Fooling Around

Fooling around if indeed that is what it is, with intent to take in the beauty the environment and people could provide, is indeed a sure way engaging the mind along literary lines I thought. A good piece in my view

Write of Passage

Some days are for simply fooling around.

While I am “in the mood,” I thought I would pre-string a few Zentangle tiles. And maybe finally try out those brush pens I ordered. Break some rules for days when I can’t come up with anything to get me started.

That brush pen set I ordered weeks ago was a disappointment, color wise. I was hoping for a full spectrum of primary and secondary colors. In a way, that’s what I got. But I really wanted a brighter yellow instead of the ochre that was in the package. So I set the pens aside for a while, figuring I would probably end up giving them away. But today, as I was pre-stringing some tiles, I realized that, because I won’t use he brush pens for any other purpose, maybe it’s a good day to break them out and gain a feel for…

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Starting Something New

The Spinning Goth

I began a new day job last week – this is my 10th day and I’m still there. So that’s something. It’s not the field that I expected to be working in – it’s an inbound call center – but the subject is close to what I’d ultimately like my day job to be. So it’s good for as long as I can hang in there.

There were three knitters there when I first started; two of us are left. I’ve brought my drop spindle to work, but the resulting yarn has been…less than inspiring. It’s the llama hair my sister got me for Giftmas last year. Not the type of thing you want to wear as a T-shirt, but I’d like to make it into a bag. Possibly. The color is lovely; a cinnamon-brown that is really pretty, and I’d like to make something out of this. I don’t…

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