NARCO-POLITIK: Revolution, Heroin & Chase Manhattan – By Dean Henderson


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“…the Gray Wolves, the terrorist arm of the Turkish fascist movement, had long curried Iranian heroin to Europe through Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, and to the Middle East through Syria and Lebanon .The Gray Wolves also worked with Sikh separatists in India who grew poppies in Khalistan to fund their CIA-backed war on the socialist Indian government of Jawaharlal Nehru, whose spiritual adviser was Mahatma Ghandi.  Sikh leader Jagjit Singh Chanhan was a British intelligence asset and a member of the Lausanne, Switzerland-based Nazi International, which Allen Dulles helped bolster through his Saudi-backed Banque Commercial Arabe.  It was Chanhan who assassinated Mahatma Ghandi”:

(Revolution, Heroin & Chase Manhattan – By Dean Henderson)

Chase Manhattan issued letters of credit for all Iranian oil exports and monopolized deposits from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), even after Iran nationalized Four Horsemen oil interests to create NIOC.

(Excerpted from Chapter 1:…

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REALPOLITIK: ‘The Twilight of NATO’, What It Was and What it is Today – By Thierry Meyssan

All about war always. No plan for peace as war though inevitable in some cases, has never been a way to peace, lasting peace.


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 – “…The history of NATO and its current activities enables us to understand how the West has woven its lies and why it is now a prisoner of them. The elements contained in this articles are shocking, but it is impossible to deny the facts. The only other solution is to cling to the lies and persist in hanging on”:

(The twilight of NATO – By Thierry Meyssan)

During their meeting in Istanbul on the 13 May 2015, the leaders of NATO finish a well-alcoholised meal by mocking the idiots who believe in their rhetoric of peace, singing «We are the world». In this unpleasant video, we can recognise General Philip Breedlove, Jens Stoltenberg, Federica Mogherini and a number of Ministers of Defence.

The summit of the chiefs of staff and governmement of NATO has just finished its meeting in Warsaw (7 and…

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Isaiah 14

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Isaiah 14 has the prophet making it clear that God is in control.  “When the Lord has given you rest from your pain and turmoil and the hard service with which you were made to serve…”.  God has made it clear that His people have been struck with pain and turmoil because of the bad choices they have made.  But they will come through it and when they do, there is a list of things God says they “will” do.  At least five times in the first few verses God tells us how His people will take back their land and restore their place in His sight.

It isn’t a list of things that might happen.  It’s absolute and specific.  And what God says, well it happens.  Those who have afflicted pain on His people are going down.  “But you are brought down to Sheol, to…

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THE 31st Summer Olympics is underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Philippines has yet to win a gold medal in the quadrennial meet. This year, we sent 13 Filipino athletes to Rio. Realistically speaking though, our only chance of winning gold right now is if extrajudicial killing would be made an Olympic sport.

Who cares?
According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, some 660 drug suspects have been killed to date: 436 in police operations and 224 by unidentified assailants. On the rising death toll, President Duterte, said Thursday, “I do not care. I really don’t care.” But on Friday evening, the President acknowledged the abuses in the battle against illegal drugs – for the very first time – fueling speculations he was high on drugs.

President Duterte has issued a ‘shoot-to-kill’ order against politicians a.k.a. narcopoliticos who are allegedly involved in the illegal drugs trade. Malacañang reveals…

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Quite interesting piece I thought.

A Mind Divided

I'm Not OkayThere’s nothing new to say about rapid cycling mixed states.  I’ve railed against them and given in, pulled out every tool in my toolbox and given up, called for help and stayed silent, pushed against the maggoty words they whisper in my ear and believed every word.  My response to the turmoil in my head has been as varied as my illness.

But if anything is new, it must be the time it takes me to accept, breathe, and allow whatever my head and body chemistry need to do.  And I’ve gathered a larger support network around me, so that when I call for help (usually a few texts back and forth) I don’t have to burden the same few friends over and over.  Spread the horror, that’s my Emergency Motto.

Thank you, all my Go-To People, who get those scary/sad/frantic texts and respond with such kindness and love.  You make…

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