​Mrs. Olubunmi Odumusi, a permanent secretary in the Ogun State civil service has died barely 48 hours after being sworn into office.

Relatives Mrs Odumusi said died after a prolonged battle with cancer, despite undergoing both in local and foreign hospitals; at a huge financial cost.
Mrs. Odumusi, a journalist, joined the civil service and rose to the position of director in the state Ministry of Information and Strategy.

She was in the United States of America for medical treatment when she received the news of her promotion as Permanent Secretary. She flew back to attend the inauguration and attended the event on wheelchair on Thursday.

As news of her passing spread Saturday, sympathisers thronged the family home at Sam Ewang Estate in Abeokuta.

Her heartbroken husband wept, clasping the body of his departed wife. The body was later taken to the Neuro Psychiatric Hospital.

A family source said Mrs…

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Canada urged to advocate for human rights in Ethiopia

Derege Negash

(The Globe and Mail)— When Ethiopian security forces killed dozens of peaceful protesters in a hail of gunfire last month, the Canadian government responded with a brief tweet to say it was “disturbed” by the deaths.

Canada's Prime Minster Justin Trudeau

But Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan did not cancel his scheduled visit to Ethiopia.

Three days after the killings, he arrived in its capital and held a friendly meeting with Ethiopia’s defence minister and prime minister, making no public comment about the government’s actions.

Canada’s muted response to the lethal crackdown on the biggest protests in Ethiopia’s recent history is a sign of its continuing close relationship with the East African country.

Ethiopia is often among the first stops for Canadian cabinet ministers when they visit Africa, and it remains one of the biggest beneficiaries of Canadian foreign aid, receiving $108-million from Ottawa last year.

The Liberal government, which has promised a…

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Time overdue for Ethiopian US voting bloc: 2016 election

Derege Negash

by Teshome Borago

Ethiopians in Bahir Dar have said enough

Ethiopians in Bahir Dar have said enough and the government has virtually lost control of the city. Hundreds of thousands in northern Gondar have protested against the corrupt TPLF regime. And as I write this article, most of Western Gojjam has become ungovernable thanks to patriotic Ethiopians who have risen up against tyranny and in solidarity with their Oromo & Gondar Amhara protesters nationwide. Meanwhile, the regime has already killed thousands of protesters, with many more in hospital shot, or injured or in prison. We are witnessing new massacres every week. TPLF tanks are moving into civilian areas. Teenagers and even toddlers in Ethiopia are bleeding to death in makeshift hospitals after being shot by TPLF snipers. But where is President Obama? His silence is deafening. Who knew the first African-American US president would become the least compassionate towards Africans.

In Libya and Syria, the Obama and…

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Managing Your Browser Bookmarks

The Tony Burgess Blog

Screenshot 2016-09-03 at 12.34.44 PM

Bookmarks have been around for as long as there have been books and websites. These shortcuts to content are important for web users to get to where they need to go quickly. This morning I did some work on adding some frequently used bookmarks to my browser because they were lacking. Accessing content directly from the source can give you more information. I use a Chromebook so my browser is Google Chrome natively. Bookmarks are a living, breathing thing that will be added to and edited over time. Be sure you take advantage of folders to make it faster to get to the sites you want to see and sort them by title too. Also sync your bookmarks to Google so you can access them anywhere you like including your mobile device.

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