Variations in WP Apps?

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Some time ago, I realized that there were differences in how WordPress functions on my various devices (iPad/iPhone, Windows PC, Windows tablet). It seemed that the apps for mobile devices are stripped down somewhat. This makes sense to me, as mobile devices probably need sleeker apps to run efficiently. Over the past week or two, however, I noticed some irregularities that may be due to the location from which I post (the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean)more than to programmatic differences. In light of changing laws regulating internet access, I guess I can understand this, but the interesting thing is that these differences are not consistent.

Some differences–for example, whose posts I can re-blog–appear to change depending on either the time of day, the device, or magic. So, sometimes I can re-blog someone’s posts while other times I can’t–regardless of whether I am accessing WordPress from a mobile…

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