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Holy crap – an actual book!


Yo, everyone! The final version of my book now exists, and I have exactly one copy! Here’s my editor, Amanda Cook, holding it yesterday when we met for beers:


Here’s my son holding it:

20160809_161558 He’s offered to become a meme in support of book sales.

Here’s the back of the book, with blurbs from really exceptional people:


In other exciting book news, there’s a review by Richard Beales from Reuter’s BreakingViews, and it made a list of new releases in Scientific American as well.


I want to apologize in advance for all the book news I’m going to be blogging, tweeting, and otherwise blabbing about. To be clear, I’ve been told it’s my job for the next few months to be a PR person for my book, so I guess that’s what I’m up to. If you come here for ideas and are turned off by cheerleading, feel…

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Variations in WP Apps?

Write of Passage

Some time ago, I realized that there were differences in how WordPress functions on my various devices (iPad/iPhone, Windows PC, Windows tablet). It seemed that the apps for mobile devices are stripped down somewhat. This makes sense to me, as mobile devices probably need sleeker apps to run efficiently. Over the past week or two, however, I noticed some irregularities that may be due to the location from which I post (the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean)more than to programmatic differences. In light of changing laws regulating internet access, I guess I can understand this, but the interesting thing is that these differences are not consistent.

Some differences–for example, whose posts I can re-blog–appear to change depending on either the time of day, the device, or magic. So, sometimes I can re-blog someone’s posts while other times I can’t–regardless of whether I am accessing WordPress from a mobile…

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Isaiah 18

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Isaiah 18 is one of the most difficult of all the prophesies in this book.  In the days of Isaiah, Ethiopia was a major world power, ruling Egypt and was a chief rival to Assyria. Since Judah was caught in the middle of the conflict between these two super powers of their day, it might make sense for Judah to align herself with Ethiopia against Assyria.  The scene pictures some Ethiopian ambassadors who come to make an alliance with Judah and the other nations of the region against Assyria.  They are trying to put together a group of nations to fight Assyria.

The Ethiopians are hopeful Judah will join them in battle.  “Go, you swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth, to a people feared near and far, a nation mighty and conquering, whose land the rivers divide”. The Ethiopian ambassadors invite Judah to rebel against the Assyrians…

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Touched by autumn’s finger

Bill Pearse

North Cascades solo backpacking trip, 2009 North Cascades solo backpacking trip, 2009

A low pressure system came down from British Columbia, had us in a headlock all week, the house around 60 with the windows open in the morning, you could almost see your breath. I was out in the dark one night and thought I smelled campfire or a wood stove burning something sweet, the dampness of fall. The kids found cat collars in the eagle’s nest that must have fallen from a nearby tree, that’s where the lost cats turn up. Our neighbor at the end of the road lost theirs to a coyote, heard a thump against the slide doors one night and there it was, spit out on the glass. Ours uses the abandoned neighbor’s yard to crap, you can watch her dig a hole under the cedar tree and squat there stiffly, her tail like a question mark wriggling, and I…

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Ten Things you can do for your mental health.


Mohammed Mansir


Try these tips to help find the right balance in your life.*

1. Value yourself:

Treat yourself with kindness and respect, and avoid self-criticism. Make time for your hobbies and favorite projects, or broaden your horizons. Do a daily crossword puzzle, plant a garden, take dance lessons, learn to play an instrument or become fluent in another language.

2. Take care of your body:

Taking care of yourself physically can improve your mental health. Be sure to:

  • Eat nutritious meals
  • Avoid cigarettes
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise, which helps decrease depression and anxiety and improve moods
  • Get enough sleep. Researchers believe that lack of sleep contributes to a high rate of depression in college students.

3. Surround yourself with good people:

People with strong family or social connections are generally healthier than those who lack a support network. Make plans with supportive family members and friends…

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Kenya defends deportation of 5 Taiwanese to China

African Press International (API)

Brian Mureithi -1 | Alhamisi, Agosti 11, 2016

The Foreign Affairs ministry has defended the deportation to China of five Taiwanese citizens charged with cyber-fraud.

The five were expelled on Monday together with 35 Chinese after a Nairobi court acquitted them last Friday.

Another 45 Taiwanese were expelled in a group of 117 Chinese in April over the same charges.

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed told a press conference on Wednesday that Kenya recognised China as one state and the two countries were working closely to combat cybercrime.

“Kenya firmly believes in [a] one China policy. We have supported that policy since independence and it is not going to change,” said Ms Mohamed, adding: “We are getting a lot of support from the Chinese government in training our young people to fight cybercrime in the first place.”

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told the same press conference he is…

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Donald Trump is like a biased machine learning algorithm

Party and business interests guide most publications. This view and thoughts have their focus.


Bear with me while I explain.

A quick observation: Donald Trump is not like normal people. In particular, he doesn’t have any principles to speak of, that might guide him. No moral compass.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a method. He does, but it’s local rather than global.

Instead of following some hidden but stable agenda, I would suggest Trump’s goal is simply to “not be boring” at Trump rallies. He wants to entertain, and to be the focus of attention at all times. He’s said as much, and it’s consistent with what we know about him. A born salesman.

What that translates to is a constant iterative process whereby he experiments with pushing the conversation this way or that, and he sees how the crowd responds. If they like it, he goes there. If they don’t respond, he never goes there again, because he doesn’t want to be…

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