Before You Lose Your Mind, 5 Things To Remember

1. Give yourself a break today. Instead of dwelling on the people who have let you down, refocus your energy on appreciating those who lift you up. Remember, you can’t control the impolite things some people say and do to you, but you can decide not to be distracted by them today.

2. Sometimes your mind needs more time to accept what your heart already knows. Breathe. Be a witness, not a judge. Give yourself the space to listen to your own voice — your own soul. Too many people listen to the noise of the world and get lost in the crowd.

3. Be kind, but learn to say no. You can’t always be agreeable. That’s how people take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to set boundaries. Sometimes saying no is vital self-care.

4. When life feels like an emotional roller coaster, steady yourself with simple rituals. Make the bed. Water the plants. Rinse off your own bowl and spoon. Simplicity attracts calmness and wisdom.

5. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck on the one little thing that wrecks your mood today. Breathe and be grateful for what’s in front of you. Some of it is a blessing, and nothing lasts forever. Life is just too short to waste on daily negativity…

YES, YOU CAN THINK BETTER, which means you can tap into your inner strength and ultimately live better.

And yes, of course that’s sometimes easier said than done.

Thinking better when you’re in the heat of a tough moment, or at a crossroads in life, takes guidance and practice…

Is this email your wake up call?

How many times have you thought “this isn’t working” or “something is not right” or “things have to change”? — those thoughts and words are from your inner voice. It’s your wake-up call calling. You don’t need more stress or a major crisis to wake up. And no one needs to tell you because you already know. Your inner voice has been trying to tell you, but in case it’s been a challenge to find time and space to listen through the chaos, maybe you’ll resonate with one of these situations:

  • If your life is aimlessly on auto-pilot, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you never put yourself first, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you’ve become someone you don’t recognize to please other people or to chase some version of success that doesn’t resonate with you, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you are constantly numbing out with food, shopping, booze, TV, or other distractions, this is your wake-up call.
  • If you are worn down, beat up, stressed out, and completely depleted, this is your wake-up call.

Getting your wake-up call is not the hard part, answering the call is. Choosing to answer the call instead of ignoring it is hard. Right now, it may feel easier to keep going, and going, and going gradually in the wrong direction. But you know if you don’t find a way out of the endless cycle you’re in, it’s going to get worse.

It’s time to listen to what your inner voice has been telling you…

The bottom line is, despite the real world challenges you face, the biggest and most complex obstacle you will ever have to personally overcome is your own mind and how often you resist your own better judgment. No, you aren’t responsible for everything that happens to you in life (the chaos around you), but you ARE responsible for undoing the self-defeating thinking patterns (the chaos within you) that these undesirable experiences create.

AGAIN, YOU CAN THINK BETTER, which means you can tune that inner voice of yours and live better because of it.

And YES, like I said, that’s all easier said than done, but you are NOT alone on this journey…

Many of us are right there with you, working hard to do the right things for ourselves.

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