We lift a finger to our latest Zombie!

Piece of Mindful

I have known people who have done “immersion” in order to learn a foreign language, just dive in the deep end, live and eat with them, and the assumption is that you will pick it up. I doubt it works.

Along the same lines, we are going to be doing some immersion if our own. There is no easy way to introduce readers to the real world of “news” around them other than immersion. Here is how it works: Rock Stars and actors are trained and introduced into the culture, where they learn how to behave, lead fake lives, and to be believable as people they are not. They then fake their deaths, go underground for a while, and re-emerge as a fully-formed newscasters or pundits.

This is as surprising to us as anyone. I knew when I read Dave McGowan’s Weird Scenes in the Canyon for the third time…

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