Curing Sigmund Freud’s Atheism

The Muslim Times

Sigmund Freud In Home Office At Desk Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939, Austrian psychiatrist, in the office of his Vienna home looking at a manuscript

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

According to a BBC survey, in 2007, one billion people world wide are suffering from anxiety and depression. Which world view will give you contentment and peace, Sigmund Freud’s or Carl Jung’s? This is the question, the answer of which you owe to yourself! The answer to this question may predict your future peace of mind or lack there of.

It is in remembrance of Allah that hearts can find comfort. (Al Quran 13:29)

Did you imagine that Allah had created you without purpose, and that you would not be brought back to Us? (Al Quran 23:116)

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and his colleagues defined man as a purely ‘Psychological man’ driven by his past experiences and memories as opposed…

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Bill Phillis: If the U.S. Extradites Fethullah Gulen, What Happens to His Charter Chain?

Quite revealing information

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bill Phillis, onetime state deputy superintendent of instruction in Ohio, now director of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy, raises an important question: What becomes of the Gulen charter chain of about 150 charters if the U.S. State Department decides to extradite Imam Fethullah Gulen? The Turkish government blames Gulen’s followers for the coup that sought to overturn the government. The Turkish government now blames the U.S. for sheltering Gulen. Turkey has resumed an alliance with Russia because of our refusal to turn Gulen over.

The decision the White House makes on the request of the Turkish government to extradite Turkish Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen (the U.S. charter school magnate) will likely affect the future of the 150 Gulen, tax-funded charter schools, 19 of which are in Ohio
The August 3 New York Times article-Turks can agree on one thing: U. S. was behind failed coup- indicates that pressure…

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How to avoid murdering your career

Jean's Writing

Ever feel like you are strangling a story to death?

I feel your pain. Really I do. Sometimes I think my WIP needs to be put out of my misery.

image delete key Imgflip

So, let’s all avoid the paper shredder. Because there’s help by – 10 Career Killers by David McFarland Story Doctor.

Here is what I learned from reading10 Career Killers.

  1. Critics don’t buy books. Don’t write like a professor, write for your reader.
  2. Idiots don’t buy books either. Don’t dumb down your writing.
  3. Develop a wide range of topics. Don’t be a one-hit wonder. Don’t become bland.
  4. Keep up with technology. Learn to speak. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you.
  5. Be thankful when fans or critics point out things that need changing. Then do it.
  6. Keep writing. Don’t let success kill your talent.
  7. Invest and save. Remember the law of gravity. What goes up must come down.
  8. Focus on your…

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The blog becomes a travelogue

Piece of Mindful

Europe 242-1 At the John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011. (That is me with the man purse.)

We are leaving today on a trip for Europe, and has been my custom in the past, when I have time I will write and publish photos of our adventures. We are two extremely fortunate people, my wife and I, and so these past years since 2007 have been to …

  • Spain (Barcelona, my carried memory the Salvador Dali museum in Figueras);
  • Europe (Rome, Florence, Venice, and then hiking the Swiss Alps, then sight seeing Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic);
  • Nepal, where we hiked a portion of the Annapurna Circuit (it was on this trip that I gathered strong evidence that the earth is indeed round, as we circumnavigated it), and Thailand, including an island in the Gulf of Thailand where the water is bathtub warm;
  • Peru, where we hiked the Inca Trail and visited…

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Carl Petersen: If Charters Are Competition, Why Doesn’t LAUSD Compete with Them?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Carl J. Petersen is a parent of children in the Los Angeles school district. In this paper, he reviews the claim that schools get better if they compete. And he wonders, if competition improves schools, why does the Los Angeles school board insist on collaborating with those who want to put them out of business?

Petersen says that LAUSD has thrown in the towel. Instead of competing to show they are better than charters, they bow to the charters and throw the fight. Of course, it is true that the charter lobby, the California Charter Schools Association, is the richest lobby in the state. And it is true that CCSA and its allies will pour millions into the next school board race. Once in a while, a grassroots candidate can beat the CCSA millions, but it is not a good idea to count on it. CCSA is not willing to…

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Tom Cholmondeley dies in Nairobi

African Press International (API)

EUNICE KILONZO -1 | Jumatano, Agosti 17, 2016

Tom Cholmondeley, son of the fifth Lord Delamere, died on Wednesday while receiving treatment at MP Shah Hospital.

MP Shah Hospital chief executive officer Anup Das said Mr Cholmondeley, 48, died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday afternoon at 2.15pm as he recovered from hip replacement surgery at the facility.

Mr Das said: “He was admitted on Tuesday as a private patient — that is admitted by visiting doctors — in our facility and he underwent the surgery. He was recovering at the Intensive Care Unit when he developed cardiac arrest and died.”

Mr Cholmondeley was the great-grandson of the third Lord Delamere, one of the first and most influential British settlers in Kenya.

In April 2005, Mr Cholmondeley shot and killed a Kenya Wildlife Service game ranger at his expansive Soysambu ranch, near Lake Naivasha.

The British aristocrat was jailed in May…

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IndiaToday: More than 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims march against religious extremism / ISIS

The Muslim Times  | Edited by Sanjana Agnihotri
New Delhi, August 17, 2016 | UPDATED 15:30 IST

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Love all, hate none: More than 30,000 Muslims protest against religious extremism

More than 30,000 Muslims from across the world gathered in Hampshire, United Kingdom, to protest against the Islamic State and to reject religious extremism.

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  • Over 30,000 Muslims came together to reject religious extremism.
  • Event was organised to celebrate 50th annual Jalsa Salana.
  • Religious movement’s philosophy values tolerance over extremism.

To spread the message of “love for all, hated for none”, more than 30,000 Muslims from all over the world came together at Oakland Farm in Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

In a three-day event, these Muslims rejected religious extremism and protested against the Islamic State, reported the Independent. The event was organised to celebrate the 50th annual Jalsa Salana, an…

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When Lunch is a Bribe: American and Korean Law Compared

Lunch, dinner, all expenses paid trips, etc are the bets used by agents of powerful and advanced countries to trap representatives of governments of developing or upcoming democracies.

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog

It is the rare businessperson or lobbyist who takes a politician or bureaucrat they barely know to lunch just for the pleasure of their company.  Lunch-buyers may enjoy the food (particularly if the money comes out a corporate pocket) and not all politicians and bureaucrats are self-centered bores.  But face it: the main reason bureaucrats and politicians world-wide are wined and dined by people they hardly know is because they are in positions of power and the meal-buyers want to influence them — perhaps to persuade them to purchase the lunch-buyer’s product for their ministries, maybe to change their minds about pending legislation.  Yet as obvious as the reason for picking up a lunch the tab is, in the Republic of Korea, and many American jurisdictions as well, on its face the law provides that if lunch-buyers admit why they paid for lunch, they and their luncheon companion go to…

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