MEDICINE WHEEL: ‘Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? – By Emma Young

Source – – “…Some 20 percent of people in the US report having experienced fatigue intense enough to interfere with living a normal life…could lifes…

Source: MEDICINE WHEEL: ‘Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? – By Emma Young

CONTROLLED DEMOITION: Delivered as Promised, Rise of the American Leisure Society


Source – Op-Ed

“…The much touted social contract between the America Republic and its citizenry, has been supremely altered over the course of 40 years of regressive social policies, rendering today’s American landscape almost unrecognizable from its recent past…America’s road to ruin is littered with the broken bodies of political visionaries, social revolutionaries & maligned scientific minds”:

(Delivered as Promised, Rise of the American Leisure Society – By Steven R Salgado)

The post-war Industrial marvels that awaited America’s working class were awe-inspiring, a future of limitless possibility filled with automatic washing machines, pocket-sized transistor radios, & all manner of novel appliances to fill that new suburban dream home – but most importantly, the time & money to enjoy the spoils of a god-blessed America. Hadn’t we almost single-handedly turned the tide against Fascism & Europe’s Nazi nightmare? – Hitler was dead & evil had been vanquished, it was now…

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Quid Pro Quo: Top State Department Official Offered Deal To FBI If It Would Change Classification Of Clinton Emails


220px-patrick-f-kennedy_2002I have previously written that recent disclosures over immunity deals with Clinton aides has seriously undermined the credibility of the FBI investigation into the email scandal and raises legitimate questions over the role of top ranking Justice Department officials in the closing of the investigation without criminal charges. Now a far more serious allegation has surfaced with the release of a FBI “302” that states that State Department Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy proposed a “quid pro quo” to convince the FBI to strip the classification on an email from Hillary Clinton’s server. The FBI agent reported the encounter as an effort to “influence” the FBI in return to giving the Bureau long-sought agent placements overseas. Such an offer is more than a standard inter-agency “horse trade.” If the agent’s account is accurate, it was an effort to influence a criminal investigation to protect a high ranking politician and, additionally…

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Upgrading Buhari to 4G tech. ~ By Louis Odion, FNGE.


Unwittingly, President Buhari exposed a fortnight ago the dingy side of the digital divide he inhabits on the eve of the nation’s Independence Day anniversary. The occasion was the presentation of picture book in Abuja. Responding to perspectives offered by a youthful panel of arts entrepreneurs on how to maximize the potential of the creative industry in a digital age, PMB’s prognosis was, at best, analogue.

The Federal Ministry of Information, he argued, should devote more resources to expand existing radio infrastructure because, according to him, they offer a broader platform to reach more Nigerians.

Before you begin to wonder the theoretical basis of that presidential conclusion, here was his simple thesis: “Today, those who have television may not have light. As for newspapers, anything above N100, most people cannot buy because that means a lot from the salary they may be earning. But people will always listen to radio…

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President Buhari is sick again – Dr Junaid Mohammed.


Dr. Junaid Mohammed has revealed that President Buhari is sick and that his recent trip to Germany was for medical reasons.

Mohammed, a Russian-trained medical doctor, revealed this in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH on Saturday.
Mohammed alleged that the president Buhari’s associates are repeating the mistake that caused the life of late President Umaru Yar’Adua.

According to him, Buhari is sick and he went to Germany to receive treatment but his handlers arranged a state visit in an attempt to mask the truth.
“The reason the president traveled to Germany was not what it was advertised to be.

“The trip is basically a medical trip. It was undertaken for medical reasons.
“It was only converted to a state visit as an afterthought.
“This tells you the level of contempt the handlers of the president have for Nigerians.
“We blamed the handlers of Yar’Adua for the way they kept his…

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Guest Post: Does International Law Require an International Double Jeopardy Bar?

GAB | The Global Anticorruption Blog

GAB is pleased to welcome back Frederick Davis, a lawyer in the Paris office of Debovoise & Plimpton, who contributes the following guest post:

Most countries prohibit multiple prosecutions for the same acts or offenses. This is known in the United States as the prohibition against “double jeopardy”; in Europe and elsewhere the principle is known as ne bis in idem. But what happens if a person or company is pursued in more than one country? This question is particularly relevant to the fight against foreign bribery, where the same act will often offend the criminal laws of multiple countries. The OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, adopted in 1997, clearly anticipated the possibility of multi-state prosecutions, but provided in Article 4.3 only that the relevant authorities should “consult with a view to determining the most appropriate jurisdiction for prosecution,”…

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