Boy Genius 12 going to Cornell U.

The Muslim Times

A boy genius from Texas has conquered high school at the age of 12 and is off to Cornell University this fall. If Jeremy Shuler of Lubbock obtains a degree in the next four years, he may be the youngest person ever to graduate from the university in Ithaca, N.Y.

Jeremy Shuler, 12, graduated with his high school diploma from Texas Tech University Independent School District. Jeremy is attending Cornell University in the fall. Photo: Shuler Family

According to Texas Tech University, Jeremy’s parents knew early on that he was different. He learned Korean and English by the age of 2. His mother, Harrey Shuler, home schooled Jeremy and said he completed all of his high school courses when he was 11. She has a doctorate in aerospace engineering while his father, Andy Shuler, works for Lockheed Martin as an engineer.


Jeremy scored in the 99.6 percentile on the SAT and wanted to attend college but needed a diploma or GED first, according to the university. He enrolled at Texas Tech Independent School District…

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Germany to chart first civil defence plan since Cold War

Won’t this set the citizenry in panic?

The Muslim Times

Source: The Local

The plan, which makes civilian backing of troops a priority while boosting the resilience of buildings and increasing capacity in the healthcare system, is due to be adopted by the government Wednesday, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) daily.

Contacted by AFP, an interior ministry spokesman confirmed that the cabinet was due to adopt a civil defence strategy but declined details about the concept or comment on the newspaper report.

The strategy noted that “an attack on German territory requiring conventional defence is unlikely,” but said the country should be “sufficiently prepared in case of an existence-threatening development in the future that cannot be ruled out,” according to the 69-page strategy quoted by…

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Work until 69?

Despite the rise in life expectancy, hope such workers will still be active at 69 to justify their pay?

The Muslim Times

Source: The Local

Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel was swift to condemn it, saying: “A factory worker, a shop assistant, a nurse, a care-giver would find this idea nuts. So do I.”

The offending idea is a passage in this month’s Bundesbank report, which noted that “the currently satisfactory financial situation of public pension treasuries should not distract from the fact that other changes would have to be made to ensure its sustainability”.

And what the bank proposed to ensure stability of the pensions system is a further gradual increase in the legal retirement age, already set to go from 65 to 67 by 2029, to reach 69 years by 2060.

Life expectancy in Germany at present is 78 for men and 83 for women, and it is continuing to rise.

Even if Germans are increasingly delaying their retirement, the effective age when most leave employment is 62.


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First The DNC, Then Darth Soros, Now It’s The…


Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
August 21, 2016

OK… I admit it: all the recent hacks are just downright bizarre. First the Democrookery National Committee was hacked and its emails released, revealing a clear case of the DNC bending its own always-malleable “rules” to make sure Senator Sanders came nowhere near the nomination. Of  course, if he did come too close to the needed delegates (and it appears he did), then the will of the people in the so-called party of  the people can always be overturned by the Presidium’s “super-delegates”. The problem here is that the hack claims to have been done by a private group of cyber-vigilantes upset with the way things were being handled in the DNC in D.C. (that stands for District of Corruption, for all our foreign readership. And I know all the letters are probably confusing. The recitation of random letters and anagrams…

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Obamacare Collapse: Aetna leaving exchanges in 11 states due to Obamacare


Obamacare collapse
Julie Wilson
August 19, 2016

Healthcare providers are increasingly unable to survive unforeseen costs associated with Obamacare. In June, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas announced its plan to significantly increase health insurance rates, hitting the pocketbooks of some 600,000 residents.

Now, healthcare insurer Aetna has announced that it will completely pull out of the Affordable Care Act individual public exchanges in 11 states, due to millions of dollars in losses. The provider said that it will still offer coverage in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Virginia, but will cease operations in 11 other states beginning next year, as reported by Breitbart.

A statement released by Aetna Chairman and CEO, Mark T. Bertolini, said that the company suffered “a second-quarter pretax loss of $200 million and total pretax losses of more than $430 million since January 2014 in our individual products.”

Aetna reports huge financial losses under Obamacare

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What Would Happen If…The Individual Decided To Breakaway?

Great and searching questions which should serve as food for thought.



Zy Marquiez
August 21, 2016

[Note: All Underlines Are Hyperlinked For Those Seeking Additional Information]

What would happen if everyone stopped funding crooked corporations that throw the population under the bus tomorrow?

What would happen if people took responsibility for their health, rather than hand off that responsibility to the Medical establishment?

What would happen if individuals begun vettingall the information from every single source, rather than take everything at face value?

What would happen if individuals quit supporting corrupt politicians?

What would happen if we quit eating unsafe genetically modified foods, that have never been proven to be safe?  Why do you think they want to keep you from knowing what foods are GMOs?  If genetically modified foods were safe, why aren’t they labeled?  Ever ruminate on that?

What would happen if we just quit giving the system our consent [silence is consent]…

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