The perfect apologetic argument

James A. Hatt

“If you’re searching for that perfect line of logic capable of subduing any objection, you’re wasting your time. There is no magic, no silver bullet; no clever turn of thought or phrase that’s guaranteed to compel belief…We have very limited control over how other people respond to us. That’s largely in God’s hands. We can remove some of the negatives or dispel some of the fog—and we ought to try to do both. But at the end of the day, a person’s deep-seated rebellion against God is a problem only a supernatural solution can fix.”

—Greg Koukl from: When Your Argument Lacks Impact

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Investigation exposes some past Nigerian Army officers for stealing Nigeria’s billions

While Nigeria’s late dictator, Sani Abacha, relentlessly plundered public wealth, other senior military officers, one of them now a serving minister, were also, helping themselves with huge sums of money from the country’s treasury, an official report has shown.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Report exposes Diya, Aziza, Magashi for stealing Nigeria’s billions

What’s The Hope For Humanity?

RIGGED: China changes the definition of “infected” to ignore coronavirus patients who test positive but show no symptoms

February 10, 2020 by: Mike Adams

Image: RIGGED: China changes the definition of “infected” to ignore coronavirus patients who test positive but show no symptoms

(Natural News) We’ve all known from day one that China’s “official” numbers are a total joke. The numbers have been carefully crafted with mathematical precision to produce a 2.1% death rate, day after day, in complete contradiction to reality. Similarly, “infection” numbers seem to be more a product of the limited bandwidth of testing kits than anything representing reality.

And now, we learn that China has changed the very definition of “infected” to eliminate people who test positive but who show no symptoms. These are so-called “symptomless carriers,” and according to China, they no longer count as “infected,” even though they are well known to be able to spread the virus by infecting other people.

As Charles Hugh Smith correctly points out in a brilliant article, “controlling the narrative is not the same as controlling the virus.” Yes, you can pretend that infected people are not infected, but that doesn’t cure the infection. He writes:

It’s clear that the narrative about the coronavirus is being carefully managed globally to minimize the impact on global sentiment and markets. Authorities are well aware of the global economy’s extreme fragility, and so Job One for authorities everywhere is to scrub the news flow of anything that doesn’t support the implicit official narrative.

But controlling the narrative is not the same as controlling the virus. The narrative is intangible but the virus is real-world. Authorities are betting that controlling the narrative about the virus is equivalent to controlling the actual virus. If everyone believes only 800 people have died and the number of infected people is plummeting, they will obediently keep borrowing and buying and authorities will retain their legitimacy, power and wealth.

We realize this point seems rather obvious, but recognize that we now live in a world where the entire scientific community and media complex now pretends that men can get pregnant and women can be sperm donors. The rise of “transgenderism” is a dangerous bit of shared delusion that pretends biological reality doesn’t exist. And if people can “wish” they are a different gender, then why can’t China just wish away the coronavirus?

Those who test positive but show no symptoms are now removed from “infected” counts

As Zero Hedge reported earlier today, “the Chinese National Health Commission quietly changed its definition of Coronavirus “confirmed case” in the latest guideline dated 7/2. As a result, going forward patients who tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed.”

ZH continues:

As Apple Daily reports, in the latest, fourth edition of the NHC protocol, “mild” is classified as “confirmed cases” but “asymptomatic infected persons” is defined as “persons with no clinical symptoms, respiratory tract specimens, etc. who are positive for new coronavirus pathogenic tests.” As a result, “asymptomatic infection” no longer counts as confirmed cases.

Conveniently, the new rule has triggered provinces “to find cases that can be deducted from the total number of confirmed cases.” For example, Heilongjiang has axed 13 cases from their tally stating the new definition. Hubei has deducted 87 cases today, but authorities did not explain why.”

It reminds us of the day China accidentally leaked the real numbers of the coronavirus pandemic, showing 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths, which computes to roughly a 16% fatality rate. Remember that?

By all credible accounts, China is taking the real numbers and dividing by ten, then fudging a bit more to work out exactly a 2.1% fatality rate. It’s all absurd, and anyone who believes those numbers is a fool.

Similarly, never forget that the very same media outlets now claiming the coronavirus is no big deal once went berserk with hype over the Disneyland measles scare which killed exactly zero children:

Are we really living in a world that now PRETENDS infected people aren’t infected?

The horrifying upshot of this revelation is that, yes, we are now living in a world where entire governments pretend that infected people aren’t infected. Thus, conquering the pandemic requires nothing more than fudging the numbers and announcing victory… at least, until the piled up bodies become too numerous to ignore. But since both China and the U.S. tech giants have near-total control over all speech, the cover-up can succeed for an extended period of time. (Hence the whole point of censorship.)

After all, this is the way the Democrats just ran the Iowa caucuses, and it’s the way the media rigs political polls to try to shape reality rather than observe it. Hollywood Leftists similarly make every effort to rewrite history with fictionalized accounts of people they hate (such as Trump), almost as if reshaping history somehow alters the reality of the present.

Across the board, modern human society is now a collection of delusional fantasies, and those fantasies are beginning to collapse in the face of reality.

A virus is reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s belief that Facebook users have 79 different genders is pure delusion.

The stock market bubble is a delusional fantasy, too, just like belief in the dollar (or any fiat currency). Irrational belief in vaccines is a science fantasy, given that most vaccines don’t work, and they’re largely based on manipulated, fraudulent studies which are self-reported by the vaccine manufacturers. (The FDA conducts exactly zero testing on vaccines or pharmaceuticals, for the record.)

Belief in Big Pharma medications is also a fantasy, especially the insane belief that statin drugs save lives or that chemotherapy cures cancer. Similarly, any fool who believes the WTC 7 building collapsed in a perfectly organized fashion solely due to one small office fire is also delusional. The building was, of course, brought down by carefully placed demolition charges that caused the near-simultaneous structural failure of every support column in the building. This can only be achieved with explosives, as any architect, engineer or science-minded person will inevitably conclude.

Our entire society is infected with mass delusion at every level, from the pure fiction that MSNBC is spouting as “news” to the bizarre belief that humans can continue to pollute the entire planet with plastics, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and pesticides, all with no long-term repercussions (somehow). It’s insane. Humanity is insane. And now the most populous nation in the world has decided that conquering a weaponized viral pandemic can be achieved by simply redefining the meaning of the term “infected.”

Govt of Ekiti state, South West Nigeria pads WAEC fee of 14,242 students to the tune of N248.5m  

FINDINGS by the International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) on Tuesday revealed how the Ekiti State government padded examination fee of the May/June West African Examination Council (WAEC), scheduled to hold later in the year by 25 per cent.

Source: REPORT: How Ekiti state govt padded WAEC fee of 14,242 students to the tune of N248.5m    | The ICIR

Coronavirus has 24-day incubation period; CDC releasing Wuhan evacuees in Texas, Nebraska and California after just 14 days

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 by: Mike Adams

Image: Coronavirus found to have up to 24-day incubation period; CDC releasing Wuhan evacuees in Texas, Nebraska and California after just 14 days

(Natural News) The CDC has already flown hundreds of American evacuees from Wuhan, China to various cities across the United States, including San Antonio, Texas and Omaha, Nebraska. There, evacuees are being quarantined for 14 days, after which they will be released to return to their homes.

This 14-day quarantine is based on an assumption that this nCoV coronavirus has a maximum 14-day incubation period. But what if that assumption was wrong?

What if some patients actually experienced a 24-day incubation period before showing symptoms?

If that were the case, the CDC would be releasing people into the population 10 days too early, effectively contributing to the outbreak.

Guess what? That’s exactly what’s happening, according to a science paper published on the MedRxIV website, backed by the British Medical Journal and Yale. The study, entitled, “Clinical characteristics of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in China,” is noted as a “preprint” which “has not been peer-reviewed,” but the study notes that incubation periods for the coronavirus vary from zero days to 24 days.

The study was based on 1,099 patients with lab-confirmed 2019-nCoV, gathered from 552 hospitals in 31 provinces, through January 29, 2020, explains the abstract. We’ve posted a backup copy of the original PDF here, just in case MedRxIV removes it or stealth edits the paper.

The median incubation period was noted as 3.0 days. The conclusion of the paper is not good news for the world:

The 2019-nCoV epidemic spreads rapidly by human-to-human transmission. Normal radiologic findings are present among some patients with 2019-nCoV infection. The disease severity (including oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood leukocyte/lymphocyte count and chest X-ray/CT manifestations) predict poor clinical outcomes.

Notably, only 1.18% of the patients studied by the researchers had any direct contact with wildlife. Almost everyone in the study caught the virus from other people, underscoring the human-to-human transmission that’s exploding across China.

If the incubation period lasts up to 24 days, then governments all over the world are releasing infected patients after insufficient quarantine

Although we feel great remorse for any human being trapped in a medical quarantine, the entire purpose of the quarantine is to isolate infected people for the full duration of viral incubation. If quarantines do not cover the full range of expected incubation durations, then they will inevitably release some number of infected people into the general population.

Although a 14-day quarantine will no doubt cover the vast majority of possible carriers, if even 1% of patients demonstrate incubation periods lasting significantly longer than 14 days, that’s still enough to spark an outbreak in the general population.

This is on top of the fact that the CDC just admitted earlier today they made a mistake in the lab and “accidentally” released a person from a quarantine center in California long before the 14-day quarantine requirement. As Zero Hedge reports:

Dr. Anne Schuchat, a top official at the CDC, told reporters in Washington, admitted that “it turns out there was probably a mix up and the original test wasn’t negative.”

First off, what’s with the doublespeak? Why not just say the first test was positive? Instead, they have to say, “was not negative” which is a double negative. So the pandemic language police are alive and well at the CDC, it seems, where even mentioning the word “positive” is now forbidden. And we’re supposed to trust these people to be transparent?

Secondly, does anybody really believe this release of a possibly infected person was an accident? By all accounts, it seems like the CDC is trying as hard as it can to distribute potentially infected people all across the country, literally chartering commercial jets to land American evacuees from Wuhan in cities like Omaha and San Antonio. So the CDC is either lying or just flat-out incompetent. Perhaps both. But it makes no sense to distribute returning evacuees across several facilities in several states (and then release them after just 14 days instead of 24 days).

If you don’t believe the U.S. government is preparing for a pandemic, ask why the U.S. military is preparing 11 quarantine centers across the United States:

JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI (HNL)
Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, IL (ORD)
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, TX (DFW)
March ARB, CA (LAX)
Travis AFB, CA (SFO)
Dobbins ARB, GA (ATL)
Fort Hamilton, NY (JFK)
Naval Base Kitsap, WA (SEA)
Joint Base Anacostia, DC (IAD)
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ (EWR)
Fort Custer Training Center (DTW)

As Michael Snyder writes:

If this coronavirus outbreak is not a serious threat, then why is the U.S. government preparing to quarantine victims all over America? As you will see below, 11 U.S. military bases located close to major airports are being converted into “quarantine centers” for potential patients. When I first learned about this, I was greatly alarmed, because we have all seen what is going on in China right now. People are literally being physically dragged out of their homes and are being forcibly relocated to “mass quarantine camps” with hordes of other very sick people. Sadly, many of them will never come out of those camps alive. If this virus starts spreading like wildfire here in the United States, is it possible that something similar could start happening here?