Strange Disease Claim 15 Lives in Benue, Nigeria’s Middlebelt


Samuel Ortom
Governor, Benue State

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) says it is investigating the outbreak of an unknown disease in Benue state.

Chikwe Ihekweazu, director-general of NCDC, told NAN on Saturday the agency is taking steps to effectively manage the disease which is said to have killed 15 persons.

Abba Moro, a senator from Benue, had reported the casualty figure at the floor of the senate. He also said more than 100 persons have been infected by the disease.

Ihekweazu said water samples from affected areas have been been sent to the federal ministry of water resources for further analysis.

He said samples tested at the NCDC National Reference Laboratory came out to be negative for major viral haemorrhagic fevers (VHFs), which refer to a group of diseases caused by viruses such as Ebola and Marburg, Lassa fever, and yellow fever.

The NCDC DG also asked health workers to be on the alert over the disease while investigation continues.

The disease was said to have been reported first on January 29 in Oye, Obi local government area of Benue.

Osagie Ehanire, minister of health, had said medical examinations have not detected the exact ailment, “but there are indications suggesting that the chemical substance being used for fishing in the affected community could be responsible”.

Nigerian Army hands 10 years jail term to three officers for killing colleague

Yusuf AkinpeluARMY: Nigerian Soldiers (Army) on duty. [PHOTO CREDIT: The Guardian]Nigerian Soldiers on duty. [PHOTO CREDIT: The Guardian]

A general court-martial that sat at the army headquarters in Abuja on Friday slammed ten years jail term on three Nigerian soldiers for manslaughter, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

Akeem Oseni and Ogbemudia Osawe, both majors, and Nuhu Dogary, a second lieutenant, were found guilty of torturing Collins Benjamin, a lance corporal, to death, a crime punishable under section 105 of the Armed Forces Act 2004 by life imprisonment.

Another officer, named Amosu, a captain, was, however, acquitted in a case that spanned three years.

While Messrs Osawe and Dogary have been remanded in custody, Mr Oseni has since been at large having taken permission to use the toilet after the judgement was passed.

Military sources briefed on the matter said the deceased died after the convicts ordered him to “forward roll” on a football pitch in Mogadishu Cantonment, Abuja, on Feb 23, 2017.

Forward rolling is a maneuvering skill in warfare where one squats with both hands on the floor, saumasalting continuously in the way a tyre rolls.

It is understood that the judgment of the martial court is subject to confirmation by the Army Council which is headed by the Minister of Defence.

The Nigerian police and the State Security Service have been put on alert to apprehend the runaway convict.

The Democrats Today: A Corrupt, Insane Posse Masquerading as a Political Party?

February 9, 2020 By Clarice Feldman

Eleven years ago, the writer Michael Walsh wrote (under his penname David Kahane) “Think of the Democratic Party as it really is: a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.”

After the Democrats’ Russia, Kavanaugh, Mueller, and Ukraine fiascos, the Iowa caucus debacle, and Friday’s bizarre Democratic debate, I think we need to update it: It’s a Criminal, Insane Posse masquerading as a political party.

The week began with an outstanding, uplifting, and inspiring State of the Union address by the President before a joint Congress. Among the House delegates were a gaggle of Democratic congresswomen dressed in white who insist they are strong, independent, capable, and worthy to lead. They stood, clapped, or sat in unison at signals from Speaker Pelosi who sat behind the President, mouthing words to some imaginary friend and moving her mouth reminiscent of someone on psychotropic drugs. (Message: I am woman — hear me meow chasing the laser red dot.) At the conclusion of the speech she stood and ripped up her copy of the SOTU address in small packets either because she lacked strength to rip it all in one batch or for dramatic effect. To say the Democrats’ behavior was disconsonant with any message of sober adult solons is to understate it.

The following day, the Senate voted down the House’s absurd impeachment effort, after which the President gave a heartfelt address to all those in the House and Senate who had helped him in exposing the fact-free, corrupt House effort to overturn the 2016 election by ousting him from office. If you missed it, here’s a video of it. He was gracious and thankful to all those who stood by him, something Republicans are not known to do as soon as Democrats hurl charges, no matter how patently flimsy and partisan those charges are. For once, Republicans didn’t flee the forum for fear of spotting their white togas when the jackals appeared. (I suppose when much of the media described the address the address as “dark,” they meant the pushover Republican days were over for them and their party of choice.)

The App that Failed

And then there was the Iowa Caucus, the results of which are unclear — did Sanders or Buttigieg win? Will  the DNC chair who is about to leave that slot with a big bonus persuade Iowa to recanvas or will they give him the back of their hand? Only the Shadow apparently knows… Although it is clear that Warren and Biden lost. 

Over at the Wall Street Journal, James Freeman explains the genesis of the App that failed.  “Veterans of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign” who for some reason were considered “gurus at this sort of thing“ created the app. (Professor Kevin Gutzman reminds us: ”Robbie Mook, the Hillary staffer who laughed at Bill Clinton when he said Hillary needed to go to Michigan and Wisconsin in the 2016 campaign’s final days, is the fellow responsible for the app that didn’t work in Iowa.”)

Their outfit, Shadow, in turn was supported by a firm called Acronym, Acronym is a “non-profit” run by Tara McGowan, continues Freeman. Certainly not by coincidence, McGowan “oversaw the $42 million digital program in 2016 for Priorities USA, the primary super PAC for Hillary Clinton.” Among the hotshot coders Shadow engaged “was a prep cook for Starbucks.”

Why was Shadow hired to do this? Connections. 

David Burge, Iowahawk, tweeted the contract chain:

Keep in mind whenever you donate to a political party or movement, this is where your money goes — to make sure Senator McDreamy’s nephew’s roommate gets his piece of the take

I know there are Bernians who see the app as a Machiavellian technoplot to fix the vote, but the truth is much more likely a bunch of Hillary campaign wunderkinds decided to cosplay as a Silicon Valley startup, and everybody was afraid to say they were in way over their heads

Where you come from, the software salesman isn’t your boss who says you better damn well buy it if you know what’s good for you.

Vice, like Iowahawk seems to think that the coders were working off an App Coding for Dummies book

It’s not clear that this simple and likely explanation for the app that failed will persuade Sanders’ followers. After all, he was cheated in 2016 and the people whose app seem to have cheated him out of a clear victory in Iowa and momentum going on to New Hampshire were intimately connected to Hillary Clinton.

Of course, you can ignore the app’s factual genesis and look elsewhere for blame. Sheila Jackson Lee, B.A. Yale JD U Va, whose gerrymandered district looks like a gaping shark’s mouth, suggested that Russia was responsible for the crashing App in Iowa. 

Rachel Maddow blamed the weird message board 4 Chan

As for me — I’m sticking with graft and incompetence, the usual Democratic Party’s operational mode.

Burning Bernie

Professor Charles Lipson explains why the Sanders supporters have reason to doubt the fairness of their opposition in the Democratic establishment:

The Democrats’ nominating process increases the likelihood of a contested convention — and a nasty fight with Bernie and his supporters. The party discarded the traditional, Anglo-American system, where each state’s winner receives all its delegates. Instead, they chose a European-style system in which each candidate wins a fraction of the delegates proportional to his share of the vote. The Anglo-American system produces clear winners and losers. The European system doesn’t. It includes all factions in Parliament, where the leading party tries to assemble a governing coalition.

Democrats’ problem is that they are not trying to form an inclusive, coalition government. They are trying to pick a nominee, but they are doing it with a system that was never designed to produce a single, decisive winner. Oops.

If the convention is contested, elected delegates will be joined by “super delegates,” starting on the first or second ballot, depending on the convention rules. Who are these super delegates? They are quintessential insiders, mostly state and local elected officials. There is absolutely no way they will jeopardize their own fiefdoms by choosing Bernie or any other socialist.

Their refusal will produce a bitter clash if Bernie arrives in Milwaukee with millions of votes and millions of donors. If he actually holds a plurality of elected delegates and is passed over anyway, the fight will degenerate into trench warfare. Remember, Bernie knows this is his last rodeo, and he has zero loyalty to the party. Remember, too, that his default speaking style is “really angry,” interspersed with “damned mad.” If that’s how Bernie and his supporters leave the convention, it’s hard to see a Democratic path to victory.

The party’s best outcome would be for Bernie to lose decisively in both the primary vote and delegate count — so decisively that his followers believe the process was fair and the nominee legitimate. A bad outcome would be an inconclusive primary contest, where Bernie did well but lost at the convention.

Worst of all would be one where Bernie arrived with the most votes and delegates but fell short of a majority and came away empty-handed. He would blame party leaders and their back-room deals to benefit billionaires, corporations, and corrupt politicians. If that happens, the party will be in real trouble. Bernie will scream, Trump will exploit the divisions, and left-wing voters will spend November 3 in a purple haze, eating Ben and Jerry’s. What they won’t do is trudge to the polls and vote Democratic.

The Democratic “Debate”

I confess, by week’s end I lacked enough patience to watch the Democrats’ debate on Friday night, and contented myself with reading about it from trusted observers. The actor James Woods is back from a year-long jailing by Twitter, and bounced back having lost none of his acid wit:

“The #Democrats have cheated elections for so long, they can’t even elect themselves… #IowaCaucusDisaster 

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 7, 2020

Pete Buttigieg seems to have mastered the art of glibly speaking meaningless word salads (an Obama mode). So much that Sundance cleverly satirized him:

Sample Mayor Pete quote:

“The consequential moments that we face are moments of great consequence we must face; and when facing those moments we must think of the great consequence behind these faces or we will fail to be great…”

sarcastically: Yup. The consequential moments that we face are moments of great consequence we must face; and when facing those moments we must think of the great consequence behind these faces or we will fail to be great…

:::crowd cheers::: 

Stage crew looks around: “Huh, what the?..” 

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) February 8, 2020

Kim Strassel

“If you take a step back and really think about what they’re saying in this debate it’s fricking bonkers stuff. Like really beyond crazy.’

Josh Holmes:

“It used to be over-the-top parody to say that Democrats want free healthcare for illegal immigrants and felons to be voting from their cells it’s now a consensus position among their leading Presidential candidates.”

Greg Price:

“Elizabeth Warren says we need “race-conscious laws.” Think about that. Isn’t that what we spent so long trying to make sure we didn’t have?  ‪#DemDebate

Tom Maguire tweets:

“Physicists have theorized on the manner in which some stars collapse inward and then go super-nova. The Dem party may give us a lab experiment in 2020.”

Maybe so. Some viewing the weak field of Democratic contenders are placing their bets on another old White Male Hope — the latecomer, billionaire Michael Bloomberg. He spent $20 million in Iowa to garner 20 votes. If he seriously campaigns from now to the election, and maintains that spending pattern, I think he’d still lose but it would be a bigger boon for  the economy, especially Democrat coders, consultants, pilots of private planes, and ad agencies, than any other stimulus package I can imagine. The press will love that, as well. Trump has proven that clever use of social media makes it unnecessary for a candidate with a saleable message to keep them alive by paying them a fortune for ads no one watches. But if Bloomberg thinks $1 million per vote is a great campaign plan, who would complain?

9 Cases Of Lassa Fever, Four Deaths Confirmed in Kogi, Nigeria’s Middlebelt



The Kogi State Ministry of Health has confirmed nine cases of Lassa fever with four deaths recorded since the outbreak of the deadly disease in the state about a month ago.

Austin Ojotule, the state epidemiologist, disclosed this in a statement in Lokoja on Sunday.

According to Mr Ojotule, the state’s statistics on Lassa fever outbreak update as at February 8, 2020, has a total of 31 suspected cases.

He said out of the 31 suspected cases of Lassa fever, one was probable, 17 negative, nine confirmed, while five had pending laboratory results.

He said that four deaths had been recorded among the nine confirmed cases with Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 44.4 per cent; the percentage of deaths from the confirmed cases.

The official said that the nine confirmed cases were from five local government areas including Ibaji with two; Okene, two; Idah, three; Okehi, one, and Igalamela Local Government Area, one.

He, however, noted that contact tracing and follow-up were ongoing, adding that a total of 177 contacts had been listed.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Lassa fever broke out in the state about a month ago.

13 migrants found frozen to death after crossing Iran-Turkey border

Agency ReportTurkey on mapTurkey on map

Rescuers find 87 dead migrants in Niger desert

No fewer than 13 migrants died in a snowstorm in eastern Turkey night after crossing the border from Iran, a human rights organisation of Van province in Turkey said late Saturday.

The people had reached the mountains in the Caldiran district, where they were caught in a snowstorm and frozen to death.

Mehmet Bilmez, the Governor of the province, said he had been notified that 13 people had died after crossing the border illegally, in remarks to state news agency Anadolu.

Bilmez said the weather conditions had prevented the emergency services Afad from reaching the area.

He said that the migrants’ nationalities were not confirmed but according to a report in the Evrensel newspaper, 10 came from Afghanistan and three from Kobane, a town on the border between Turkey and Syria. (dpa/NAN)


Fat “over-spills” from the liver can trigger type 2 diabetes, new study

by: Joy Jensen, staff writer | February 4, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 30 million Americans had some type of diabetes in 2015. Unfortunately, more than 7 million individuals with diabetes had not yet been diagnosed.  In addition, every year, around 1.5 million people in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes, and the disease continues to be the 7th leading cause of death within this country.  Today, we’ll focus on a big reason why type 2 diabetes is on the rise.

Researchers are consistently studying the condition to determine the actual causes of the disease that costs billions of dollars each year in medical costs and reduced productivity. Recently, and for the first time, scientists discovered through observing individuals with type 2 diabetes that fat over-spill from the liver is a confirmed trigger of this chronic disease.

Editor’s note: This is not to say that dietary “fat” (alone) is the problem.  But, toxic fat combined with consuming too many toxins will cause blood sugar issues like prediabetes and diabetes. 

Excess fat in the liver and pancreas causes type 2 diabetes

A study published in Cell Metabolism, an academic journal, took a look at individuals who had previously developed type 2 diabetes but were able to reverse the condition by losing weight as part of a Diabetes UK funded DiRECT trial. While most of these individuals stayed non-diabetic through this two-year study, a few of them regained the weight they had lost and developed type 2 diabetes again. Via blood monitoring and advanced scanning techniques, researchers were able to make some startling discoveries.

When an individual begins accumulating too much fat, usually fat is stored beneath the skin. But when there’s no more room beneath the skin, fat is stored in the liver.

Eventually it begins spilling over to the rest of the body, which includes the pancreas. The excess fat clogs the pancreas – which interferes with the genes that deal with the production of insulin, resulting in type 2 diabetes. According to researchers, this information simplifies the condition significantly and increases the hope for remission.

Do NOT ignore the health dangers linked to toxic indoor air.  These chemicals – the ‘off-gassing’ of paints, mattresses, carpets and other home/office building materials – increase your risk of headaches, dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Fatty liver and poor liver function also linked to diabetes

Other studies have come to similar conclusions, with studies suggesting that fatty liver is an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Previous research showed that 80% of patients with diabetes have fat in the liver as well, a finding that began to clue researchers in to the fact that this connection between fatty liver and type 2 diabetes is not a coincidence.

Keep in mind: the liver plays an important role in helping the body regulate blood sugars, and when fat builds up in your liver, it’s tougher to control blood sugar levels and can lead to insulin resistance.

The good thing about discovering how fat over-spill can cause type 2 diabetes is that it gives greater hope for the reversal of the condition. With diet, exercise, and persistence, if patients are able to lose the excess fat, it often results in the reversal of the disease.

For example, one way to help “dissolve” accumulated fat inside the body is to eat a small amount of diakon, a mild-flavored winter radish, every day.  Naturally, there are many other nutritional strategies that can help you to detoxify the body and stabilize your blood sugar.

Bottom line: the sooner diabetes is recognized and patients begin working to lose excess fat, the more likely they are to achieve great results.

Sources for this article include:

Main US Manufacturer Stops Production of Pesticide Chlorpyrifos after Links to Child Health Damage

Feb 7 2020  by Sustainable Pulse

US EPA Continues Glyphosate Cancer Cover Up with Regulatory Review Publication

Glyphosate Contamination in our Food Supply: Safe Food Matters Takes Action in Canada

Corteva Agriscience will end production of the highly toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos by the end of this year. The company, formerly part of Dow Chemical, has been under increasing scrutiny from environmental and public health advocates for decades and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has been in court over the toxic agricultural chemical repeatedly.

Dr. Jennifer Sass, senior scientist at the NRDC stated Thursday: “This is a victory for our kids, farmworkers and rural communities nationwide. After years of pressure and increasing public concern, the end of chlorpyrifos is finally in sight. The science, policy and public pushback all aligned around this chemical being too dangerous for use on our food and in our fields, making today’s announcement an eventual forgone conclusion.

“We will be watching the manufacturer’s statements to ensure that the sunset of chlorpyrifos is as quick and as complete as possible. Ridding the American marketplace of this pesticide is a huge step, but it cannot be allowed to continue to threaten the health of kids in other global markets,” Sass concluded.

In December 2019 representatives from the European Member States in the EU Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCOPAFF) voted to ban the neurotoxic pesticides chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl from the EU market, a historic move that has been applauded by health and environment groups globally.


Adapted from World War II-era nerve gases, chlorpyrifos was banned from use in household products, like roach sprays, nearly two decades ago but is still widely used on many U.S. food crops, including children’s favorites like apples, oranges and strawberries.

NRDC has been fighting for more than two decades to get chlorpyrifos out of our food supply, and first petitioned EPA to ban it in 2007 with the Pesticide Action Network. EPA was finally on track to ban it at the end of 2016. Shortly after taking office, however, the current U.S. administration reversed course and continues to fight to keep it on the market.

EPA’s own assessment of the chemical’s risks shows that exposure to low levels of the pesticide in early life can lead to increased risk of learning disabilities, including reductions in IQ, developmental delay and ADHD. This assessment is based on dozens of scientific studies including from Dow Chemical.

Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus?

January 29th 2020 Written By: Orthomolecular News Service

Originally published on

by Andrew W. Saul, Editor

(OMNS January 26, 2020) The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades. There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular.

It is very important to maximize the body’s anti-oxidative capacity and natural immunity to prevent and minimize symptoms when a virus attacks the human body. The host environment is crucial. Preventing is obviously easier than treating severe illness. But treat serious illness seriously. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention. It is not an either-or choice. Vitamin C can be used right along with medicines when they are indicated.

“I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C.”

(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)

The physicians of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine urge a nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection. The following inexpensive supplemental levels are recommended for adults; for children reduce these in proportion to body weight:

Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses.

Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily. (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000)

Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)

Zinc: 20 mg daily

Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily

Vitamin C [1], Vitamin D [2], magnesium [3], zinc [4], and selenium [5] have been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses.

The basis for using high doses of vitamin C to prevent and combat virus-caused illness may be traced back to vitamin C’s early success against polio, first reported in the late 1940s.[6] Many people are unaware, even surprised, to learn this. Further clinical evidence built up over the decades, leading to an anti-virus protocol published in 1980.[7]

It is important to remember that preventing and treating respiratory infections with large amounts of vitamin C is well established. Those who believe that vitamin C generally has merit, but massive doses are ineffective or somehow harmful, will do well to read the original papers for themselves. To dismiss the work of these doctors simply because they had success so long ago sidesteps a more important question: Why has the benefit of their clinical experience not been presented to the public by responsible governmental authorities, especially in the face of a viral pandemic?

Is the Nigerian Government Really “Fighting Corruption?”

$308m Abacha loot repatriated from the U.S. was shared before it reached Nigeria

Featured NewsiNews By Jennifer UGWA On Feb 7, 2020

$308m Abacha loot
File Photo: Sani Abacha

THROUGH a collaboration lauded as one of the world’s largest asset recovery across borders, the government of Nigeria on Tuesday, February 4 signed a repatriation pact with the government of Jersey and the United States to return over $308million looted and stashed abroad by former Head of State, late Sani Abacha.

The pact came through after almost two decades of litigation involving the three parties— Jersey government, Nigeria and the US government.

Since his demise in 1998, Nigeria has continued to look for cash stashed abroad by the former military ruler through his family members and cohorts. His reign from 1993 to 1998, was characterised by what Nigerians described as ‘massive looting’ of the treasury. The cash was majorly in the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and New Jersey.

According to SERAP, public money looted by  Abacha during his five years in power is estimated to be $5billion. Since September 1999 some $2.2billion has been returned to Nigeria from at least six countries.

Before Tuesday’s feat in which Nigeria expects to receive $308million Abacha loot, another  22.5 million pounds was returned to Nigeria in 2013 from the United Kingdom.

Who got what and for what

However, cheery as the news of the current repatriation sounds, Nigeria is not getting the whole sum.

For their efforts to help Nigeria repatriate the looted money, the government of Jersey “will retain $5 million in respect of its costs and expense in the recovery of assets, while the US will retain up to $5 million in respect of its costs and expenses,” the joint statement signed by the parties on Tuesday revealed.

Also, an additional  $18 million of assets was paid into the Royal Court of Jersey pending resolution of a claim by a third party. But there are hopes that this particular money ‘may potentially be made available for payment to the US and Nigeria under agreement in the future’.

Meanwhile, the exact sum to be repatriated to Nigeria is ‘expected to be well over US$300 million net of Jersey’s and the US’s costs and expenses depending on interest accruing.’

What Nigeria Govt plans to do with the money

Before the release of the fund $308million was completely underway, the Nigerian government said it would expend the repatriated money on the development of infrastructure. It, however, did not specify how much of the money would go into the projects that would be funded.

The government revealed that the recovered loot would fund projects in the Southwest, Southeast and the Northern regions of the country.

Specifically, it would be spent to fund the construction of 127.6-kilometre Lagos–Ibadan expressway.

Also, part of the money would go into the completion of the Second Niger Bridge project in the East, The project, according to the government has attained almost 40 per cent completion.

The scope of work includes the construction of 1.6 kilometer-long bridge, 10.3 kilometre Highway, Owerri interchange and a toll station. The project is expected to be completed by 2022.

The Federal Government in November 2019,  awarded the construction of the Second Niger Bridge to  Julius Berger at the cost of N206 billion.

While in the North, the busiest interstate highway in the country and the major route to the Northern, Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria, the Abuja- Kano road would also benefit from the recovered money.

As part of the agreement struck between Nigeria and signed by Abubakar Malami, SAN, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Nigeria and other partner countries will be charged the implementation of the projects, however, reports from the progress will be independently audited.

“The Federal Republic of Nigeria will establish a Monitoring Team to oversee the implementation of the projects and to report regularly on progress,” revealed the document.

However, there have been mixed reactions over the recovered money as many Nigerians believe the money must be judiciously spent.

Based on separate statements by the US, New Jersey, and other law enforcement agencies and international monetary forensic agencies, not only Nigerian citizens would want to see the recovered funds “lost to corruption in flagrant disregard of the rule of law returned through a lawful process, and in a manner that ensures transparent and accountable use of the funds,” said Brian Benczkowski Deputy Assistant Attorney, United States.