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Akwa Ibom Government Shuts Technical College For Student Cult Activities

‘Teenagers carrying axes in schools instead of books’ – Akwa Ibom lawmakers

Cletus UkpongGovernor Udom Emmanuel at the maiden Akwa Ibom Education SummitGovernor Udom Emmanuel

The ills of cultism in Akwa Ibom secondary schools have become the focus of public discourse in the state, hours after the state government indefinitely shut a technical college in Uyo because of violent students’ protest.

The school, Government Technical College, Ewet, is notorious for violence clashes either among the students or against another secondary school nearby.

Cultism is believed to be the remote cause of the violence which, the police said, has left a divisional police officer hospitalised after he was attacked by students.

Two teachers in the school have sustained serious injuries, while 11 students have been arrested so far, according to the police.

The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, during plenary on Thursday, condemned the rise of cultism across secondary schools in the state.

The debate on cultism in secondary schools was prompted by a motion from the member representing Ibiono Ibom State Constituency, Godwin Ekpo.

A statement from the media office of the Speaker, Aniekan Bassey, said the state assembly is worried that teenagers in secondary schools now carrying axes, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons instead of focusing on their studies.

A lawmaker representing Esit Eket/ Ibeno State Constituency, Usoro Akpanusoh, said on the floor of the House that “the way cultism is going” in Akwa Ibom secondary schools is how the terrorist group, Boko Haram, started.

“If we do not act now, we may be swallowed,” Mr Akpanusoh said.

“To solve the problem of cultism in our schools, we have to go beyond the scope of addressing the problem in our secondary schools. We have to propose a motion that every known cultist should be prohibited from holding public office because these children see them prosper and are encouraged to join so as to prosper too,” said the member representing Nsit Atai State Constituency, Mark Esset, in his contribution to the debate.

Another lawmaker, Aniekan Uko, said the problem of cultism in secondary schools is more complex because parents, according to him, were buying guns for their children, and the teachers and police officers are cultists too.

“We can’t sit down here to blame the students alone. We should start from the home because parental guide is the key.

“We have to be honest with ourselves; are we doing well as a government to discourage cultism? These children do they have what to keep them engaged in school? Some of the teachers are known cultists. What do you expect from the students?

“Some of the policemen called to address the issue are still cultists. Some parents when these children are growing, you buy gun and give them. What do you expect them to become? It is time teachers should be interrogated and investigated if they are cultists during recruitment, before they are employed,” said Mr Uko who represents Ibesikpo-Asutan State Constituency.

The Speaker, Mr Bassey, after listening to lawmakers’ contributions on the matter, directed the joint committees on education, security to meet with the state Ministry of Education, the state Technical School Board and the State Secondary Education Board, and submit a report to the House within a month.

Meanwhile, the state government has said it would not hesitate to close down more secondary schools in the state to check indiscipline and hooliganism among students.

The Commissioner for Education, Nse Essien, stated this on Thursday while addressing the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting of Uyo High School, Uyo.

Apart from the Government Technical College, Uyo High School is another secondary school notorious for violence within the Uyo metropolis.

Vehicular traffic was disrupted for more than an hour along a major road in Uyo on Valentine’s Day when violence broke out in Uyo High School.

“You all have the duty to advise your child,” Mr Essien said at the Uyo High School PTA meeting.

“If you can’t bring up children who have good character, it means you came to earth to waste your time. All these things start at home. The government is doing so much for the children and we expect them to reciprocate by behaving well and taking their studies seriously.”

Naked Blogging: Steps In Between

February 21, 2020Peter B. Giblett Naked Blogging

Naked Blogging: About getting to the heart of blogs, exposing some work from around the globe.

When he created the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver exclaimed “It’s not him, it’s the food!” While it true that naked blogging could be literally true. Who is to know the state of clothing every blogger has when writing? One aspect blogging brings to the world is that ability to strike when the inventive spark hits. 

Naked Blogging

Naked blogging is more a concept of getting to grips with what bloggers are saying. Firstly, the idea – take a quick look at somebody else’s blog and see what they are saying or doing, secondly it is about linking to some people I wish well.

This is not the first time I have done that. A while ago I looked at ProBlogger and what he learned about Blogging.

There are lots of bloggers doing lots of different things. Few reach the superstar status of ProBlogger, yet every page published means something.

If your site gets featured here it is because I found something interesting on your site.

Steps in Between

Celaine Charles writes a blog called Steps In Between. A little while ago, Christine Tabaka posted a link about an interview on my Blog Talk Space Facebook Group. This was the start point to write this post.

Well, the interview by Celaine Charles of Christine Tabaka was the start point for this page. Celaine Charles, describes herself as “a want-to-be-writer.” From what I have seen she is a bit more accomplished than that. 


The interview dates from October 2019. The subject being “2017 Pushcart nominee, Ann Christine Tabaka.” Similarly, what I like about this is that the blogger has managed to connect with somebody who is already accomplished and get an interview with the. Not only is it about building connections but also it expands the horizons of the writer.

Similarly, their aim – create a series based on a set of interviews, The November 2019 interview was with Christine Grabowski. I like the idea of interviews. If you can do it this can be a way to extend the scope of your blog. She also has other interviews, including February 2020 with Pamela Hobart Carter (Writer, Poet, Playwright, Artist).

I wish the writer well with this series. Interviews can be a great way to become popular. Then my question is what else does she write about. Back to her blog, Steps in Between, for a wider search.

Blog Focus

Celaine Charles’s blog is focused on a writing and poetry. In one post the theme is: Character Developing: The Story and the Author, a skill that a fictional writer needs to develop. That page is well worth the read. An interesting thought about development:

“Instead of the flat silhouettes my first book characters held in the beginning of development, these new one’s buzz with energy. They are simply awaiting their new forms to join us on the sofa…or in the car…or on a hike into the beautiful pacific northwest.”

Celaine Charles

She posts about four times a month, a good consistency. It enables readers to go back for more, knowing that every time they visit there is something new and interesting to read.

Personal thoughts

Still, if there is one piece of advice that I would offer Celaine Charles is to adopt a theme that exposes more historical pieces to her readers. On the front page she should have access to historical pages, either by showing more on the front page or providing access to categories or the historical archive. Personally, I believe historical articles provide great value, few blog pages are outdated.

Intentionally, I took a day off from writing,” she comments in one article about taking time off from writing. In the same way, there is rarely a day I don’t write. I didn’t write yesterday but I was feeling unwell, so it is a reasonable excuse.

Special note: On Blog Talk Space I have decided to add the Naked Blogging category to review other blogs. Welcome to Naked Blogging together with you, my readers we can explore the world of blogging.

Wither Nigerian Govt's Anticorruption Crusade

Buhari wants to pay $100 million to Kebbi governor who helped Abacha loot Nigeria – Report

Taiwo-Hassan AdebayoKebbi State Governor, Atiku BaguduKebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu (Photo Credit: Daily Trust)

Nigeria is committed to a deal that would help Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu, keep over $100 million from funds stolen by late kleptocrat, Sani Abacha, according to court documents reported by Bloomberg, putting cooperation with the United States over Abacha loot recovery at risk.

The deal was first negotiated in 2003 under the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, and then updated in 2018 under President Muhammadu Buhari, whose administration now reportedly insists on not backing recovery efforts against Mr Bagudu

Mr Bagudu was one of Mr Abacha’s bagman, using phoney companies to siphon and move stolen funds across transnational borders, when the kleptocrat ruled Nigeria between 1993 and 1998. He spent six months in a U.S. federal prison in 2003, while awaiting extradition to British dependent Jersey to answer questions relating funds traced to the account of Doraville Properties Corp, a company he controlled alongside Mohammed Abacha, to stash stolen money abroad.

But before he was handed over to authorities at Jersey, Mr Bagudu quickly negotiated a deal with the U.S. and Jersey authorities to “return more than $163 million of the allegedly laundered assets to Nigeria in exchange for Jersey’s withdrawal of the extradition request and his return to Nigeria,” according to a court document previously reported by PREMIUM TIMES.

The 2003 deal was approved by a United Kingdom court, Bloomberg now reports, referencing a December 23 memorandum opinion by a Washington D.C. judge John Bates. In exchange for the money forfeited by Mr Bagudu under the 17-year old deal, Nigeria would not file any civil and criminal claims against him over “his involvement in government corruption,” according to the reported court document.
The implication: “Nigeria renounced any interest whatsoever” in Mr Bagudu’s trust assets, including those America wants to help the African nation recover, the court opinion reportedly stated.

President Muhammadu Buhari [Photo: Presidency]
President Muhammadu Buhari [Photo: Presidency]

Mr Bagudu then returned to Nigeria first to become a senator and then a governor of Kebbi State in Nigeria’s north.

American challenge

American court filings reportedly showed Mr Bagudu successfully sued the Nigerian government in 2018 for violating the 2003 deal. Then, the administration of Mr Buhari entered into an updated deal with the Kebbi governor, who like the president is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The updated deal requires a transfer of ownership of investment portfolios, worth 141 million euros ($155 million) to Nigeria, which would then pay 98.5 million euros ($106 million or N38.5 billion) to Mr Bagudu and his affiliates, according to the Washington judge’s opinion cited by Bloomberg.

The deal has since not been executed as the UK blocked the funds transfer following America’s request.

Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (Photo Credit: DailyPost)
Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (Photo Credit: DailyPost)

Notwithstanding, Nigeria reportedly insists it is bound by the updated 2018 deal and would not “assist” America in Mr Bagudu’s case.

Bloomberg reports that American officials are opposing the deal meant to help Mr Bagudu a part of the illicit funds.

Nigeria’s justice minister, Abubakar Malami, did not respond to requests for comment on this report, nor did Mr Bagudu. Mr Bagudu has consistently shunned PREMIUM TIMES’ repeated requests for his comment on our reporting of his role in helping Mr Abacha move stolen funds offshore.

The moves to recover the stolen funds linked to the Abacha junta started just after Mr Obasanjo got to the office in 1999. In April 2002, the Abacha family returned $1 billion to Nigeria in a deal which involved the Swiss Federal Office of Justice. The deal allowed the family to keep $100 million and required the government to drop “some criminal charges” against Mohammed, Mr Abacha’s son, New York Times reported then.

In 2006, another $723 million Abacha loot was returned to Nigeria from Switzerland but the use of the recovery was largely unaccounted, Transparency International said.

“That past experience led Switzerland to controversially attach conditions to the repatriation of this batch of Abacha loot (US$322 million in 2018), including third party oversight – meaning that the World Bank will now monitor the distribution of the funds,” reported Transparency International.

Nigeria has also recovered other tranches of Abacha loot, including the latest, US$308 million, laundered by Kebbi governor, Mr Bagudu, from Jersey.

Mr Abacha was a notorious kleptocrat and is listed alongside Indonesia’s Suharto and Mobutu Seko of Zaire (now DR Congo) among the worst state official thieves in the world by Transparency International. It is estimated that Mr Abacha stole between three billion and five billion dollars, most from Nigeria’s oil wealth.

Japan releasing thousands of potentially cross-infected cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo? Why?

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 by: Mike Adams Natural News

Image: Japan activates global suicide mission, begins releasing thousands of potentially cross-infected cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo starting TODAY

(Natural News) Japan’s global suicide mission has now begun. Hours ago, Japan’s Ministry of Health (which should be called the “Ministry of Suicide”) authorized the release of thousands of cruise ship passengers onto the streets of Tokyo, even though previous testing has found that up to 26% of tested people on the ship are infected with the coronavirus.

The justification for the release was that passengers spent “14 days in quarantine” on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship. However, as we have repeatedly pointed out, the Diamond Princess “quarantine” was a non-quarantine quarantine because passengers were sharing the same air and suffering from cross infections of the airborne coronavirus pathogen. It’s not a quarantine if you’re sharing air with other people in the middle of an airborne pathogen epidemic, but apparently the health officials in Japan have no clue how infectious disease really works.

Just yesterday, for example, 79 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed among the passengers, even as those very same passengers were being prepped for de-boarding, reports Channel News Asia.

“An additional 79 cases of coronavirus have been reported aboard the infection-ravaged Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan — as an expert called the lack of disease control on the vessel ‘completely chaotic,’” reports

The number of infections confirmed on the ship has skyrocketed to a new total of 621, even as Japan is releasing other passengers from the so-called “quarantine.” As reports:

Meanwhile, in a scathing video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday, Kentaro Iwata, an infectious disease expert at Kobe University, who spent time on board the Diamond Princess, said the vessel’s infection control measures leave much to be desired.

“The cruise ship was completely inadequate in terms of the infection control,” Iwata said. “There was no distinction between the green zone, which is free of infection, and the red zone, which is potentially contaminated by the virus.”

“I was so scared of getting COVID-19 because there’s no way to tell where the virus is,” he said. “No green zone, no red zone, everywhere could have the virus.”

He said he also observed crew members, some wearing full protective gear and some not, wandering around and potentially cross-contaminating different areas of the vessel. Some ate lunch with their medical gloves on and used their phones while wearing their protective suits, he recalled.

Insane. But this is what we get from incompetent government health officials, which seems to be a universal phenomenon.

A giant floating incubation vessel is not a “quarantine”

The thousands of people being released by Japan are now moving through the Tokyo airport, boarding commercial flights and potentially contaminating thousands of other people in airports and cities all across the world. It’s already too late to stop them. By the time you read this, hundreds of such passengers are probably already in the air, flying toward dozens of major cities around the world.

It’s almost as if Japan wants the virus to spread.

Every doctor knows that a “quarantine” in which participants are allowed to cross-contaminate each other doesn’t count as a quarantine. The Diamond Princess cruise ship is not a level-4 biohazard facility, and it does not have airtight rooms with sub-micron air filtration that would remove viruses from the circulating air. Cruise ships are, in fact, giant floating incubation vessels where airborne pathogens easily spread from passenger to passenger.

That’s why half of all non-China infections documented across the world have taken place on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Yet we still live in a world dominated by what I call “pandemic denialists.” Listen to this podcast to understand why I increasingly feel like Sarah Connor as I observe society’s self-induced suicide via the coronavirus:

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “The quarantine process failed… people were getting infected on that ship.”

If the “quarantine” was working, there would have been only a handful of infections on that ship. Instead, there are now over 600. By any rational standard, this proves the quarantine failed.

If you don’t believe us, listen to the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the NIH. On Monday, he said:

The quarantine process failed… I’d like to sugarcoat it and try to be diplomatic about it, but it failed. People were getting infected on that ship. Something went awry in the process of the quarantining on that ship. I don’t know what it was, but a lot of people got infected on that ship.

Dr. Fauci states the obvious, which is itself an incredible accomplishment for anyone working in government. Yes, the Diamond Princess turned into a viral smorgasbord buffet and was not, amazingly, an effective level-4 biohazard quarantine containment vessel, even though various health officials liked to imagine it so.

Once again, we can state truth here over and over again, but truth doesn’t seem to matter once politicians and propaganda get involved. Japan has declared all passengers to be “symptom free,” which means nothing when dealing with a pathogen that spreads for up to 24 days during its symptomless incubation period. Thus, declaring people to be “symptom free” is pointless and stupid.

2,000+ passengers to be offloaded over 72 hours

The first 500 passengers were released hours ago. Over 1,500 additional passengers are being released over the subsequent 72 hours, free to walk through the streets of Tokyo and travel on commercial flights back to their home countries. Yesterday, the CDC declared that no passengers from the Diamond Princess would be allowed to fly back to the USA until March 4th, but there are no such restrictions being announced by other nations.

This means cross-infected passengers who are currently in the asymptomatic incubation period (during which they show no symptoms) are allowed to fly to London, Toronto, Sydney, Mexico City or hundreds of other destinations around the world.

It’s nothing short of a global suicide mission that’s now being activated by Japan.

The consequences of this foolish decision may end up costing millions of lives around the world over the next few years.

Incompetent government officials in Florida, Washington and Hawaii are also making the same kind of negligent decisions

Japan isn’t alone in its criminal negligence concerning the handling of coronavirus infections, of course. For even more accomplished incompetence and cover-ups, I give you the State of Florida, where the state Surgeon General there declared that the coronavirus wasn’t airborne, making him the only health official in the world who hasn’t yet learned how this pathogen spreads.

He’s also concealing the number of Floridians who have been tested for the virus, falsely claiming he can’t release aggregate numbers because it would “violate patient privacy.” Yes, he’s lying. There is no privacy violation in stating simple integers like, “Yes, we tested 200 people.”

In Hawaii, state health officials there are instructing potentially infected people to continue walking around society, waiting for symptoms to develop. Gotta protect tourism, right? On top of that stunning realization, Hawaiian Airlines recently announced they had flown an elderly couple that was later confirmed positive for the coronavirus. Did they bother to disinfect the airplane? Of course not. Why bother, since thousands of additional passengers have already flown on the same airplane over the subsequent days.

And in Seattle, the Washington State Dept. of Health Stupidity has publicly posted proof that they are refusing to test over 700 people for the coronavirus, even though they are high-risk individuals who recently returned from China or who came into close contact with other infected people. It’s pure genius: You can achieve a zero infection rate by simply refusing to test the people who might be infected!

Hawaii, Seattle, Florida… guess what all three of these places have in common? They are tourist destinations with strong tourism-oriented commercial interests to protect. In fact, the large number of tourists visiting these destination is probably how the coronavirus started spreading in these areas in the first place. After all, most of the non-China infections we’ve seen around the world come from tourist-oriented destinations such as ski resorts and cruise ships.

So now we enter the chapter of global government incompetence and criminal cover-ups which we are now labeling a “global suicide mission” of stupidity and mass death. This seems to be where our incompetent governments are leading us all.

This is certainly not a great time to take a vacation to Hawaii: