Police in Rivers State Nigeria’s South South Uncover Baby Factory, Rescue 24 Babies, Pregnant Teenagers

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The Rivers State Police Command on Tuesday uncovered a baby factory in Port Harcourt, rescuing 24 babies between the ages of one and two years, as well as four pregnant teenagers.

The Command’s Spokesman, Nnandi Omoni, disclosed this on Wednesday, saying it was a covert operation by the Eagle Crack Unit of the police in Rivers state.

Omoni said the babies, who appeared frail and malnourished when they were rescued, were currently receiving medical attention.

Investigation had commenced to identify the masterminds of the child trafficking syndicate, he added.

The Police spokesman said, “The men of the Eagle Crack Unit, in a covert operation yesterday (Tuesday), around 3.00 pm, burst a child trafficking syndicate at Woji in Port Harcourt, where 24 babies between the ages of one and two; and four pregnant teenagers were rescued.

“The babies and pregnant teenagers, who are frail and malnourished, are currently receiving medical attention at the police clinic, while an investigation is on with a view to making more recoveries and bringing the masterminds to justice.

“The command is hereby appealing to the public, particularly residents of the state whose babies are missing to come forward for identification and collection.”

Seven Angels With Seven Plagues: Is Coronavirus One Of The Plagues?

The Mad Jewess

It’s really hard to know at this stage in the game.  Many people believe in a ‘rapture’ theory:  That God will remove his believers off the earth before the “Great Tribulation” comes, complete with the plagues, pestilence, etc.  I do not know if the rapture is a ‘real’ thing.   I mean…we’re here and the plague of locusts has ravaged a big chunk of Africa.   Some people are ‘pre Trib’..whatever Trib.. I just see tribulation out there in any event.  There are earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, pestilence and now the Coronavirus which has the potentiality to rock the DOW to the ground and become widespread..

One thing that is very possible: Israel believes they will have a vaccine for this virus in a few weeks.  Thats very possible.  Interesting… I wonder how Jew haters will deal with this if the Israeli’s invent the vaccine, LOL

Israeli scientists are on the…

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