REALPOLITIK: Regime Change In The Philippines – By Paul Craig Roberts

Another push for regime change in the Philippines when that of Syria is smelling badly for the U.S. and rightly so?


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” .The view is spreading in Asia that the American era is over, wrecked by disastrous US economic and foreign policies….As Michael Hudson, James Galbraith, and I have explained, Western economic organization has deteriorated into a system of financial looting”:

(Regime Change In The Philippines – By Paul Craig Roberts)

When will the neoconservative chant begin: “Duterte must go”? Or will the CIA assassinate him?

President Rodrigo Duterte has indicated that he intends a more independent foreign policy. He has announced upcoming visits to China and Russia, and his foreign minister has declared that it is time for the Philippines to end its subservience to Washington. In this sense, regime change has already occurred.

Duterte has suspended military maneuvers with the US. His defense minister said that the Philippines can get along without US military aid and prefers cooperation over conflict with China.

Duterte might simply…

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CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: Wikileaks Emails from the 10th of October Reveal Clinton Staffers Pushed for Disclosure of UFOs, Free Energy, and Extraterrestrials


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“…Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former NASA Astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the Moon to Podesta: “Dear John, Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk. Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space”:

(Wikileaks Emails from the 10th of October Reveal Clinton Staffers Pushed for Disclosure of UFOs, Free Energy, and Extraterrestrials – by Jordan Sather)

Earlier today, over 2,000 more emails were released from the intel dissemination site Wikileaks, providing more staggering nuggets of information related to the disclosure of UFOs and free energy technology. Before discussing this latest batch of emails here is a brief overview of what was…

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COVER-UP: The Big Banking Scandal Wall Street Is Hiding From You – By Zach Cartwright


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“…Wall Street is able to capitalize on states duped into thinking their pension funds are in a deeper hole than they really are, and public assets are then put up for privatization. As reported in 2014, Detroit’s emergency manager used inflated pension shortfall numbers as justification for selling off the city’s water infrastructure“:

(The Big Banking Scandal Wall Street Is Hiding From You – By Zach Cartwright)

Your community’s tax dollars are getting quietly pilfered by Wall Street banks, and the banks are doing an excellent job of keeping the how away from you.

The amount of public money spent on just bank fees and interest every year numbers anywhere from the hundreds of billions to the tens of trillions. The exact amount is available through Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), though even obtaining the forms can prove to be a challenging task for…

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President Buhari’s Pathetic Book. ~ By Olusegun Adeniyi.


Conceived in September 2015, with the foreword written by Lt. General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (rtd) in July this year, “Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria”, probably took about six months for John N. Paden to write. And, I am sorry to say, this is a rather unserious literary work. Aside the fact that you don’t write the biography of a man like President Muhammadu Buhari within so short a period, this effort is, to put it mildly, very poor.

However, to the extent that it was authorized not only by Mr. Mamman Daura, “a senior adviser of Buhari”, as the author described him, but also by the president himself, then we have to take the account seriously. Therefore, since it is almost like the president telling his own story, those who have problems with the narrative should know where to direct their anger. In fact, Paden made it…

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Fellow Nigerians, let me start by apologising for my absence on this page last week. I could not believe the torrents of comments on social media and the number of calls from friends and well-wishers from far and near enquiring about my welfare. Everyone was concerned because they know how much dedication and discipline goes into writing a weekly column. Even I sometimes wonder how I’m able to keep a date with you week in and week out.

Once in a while we all suffer from what’s often referred to as mental block. It is a writer’s affliction that makes it impossible for you to think and write meaningfully. That was exactly what happened to me and I’m glad you understood and accepted my predicament in good faith. Your love for Pendulum propels and keeps me going. Once again, I experienced that love last week and I was deeply touched…

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Court stops interdiction of Ahero Girls principal.

African Press International (API)

By Dickens Wasonga.

The controversy at Ahero Girls over who heads the institution may not end soon.

On Monday TSC interdicted the school’s principal sister Sarah Adipo.
Two days later on Wednesday, the employment and labour relations court gave temporary orders to stop the interdiction.

The matter was certified as urgent and will be heard interparty .
That means status quo remain until the matter is heard and determined by the courts. The injunction was issued by high Court in Kisumu.

This is the third attempt by TSC to interdict the principal.

She had been accused of many things among them misuse of school funds amounting to over 4 million which she denied.

She was also alleged to have introduced illegal levies . These are now court matters which will be determined there.

There was drama at the school on the evening of Monday last week. Students went on rampage…

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THE National Judicial Council (NJC), on Tuesday, recommended the most senior justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Walter Onnoghen, as successor to Mahmud.

Mahmud will retire on November 10. Onnoghen, who is from Cross River State, is the first Southern CJN-designate in 29 years.

Only his name was agreed upon by the council and will be sent to President Buhari

No stand-by nominee was chosen at the emergency meeting.

A council source told our source that the practice of sending two names to the president stopped with the appointment of Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu.

The single-nominee arrangement leaves the president with no luxury to make a choice.

However, the planned arraignment of the seven arrested judges, which was initially planned for Monday at a magistrates’ court in Life Camp, Abuja, was shelved at the last minute.

The Supreme Court had quickly raised a defence team of mostly Senior Advocates of Nigeria…

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