How Evil Spirit Let Other Evil Spirit In.

Mandiya Joseph

In the vision, after the man became obsessed, Jesus
narrated, “This evil spirit obsessing this man is one of
the rulers of the darkness of this world—one of the
higher order of demon spirits. The rulers of the
darkness of this world are the ones that get ahold of a
person and will eventually possess him, if the person
lets him. And there are degrees of possession.”
Jesus then explained that when these rulers of the
darkness of this world, this higher order of evil spirits,

get ahold of an unsaved person, they let other spirits in
with them. Jesus said, “I’ll show you how this higher
order of evil spirits lets in other evil spirits.” Then in
the vision I saw the evil spirit in the man’s mind hold
up something that looked like a trapdoor in the top of
the man’s head.
I watched as that demon that…

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Schiff Finally Releases Tim Morrison Testimony Blowing Up Ukrainian Hoax

Written by Jim Hoft | Source: The Gateway Pundit | November 17, 2019

The NSC Senior Director for European Affairs testified before the Schiff secret star chamber in October. The transcript of his testimony was released this weekend.

Morrison’s testimony COMPLETELY DESTROYED the Democrat’s latest attempt to remove President Trump from office. Worse yet, Morrison’s testimony OBLITERATES Adam Schiff’s chief witness, and reported second whistleblower, Lt. Col. Vindman who is unreliable and reports to Morrison.

Morrison, who was on the July 25 Trump-Zelensky call testified in Schiff’s secret basement star chamber that nothing illegal was discussed on the Trump-Zelensky phone call.

This is why Schiff held his secret hearings behind closed doors in a basement.

Schiff doesn’t want the American public to know that President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was completely above board. Here are the key points to Tim Morrison’s testimony.

1. Mr. Morrison did not believe anything improper occurred on the July 25 call. (p. 60)

2. Mr. Morrison testified that the memorandum of conversation (a phrase used to describe the call transcript) of the July 25 call was complete and accurate. (p. 60)

3. Mr. Morrison, who listened to the July 25 call, testified that he was not concerned about the substance of what was discussed on the call – only that the transcript might leak. (p. 46-47)

4. Mr. Morrison was told by National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg that the July 25 call record mistakenly ended up on the highly classified system, debunking the Democrats’ allegations of an attempted “cover up.”

5. Mr. Morrison repeatedly testified that he purposefully kept Lt. Col. Vindman out of the loop on this matter because he had concerns about Vindman’s judgment, which were also raised to him by Fiona Hill and others.

6. Mr. Morrison testified that, as the final clearing authority for any edits made to the 7/25 call package, he accepted all of Lt. Col. Vindman’s proposed edits. (p. 61-62)

7. Mr. Morrison testified that he does not believe Burisma came up on the call or that anyone suggested edits to the mem-con to include the word Burisma. (p. 64)

8. Mr. Morrison testified that Lt. Col. Vindman relayed two concerns to him about the July 25 call: that the call did not get into the subject matter they had hoped, and the fidelity of the translation. (p. 72-73)

9. Mr. Morrison testified that Lt. Col. Vindman never reported to Morrison any of the “light queries” that he received from Ukrainian officials in August regarding the hold on aid. (p. 93)

10. Mr. Morrison confirmed that President Trump generally does not like foreign aid generally, and specifically held concerns that corruption in Ukraine may cause U.S. aid to be “misused.”

This should end the Democrat impeachment proceedings.

There is no crime. There was no crime. And Democrats continue to lie to the American people about their secret sham investigation!

How to focus on abundance rather than scarcity?

Very educating piece.

A Better Man

More food, more money, more gossip – nowadays it seems like everyone wants more of everything. For most of human history, that desire was fueled by a real scarcity of resources. Today most resources aren’t scarce, yet we still suffer from our historical scarcity complex.

Saying no to scarcity means shifting your attention away from what’s missing and towards the abundance around you.

One way to focus on abundance is to count the blessings in your life, or even something as mundane as the cars in a traffic jam. The important thing is simply to perceive and recognize the palpable lack of scarcity in our lives.

But why should you focus on abundance over scarcity? By focusing on abundance, you also enrich your life. This goes beyond the optimism of seeing the glass as half-full; rather, you realize that there is plenty of water, that you won’t die of thirst…

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Would having too much passion at work hurt you?

A Better Man

If someone is passionate about what they do, we see it as more legitimate to exploit them, according to new research. The findings show that people see it as more acceptable to make passionate employees do extra, unpaid, and more demeaning work than they did for employees without the same passion.

“It’s great to love your work,” says Aaron Kay, a professor from the Fuqua School of Business Duke University, “but there can be costs when we think of the workplace as somewhere workers get to pursue their passions.”

People consider it more legitimate to make passionate employees leave family to work on a weekend, work unpaid, and handle unrelated tasks that were not in the job description, the researchers found.

The team found passion exploitation consistently across eight studies with more than 2,400 total participants. The studies varied in design, in the participants (students, managers, random online samples) and…

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