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Honestly I know I’m to have a food Post everyday but given that yesterday was my birthday, I got carried away. Today I’m really tired so anything you see you take.





Cold water

Sugar or salt


Preparation :

1). Sieve the garri dry using a sieve (this is to remove those big Garri stones inside and leave u with a smooth garri )

2). Pour your garri inside a plate, add lots of cold water, stir with a spoon and drain the water on top that has those strand like residue.

3). Add more Cold water to your garri, add the sugar (as much as you want; feel free to invite diabetes to your parlor), if you are using salt please add just a pinch, you can also use both, then add milk (as much as you want because it’s good for…

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Bill Paatalo Investigations: Washington Mutual Bank Sold These 67,529 Toxic Loans, And Not One Single Foreclosure By The Investors?

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 Having investigated the WaMu/FDIC/Chase fact pattern for nearly seven-years now, and having investigated hundreds of foreclosure cases where JPMorgan Chase claims sole ownership of specific Washington Mutual Bank loans by virtue of the “Purchase & Assumption Agreement” (PAA) with the FDIC, one fact is now well established – no schedule or inventory of assets listing any specific WMB mortgage loan acquired by JPMC exists, or has ever been produced or disclosed. The reason for this fact is that the vast majority of residential mortgage loans were securitized through WaMu’s “Off-Balance Sheet Activities,” meaning WMB sold their loans prior to the FDIC Receivership. Many of these prior sales transactions by WMB to private investors went undocumented, and were kept outside the prevue of regulators, the borrowers, and the general public. For roughly the past 8-years, Chase has been foreclosing on thousands of these previously sold WMB loans in its own name as mortgagee and beneficiary…

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Trim Dat Bod 

40 reps of sit up  30 reps of plank 20 reps of leg raise  20 reps of crunch  70 skips, if you don’t have a jump rope you can just jump on the same spot seventy times.  #No…

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A suggestion for Tehran and Riyadh

The Muslim Times


My affection and respect for my good friend and colleague from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with whom I discussed current events in the Middle East over a leisurely Lebanese lunch last week.

We had very different analyses of how tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia shaped the situation across the Middle East.

He explained why the military action by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others in Yemen was a decisive step that reflected the Gulf Arab states’ determination to stop Iran’s expanding influence in and even control of some Arab countries.

I suggested that such Arab fears of Iranian dominance were exaggerated and unrealistic. I argued that for decades, both Saudi Arabia and Iran had used their available soft and hard power instruments (money, religiosity, arms) to develop allies and improve their strategic relations across the region.

In fact…

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