Outline: A Godly Leader raises leaders

The Domain for Truth

Note: This is the tenth installment in our series on biblical leadership.

A Godly Leader raises leaders

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Have you thought about raising up leaders?

Purpose: Today we shall three points so that as a Christian leader we would raise up other leaders

  • The importance of raising up leaders
  • The examples of raising up leaders
  • How to cultivate raising up leaders

What I mean by “raising leaders”

  • Originally I was trying to make this lesson on delegating responsibility but I thought there is a deeper principle in how we delegate responsibility as a leader: We want to delegate in such a way that the person we are delegating responsibility we are hoping that they become leader.
  • Raising leaders mean not just raising the next person to be in charge of everything or someone replacing your position but also for them to be a leader in doing…

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