Comey Sends Letter To Congress Citing New Evidence (and An Investigation) In The Clinton Email Scandal [UPDATED]


Jcomey-100Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziThere is a major news development with the release of a letter from FBI Director James B. Comey that the Bureau has decided that new evidence requires further investigation into the Clinton emails. It was a surprising change just days before the election. After all, as recently as September 27, 2016, Comey rejected the idea that the bureau would reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. Comey wrote in a letter to top members of Congress that the bureau has “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” UPDATE: There are accounts suggesting that the information came from an investigation of Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of Huma Abedin, and that the emails were not authored by Hillary Clinton. This is still unfolding and there are calls to confirm this information. If the…

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Jeremiah 19

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

Jeremiah 19 has the prophet delivering some sobering news to the people of Judah and Jerusalem.  God sends Jeremiah to the entry at the Potsherd Gate and asks him to take the elders with him, along with a potter’s earthenware flask.  This message is going to include a visual, not just harsh words for the people to hear.  But to begin with, God gets right to the point. “I am bringing such disaster upon this place that  the ears of everyone who hears of it will tingle”.  Destruction is coming.  Then God makes it crystal clear why…..

He lists off the reasons for the coming catastrophes:

  1. Because the people have forsaken me and have profaned this place by making offerings in it to other gods
  2. because they have filled this place with the blood of innocents
  3. and have built the high places of Baal  to burn their…

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U.S. Voters Says that Corruption Is a Major Issue. Why Are Politicians Silent on It?

Politicians who are silent are involved. The few talking are those against the corruption or is it fraud?

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog

If public opinion polls are any guide, corruption is one of the most important issues to U.S. voters. A 2012 Gallup survey by Gallup found that a full 87% of Americans deemed reducing corruption as either extremely important or very important—placing this issue second only to the economy/job creation, and ahead of the budget deficit, terrorism, and Social Security. More recent polls buttress these findings: A 2015 survey found that 58% of respondents were afraid or very afraid of corruption by government officials, the highest of any fear surveyed. This meant that corruption was a greater fear than large-scale disasters like terrorist attacks or economic collapse, as well personal events like identity theft, running out of money, or credit card fraud. Three-quarters of those surveyed in 2015 also believed that corruption was widespread in the government, a marked increase from 2007. And a 2016 survey found that 16% ranked corruption…

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