So The U.S. Military Shut Down TWA Flight 8OO In 1996?

(Natural News) The official story surrounding the tragic crash of Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight 800 back on July 17, 1996, maintains that the airplane just “exploded” out of nowhere, and that there was no terroristic foul play. However, William Henry Teele III, a 10-year Navy veteran-turned-whistleblower, offers a different version of events that pegs the United States military as the culprit.

Though not intentional, according to Teele’s account, several U.S. Navy vessels were in the area at the time. And one of them launched a missile that struck TWA 800 and sent it plunging into the sea off the coast of Long Island, N.Y.

Jack Cashill from American Thinker wrote a book about all this back in 2016. He published an article the other day stating that he believes Teele’s account to be legitimate, based on who he is and his presence on one of the ships in the fleet that witnessed the TWA 800 incident first-hand. (Related: We, too, published a report back in 2013 about other whistleblowers who exposed what they described as a coverup concerning the crash of TWA 800.)

“Teele did not claim to be on the ship that fired the missile,” Cashill writes – you can read a more detailed account of Teele’s background in Cashill’s article about the subject.

“He was on the USS Carr, a guided missile frigate that was one of the ‘combatants’ in the battle group that destroyed the unfortunate 747 and killed the 230 souls on board. Everything that I could verify about Teele’s account back then checked out.”

00000000000000Why was the Navy holding a missile drill right next to New York City?

On the evening of July 17, 1996, according to Teele, the Carr was testing out two new radar systems: AN/SPY-1 Alpha and AN/SPS 49. This involved a simulated air attack that was supposed to target a drone pulled by a military aircraft using a thousand-foot chain.

Teele’s job during the simulation was to monitor it from within the ship’s combat information center (CIC). Other ships were supposedly in the area as well, including the USS Normandy, the USS Trepang, and the USS Albuquerque.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) later confirmed that an Aegis cruiser and a U.S. Navy P-3 Orion were also present, the latter of which just so happened to be flying about 7,000 feet above TWA 800 when the plane was blasted out of the sky.

Teele has also stated publicly that he believes the USS Leyte Gulf was also involved, making this a very complex operation. There were lots of moving parts, and with TWA 800 right in the middle of the operation it makes sense that a major accident like this was possible.

Why the Navy chose to hold this exercise so close to New York City and right in a flight path remains unknown. One would think that the drill would have been better held somewhere more remote, far away from major airports?

Another factor in the accident was TSA 800’s low-flying altitude at the time. Air traffic control reportedly held the plane at 13,700 feet to allow U.S. Air 217 to pass safely overhead.

There were multiple commercial aircraft right in the middle of this Navy operation, in other words. And according to Teele, he and his fellow men “jumped the gun” in shooting down TWA 800, believing it to be the “assumed enemy” in the drill.

“We had a track on a contact that came out that fit the profile that we were given,” he maintains. “It matched the drill.”

All of the evidence surrounding what happened was taken to the “shred room,” Cashill explains, citing Teele who said that they all “ran to Bermuda” and disposed of the truth.

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