Seven Ways To Add Conflict To Your Story (And How The Walking Dead Uses All Seven In A Single Episode)

Very insightful.

Allison Maruska

Last night, I finally got the chance to watch the Season 7 premier of The Walking Dead. I made the mistake of watching it right before I went to bed.

twd Credit:

It took a while to fall asleep.

Like, a couple of hours. Because man. That was rough.

Anyway, I’ll be using specific details from that episode in this post, so if you haven’t seen it and plan to, come back to this later because I’ll be dishing out a lot of spoilers.

We’re going to use Episode 1 of Season 7 to talk about adding conflict to stories. Before I saw the show, I’d planned to do a post about the following image I found on the Writing About Writing page on Facebook.


Because the image was in my mind as I watched, I saw how the episode included every single one of those strategies. If The Walking…

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Can U.S. Efforts To Fight Vote Buying Offer Lessons for Others?

It remains to be seen, the impact.

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog

Vote buying—the practice of providing or promising cash, gifts, jobs, or other things of value to voters to induce them to support a candidate in an election—is illegal in 163 countries, yet it is a widespread and seemingly intractable problem in many parts of the developing world. In Ghana, for example, incumbents distribute outboard motors to fishermen and food to the rural electorate. In the Philippines, politicians distribute cash and plum short-term jobs. In 2015, Nigerian incumbents delivered bags of rice with images of the president ahead of the election. And Werner Herzog’s 2010 documentary film Happy People shows a politician cheerfully delivering dried goods along with musical entertainment to an utterly isolated village of trappers in Siberia (49 minutes into the film). Thus, recent instances of vote buying are more varied than the simple cash for vote exchange; they include awarding patronage jobs and purposefully targeting social spending…

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Mainstream media silent as CDC documents prove link between autism and vaccination

In Nigeria, Nigerian media and Nigerians remain silent as if what is going on about vaccination and autism is a ruse. We go begging for everything, including what will be injurious to our children.


Daniel Barker
October 31, 2016

The mainstream media plays a key role in protecting and furthering the interests of powerful corporate entities, including those that make up the pharmaceutical industry, Big Agriculture, Big Oil and other massively profitable business sectors.

They do so by over-reporting and fear-mongering, as exemplified by the current Zika virus scare, but they also do the bidding of their corporate masters by under-reporting, ignoring and burying stories that might threaten their profit margins or even put them out of business altogether.

Such is the case regarding thimerosal (a vaccine additive which contains as much as 50 percent mercury) and its link to cases of autism in children. It’s true that most people have at least heard something regarding the issue, but all one ever sees in the mainstream news are denials that there is a link, and reassurances by federal agencies such as the…

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Is This Why Comey Broke: A Stack Of Resignation Letters From Furious FBI Agents


October 31, 2016

Conspiracy theories have swirled in recent days as to why FBI Director James Comey reopened Hillary’s email investigation after just closing it back in July concluding that, although Hillary had demonstrated gross negligence in her establishment of a private email server, that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against her.  Democrats, after lavishing Comey with praise for months on concluding his investigation in an “impartial” way, have since lashed out at him for seeking to influence the 2016 election cycle with Hillary herself describing his recent actions as “deeply troubling”.  Republicans, on the other hand, have praised Comey’s recent efforts as an attempt to correct a corrupt investigation that seemingly ignored critical evidence while granting numerous immunity agreements to Clinton staffers.

According to the Daily Mail, and a source close to James Comey, the decision, at least in part, came after he “could…

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