Three Simple Words That Could Change Your Life!

Now The Mysterious Blabberer?

(An Updated Reblog)

Why spend most of your life trying to change the emotional baggage that is ruining your life. Spending thousands of dollars on meds and on doctor’s who could maybe send their children to medical schools just based on your prescriptions and procedures alone!

Reading books on How To; seven steps to this or the ten steps to that; motivational tapes; special healthy drinks; weekends with gurus, and sometimes even charlatans and fakes. You see, your actions are only controlled by your conscious mind about 5% of the time. The remaining 95% of the time it is ‘like’ the subconscious that controls your life. And the subconscious does not always seem to cotton to all of the above.

The subconscious mind consists of those programmed habits that constantly and even unknowingly keep you going and do the things your conscious mind cannot do.

So what are the three…

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