin Aduwo

*Says restructuring ‘ll save Nigeria from break-up

Former Chief of Naval Staff, Vice-Admiral Akintunde Aduwo (retd) has implored President Muhammadu Buhari not to ignore the increasing calls for restructuring of the country. Making the appeal in an interview with SATURDAY SUN, the former Naval Chief, said restructuring can’t lead to the break-up of the country contrary to fears being raised in certain quarters.
Aduwo who was also a former governor of the defunct Western region, spoke with TUNDE THOMAS on the crisis in the Niger-Delta, the Biafra issue, corruption, his removal as state governor after one month in office and a host of others.

Looking at the state of affairs in the country today, there has been a lot of debates and arguments that all is not well, and that we need to restructure if things are to go right, what is your take on…

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Muslims in London Call for Jihad and Sharia Law, Threaten U.S.


From the DML Report


A video has been brought to our attention of a massive Muslim demonstration in London, where hundreds of Muslim men are shouting for jihad and carrying signs reading, “Shariah: The only solution.”

Obama has repeated over and over to the American people that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that ISIS members are extremists and not representative of Islam.   But these men are representing normal Muslims and not ISIS members.

One leader among them grabs the microphone and shouts, “The flag of Islam, over the White House, in America!”  Then he leads the others in a chant, “Obama, you will pay, the Muslims are on the way!”

“Take with you the message, that the Muslims are rising, everywhere around the world, in Palestine, in Chechnya, in Burma, in Saudia… wherever they are, they are awaking!”

They claim that Muslims are oppressed and massacred around the world. …

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SHOCKING: Rising Cases Of Baby Dumping In Kaduna State |The Republican News

The Republican News

Dump of baby

*Concern over rising cases of baby dumping in Kaduna
*I have six in my care – District head

From Sola Ojo, Kaduna

A Non-Governmental Organization, Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), has raised the alarm over increasing cases of dumping of new live-births by unknown women in Kaduna State. It says there is need for concerted efforts by stakeholders and the public to nip the menace in the bud.
Though the practice is not new in the country, it has been on the increase in recent times, with the victims dumped in deadly spots like refuse dumps, gutter, and motor parks to attract public attention and sympathy.
For instance, a newly-born baby was found abandoned close to a new generation bank, off Racecourse Road, Murtala Square, Kaduna North Local Government area of Kaduna State just recently, He was at the mercy of local dogs and pigs who haunted the area…

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Economic Recession: Low Sales of Rams, Bulls For Eid Al-Adha (Sallah)

The Republican News

By AFP   |  
RamWith the naira currency in free fall and inflation soaring, few Nigerians can escape the country’s economic troubles — and that includes Muslims preparing for Eid al-Adha.

Livestock traders and buyers said the sale of rams for the annual festival of sacrifice have dropped sharply compared with last year, as Nigerians look to prioritise spending.

“Sales have stalled,” complained Ibrahim Shuaibu, a ram trader at the Hauren Shanu livestock market on the outskirts of Kano, the commercial hub and biggest city in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north.

“Last year by this time I had sold more than 30 rams but I have so far sold not more than four this season,” he told AFP on Friday, his face sweaty from the scorching sun as he waited for customers.Reduced to a trickle 
Animals are slaughtered during Eid to signify followers’ submission to Allah, with the…

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PATHETIC: Cruz Supporters Run ANTI-TRUMP Ads In Crucial SWING States


This is just disgraceful. Talk about sore losers! The convention is over, Trump is the Nominee, but these folks can’t let it go.

Then at the RNC, Cruz had a chance to endorse Trump as the Nominee, and DIDN’T.

Now, disgruntled Cruz supporters are running ANTI-TRUMP ads in SWING States!

Do they not get that a divided Republican party actually helps Hillary?!?

Anti-Trump Republicans are preparing to launch a broadcast TV ad in a handful of swing-state suburbs urging Donald Trump to quit the presidential race so the party can replace him with a more electable nominee.

The ad, titled “Keep Your Word,” features footage of Trump during the Republican primary in which he suggested he’d drop out if he saw his poll numbers decline.

“No. 1, I’m not a masochist, and if I was dropping in the polls where I saw I wasn’t going to win, why would I…

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