3 Indigenous Young Men Raised To Priesthood In Nigeria’s Northwest

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria Most Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah has admitted 3 youngmen into the order of priesthood for the Diocese.

The ordination took place at Malumfashi, the heartland of the marginalized maguzawa ethnic group in Katsina state, with predominantly muslim population. The Maguzawa are majority christians.

The 3 new priests are themselves of the Maguzawa ethnic group. The ordination has now raised the number of Maguzawa priests to about 10.

The 3 youngmen
Bishop Kukah with the 3 ordained already dressed.
Rev. Fr. Dr. Gerald Musa preaching the homily at the ordination.

In the homily, Fr. Gerald Musa said no one takes on himself the honor of priesthood saying it’s an aberration to notice in society that people who were neither called not went through any formation, now parade as pastors, preachers and bishops.

The three ordained priests he said went through nine years formation before the ordination.

He said “some desire to be priests but don’t have the call while some others have the call but don’t desire priesthood”.

The ceremony was witnessed by a large crowd including 41 priests from within and outside Sokoto Diocese.