How one brave nurse exposed the gender mutilation of children taking place at Tavistock

Image: How one brave nurse exposed the gender mutilation of children taking place at Tavistock

(Natural News) According to the Gender Mapping Project, in America there are now over 200 gender-bending clinics that prey on children, enabling gender delusions and allowing mass castration of youth. Just a decade ago, there were only ten of these clinics in America. This predatory industry continues to expand its violence toward youth, unchallenged.

However, in London, something big just went down, a move that will shake trans-activism to its core. The National Health Service (NHS) just shut down one of the most aggressive gender-bending youth clinics in the world, and all gender mutilations of children must cease operations there by 2023.

Trans activists infiltrate mental health clinics and gag psychotherapists to take youth down a dark and destructive path

For nearly two decades, the prestigious Tavistock Centre in London, England accepted youth mental health patients who struggled with gender dysphoria. Fifteen years ago, the center specialized in therapy — listening to patients and talking through their problems. Drugs were a last resort. However, over the years, the clinic began taking a hasty, one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with gender dysphoria, pushing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on youth, while encouraging identity delusions and the total mutilation of the child’s genitalia. At its peak in 2019, the clinic was getting 3,000 referrals a year to further confuse and castrate all youth that walked through the doors.

Puberty blockers are medically described as gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists. These drugs suppress the further development of secondary-sex characteristics like breast tissue in females or facial hair in males. Cross-sex hormones refer to the use of: testosterone in females who want to pretend they were born male, and estrogen for males who want to pretend they were born female.

Forcing hormone therapies on youth is NOT “trans rights.” This is a perverted attack on human anatomy, a macabre form of child abuse; a predatory, sexually abusive experiment. Over the years, this is exactly what the Tavistock Center had become, a conveyor-belt for transgenderism. The center allowed trans activists to infiltrate the clinic and prey upon the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual struggles presented by troubled and confused youth. Psychotherapy was replaced with trans activism that forced clinicians to accept all delusions of gender and mandatory cross-sex hormonal treatments.

Brave nurse exposes predatory youth castration operation at prestigious Tavistock Centre in London

A brave nurse named Sue Evans blew the whistle on this monstrosity back in 2005. Over time, whistleblowers, doctors, nurses, journalists, reporters, parents and patients were able to expose the clinic for pushing trans-activism, not evidence-based medicine. As a senior clinical lecturer, Sue created and delivered psychotherapy training courses for the staff. She ultimately went on to serve in the Gender Identity Development Service, where she and a team of seven clinicians oversaw approximately 100 cases a year– mostly boys – who believed they were born in the wrong body. She reports that her colleagues were quick to prescribe puberty blockers and cross sex hormones without getting a basic understanding of the child’s internal world. “I knew from my experience in working with adolescents that any diagnostic assessment arrived at after such a short time span would have been superficial,” she wrote.

Sue also said that senior clinicians would regularly meet with a transgender patient-advocacy group called Mermaids. “As time progressed, it seemed clear that groups like Mermaids were exerting influence over doctors and clinicians in the service—sometimes dictating the expectations of care for our patients,” she warned.

The clinic started adopting policies that forced clinicians to use gender pronouns that the patients preferred. Sue remembers being threatened with litigation if she did not go along with the delusions. She said, as a mental health care professional, it didn’t matter whether she had legitimate questions. It didn’t matter whether she questioned the appropriateness of the treatment that the patients were demanding. She had to give in to their mental illness and go along with their desires for gender delusion, hormonal castration and genital mutilation. The clinicians were no longer allowed to think of gender dysphoria as a mental illness.

Sue contends that services for youth should be more holistic, taking into consideration the whole child, and adopt better clinical standards, not activism aimed at destroying their physiology and anatomy. Read the whole story on how the how Tavistock’s gender-bending youth castration operation came tumbling down…

Today, trans-activists and predatory ilk go online in chat groups to prey on youth and encourage them to denounce their upbringing, their family, and the reality of who they truly are. These trans-activists prey on youth — their feelings, curiosities, insecurities, sexual desires — so they will give in to experimental thoughts, pornography addictions, gender transitions, genital mutilation, etc. These predatory acts are done to coerce youth to accept a fictitious new identity, to tear them away from their family, their faith and their true identity.

10 Percent of Americans Regret Taking COVID Vaccine

15 Percent Have a New Medical Condition After It: Poll

By Enrico Trigoso  August 8, 2022

Ten percent of Americans who received the COVID-19 vaccine regret having done so, according to a recent poll.

In addition, 15 percent of the 1,038 adults that took the survey said that they have been diagnosed with a new condition by a medical practitioner, weeks or months after taking the vaccine.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) commissioned the poll two years after the inception of Operation Warp Speed in order to find out about people’s position on the COVID vaccines and their health.

The poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics, states that the margin of error is +/- 3.1 percentage points.

“The fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports more than 232 million Americans ages 18–65 have taken at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 15 percent of those surveyed report a newly diagnosed condition is concerning and needs further study,” said Laura Bono, CHD’s executive director.

“The mRNA vaccine technology is new and clinical trials naturally have no long-term data. CHD believes this survey points to the need for further study.”

Sixty-seven percent of the respondents got one or more shots, while the rest were unvaccinated.

Among those who took the COVID vaccines, 6 percent took one dose, while the rest took 2–4 shots.

Of the newly diagnosed medical conditions, the most common ones were blood clots (21 percent), heart attack (19 percent), liver damage (18 percent), leg and lung clots (17 percent), and stroke (15 percent).

Sixty-seven percent of participants said that getting the vaccine was a good decision, while 24 percent were neutral.

Another poll conducted at the same time surveyed 829 American adults ages 18–49, and the results show that 22 percent of them reported a new condition within weeks or months after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

The top conditions were autoimmune problems, blood clots, stroke/lung clots, liver damage/leg clots/heart attack, and disrupted menstrual cycle. Ten percent of these conditions were severe.

Fourteen percent of the participants regretted taking the vaccine, while 58 percent thought it was a good decision, and the rest were neutral.

The Five Laws Of Stupidity

“Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals.”

Over vacation, I read a great book: “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” by Carlo Cipolla, an economic historian.

Initially, it was an article intended as a joke, where he covered a few controversial topics in a lighthearted and non-serious way.

Not only was the article officially published, but it was also translated into many languages and distributed worldwide. Now, it represents a milestone on the controversial topic of human stupidity.

Let’s dive into each of the five laws of human stupidity:

Law #1 — Everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

According to Cipolla, stupid people exist, but you may deeply underestimate their number and influence in our society.

As part of his playful writing style, he asserted that “any numerical assumption would turn out to be an underestimate.” This statement was an exaggeration — on the other hand, such an idea should not be taken lightly. After all, this is not the first law by accident.

Think about all the people you had judged intelligent before realizing they were behaving stupidly and obtusely.

How many people have you encountered in business and personal life where you realized they were foolish? Where they inadvertently or purposefully give you incorrect information or point you in the wrong direction?

Law #2 — The probability that a specific person is stupid is independent of any other characteristic.

Cipolla stated that stupidity is a human characteristic, like having blond hair or brown eyes.

“Whether one frequents elegant circles or takes refuge among cannibals, whether they lock themselves up in a monastery or decide to spend the rest of their life in the company of a beautiful partner, the fact remains that they will always have to deal with the same percentage of stupid people.”

In this pessimistic view, human beings are doomed to deal with stupidity. Also, according to Cipolla, there are no safer places or solutions to avoid it. The only thing you can do is accept this and live with it for the rest of your existence.

How many people have you run into who have a severely limited view of a topic yet are demonstrably firm in their belief structure even though you present logical arguments to the contrary? I often run into this with business and personal discussions — it’s frustrating and scary how emotionally tied they are to alarming facts and belief structures.

Law #3 — A stupid person causes losses to others while they gain nothing or may even suffer losses.

Cipolla considered this the golden and most important law, never to be forgotten.

Stupidity isn’t a matter of IQ but rather a lack of relational skills — he believed that it’s possible to classify people based on their behavior. Stupid people are the ones who harm others and often themselves. On the contrary, the behavior of intelligent or overly naive people is aimed at helping others.

Specifically, he believed that stupid human beings behave in an irrational and difficult-to-understand way. This does not mean that their actions do not impact your life — you are very likely to remember people who hindered you, causing difficulties, frustrations, and suffering.

Even more surprising, these stupid people may not gain anything from their behavior. Cipolla stated that “there are people who, by their illogic actions, cause harm to not only other people but also themselves. Such people belong to the genus of the super stupids.”

How often have you vied for limited project funding, seen it go to a stupid person, and then watched as they spend all the funds on an initiative that ultimately derails and fails?

Law #4 — Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals.

In particular, non-stupid people constantly forget that dealing and hanging out with stupid people at any time, place, and circumstance is a costly mistake.

Cipolla added that “stupid people are deadly dangerous because reasonable people find it difficult to imagine and understand stupid behavior.”

Stupid people’s attacks always catch intelligent ones by surprise. This makes it even more challenging to develop a rational defense that would be of little use since illogical actions cannot be understood using logic.

You are vulnerable and always at the mercy of stupid people’s unpredictability by underestimating their power. In addition, intelligent people tend to think that the stupid ones can only harm themselves and are immune to their actions. This colossal mistake makes reasonable people feel invulnerable, dangerously lowering their guard.

Law #5 — Stupid people are the most dangerous type of people.

This law is a natural consequence of the last two laws. Cipolla adds the following corollary: “A stupid person is more dangerous than a bandit.”

Common sense tells us that intelligent people are predictable, no matter how hostile they may be. In contrast, stupid people are not. This subtle difference makes stupid people incredibly more fearsome than intelligent people — this should be regarded as a compendium of his entire theory on human stupidity.

When you encounter a truly stupid person, stay away. Please give them a wide berth, but keep your eyes focused on them. They might inadvertently impact or touch your projects, people, or area and cause irreparable damage. Treat them like a blindfolded clown in a car, watch as they drive down the street, but make sure they don’t hit your house.


All are welcome aboard the crazy train — but be warned, the world as you know it, is about to be turned upside down.

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