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Coming from the media background, we do consider time. Time in this instance is the gap between requesting permission and approval before reblogging. It is the reason we reblog others’ posts many times even without comment. However, our attention has been drawn to the fact that some bloggers are not comfortable with reblogging their posts on this site without formal authorisation. Well every care has bee taken so far to ensure that every information relevant to the originators and their blogs are intact in materials reblogged on this site. What we may not have known on this site is if some of the posts we found interesting should not be promoted on our blog. For that if any, we take responsibility and apologise.

In the light of the foregoing, we thought we should reconsider this site’s reblogging options so that no blogger is given offence nor any protocol breached. We will still read the posts on the sites followed by Matthews’ Blog and hope to duly request permission of bloggers before reblogging henceforth. We thought we should open up on this for the information of those who look forward to seeing their posts on this site always.

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Ex-U.S Congressman Supports Calls For Sovereign Biafra, Vows To Table It Before Congress

The goal is to make Nigeria a theatre of war to actualize America’s plan of breaking up Nigeria which they could not do in 2015

The Republican News

Image result for robert dornanHon. Robert Dornan, an ex-US congressman has renewed his call for Biafra referendum. Hon. R. Dornan , an ex-US congressman between 1977 and 1997, according to a report emailed to our newsroom here in the French capital of Paris renewed his call for a referendum to be conducted to enable the people of the south- east to decide their political future.

The report says, Dornan, who remains opposed to violence deemed this necessary before the ongoing agitation in Nigeria snowballs into an armed conflict.

He has , however , resolved to table the matter before the US congress through the agency of his ex-colleagues and vowed to press the matter progressively to the United Nations

Recall Mr. Dornan was first quoted as saying, “I say, the Biafrans have known suffering and death and as a responsible witness to that holocaust and as a Christian man of honor I add…

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Fulani Elders Offered Me 350m To Destabilize Taraba/Benue – Says Benue Militant.


Wanted Benue militant, Terwase Agwaza AKA Ghana made shocking disclosures in an interview aired on Channels TV. Amongst other revelations, Ghana who is presently in hiding after being declared wanted by security agents, claimed that he was supplied arms by the special adviser to the Benue State governor on security, Col. Edwin Jando (rtd) to carry out nefarious activities. Ghana also claimed that he was approached by some Fulani elders in a bid to destabilize Taraba State being part of a grand plan to cause instability in Plateau, Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa States. Ghana claims he was offered 50m naira to invade Taraba, but he instead asked for 1bn naira. His offer was upped to 350m naira which he turned down saying 750m naira will be ideal since he had to settle security agents for a smooth operation.
Ghana is presently on the run with a bounty of 5m naira…

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Larger Governments Have Less Corruption (Part 1 – The Evidence)

Findings and emerging information from large governments even in advanced democracies or economies rather tell otherwise, that corruption also stinks there.

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog

Many people believe that one of the most important root causes of public corruption is “big government.” This view was perhaps captured most famously and most succinctly by Gary Becker, the late Nobel Laureate economist, who declared (in a couple of memorable op-ed headlines), “If you want to cut corruption, cut government” and “to root out corruption, boot out big government.” Professor Becker was not what you would call cautious or circumspect in advancing this claim: He insisted that “instituting large cuts in the scope of government is the only surefire way to reduce corruption,” and that without such cuts even the most well-intentioned anticorruption reforms and crackdowns would fail, because “corruption always reemerges wherever governments have a major impact on economic conditions.” Though Professor Becker was perhaps the most blunt (and famous) advocate for this view, many others have taken this position. (See here

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Around 400 officers expected to be on duty for the Manchester derby as police fears for Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola long term feud/rivalry

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Manchester United will welcome Man City to Old Trafford this weekend, but to police chiefs in Greater Manchester, UK, this isn’t a normal football game. 400 police chiefs will be deployed to Old Trafford after hearing of the old bitter feud between Man U manager Jose Mourinho and Man City manager Pep Guardiola.
The police officers are expected to be on duty for the 12.30pm kick-off and they will be briefed about the Mourinho/Guardiola feud which dates back to their days managing Real Madrid and Barcelona.
A source said to Dailymail:
‘There is no intelligence to suggest that there will be mass disorder. And while it does not necessarily affect the risk element, police are aware of the Jose Mourinho/Pep Guardiola rivalry and that the arrival of the new managers and their own rivalry could bring heightened tension.
Chief Inspector Dean Howard, from greater Manchester Police (GMP), is Saturday’s match…

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Ivory Coast’s Olympic medallists Cisse & Gbagbi given houses plus cash rewards

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Ivory Coast won two medals at the just concluded Olympics and the medallists have been gifted houses along with cash for their efforts. Cheick Cisse, who won taekwondo gold, was given $85,000 and Ruth Gbagbi, who won bronze in the women’s event, got $51,000.


President Ouattara and his wife Dominique wore the medals as they posed with the athletes for photos at the presidential palace in the country’s commercial capital, Abidjan.


Prior to Rio, Ivory Coast had only won one Olympic medal. Gabriel Tiacoh won a silver medal in the men’s 400m in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.



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