Anxiety is genetic but can be controlled!

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I am trying to balance and jungle many goals and milestones in life as we speak. My work environment and the nature of my job can easily allow a lot of stress and therefore I am subject to feeling a lot anxiety at times. However, having anxiety is genetic. For example, if your mom’s side and parents had anxiety of some sort then there is a chance you may have anxiety as well.

Anxiety is really diminishing to your health ultimately if not managed properly. Anxiety can be caused by stress. However, if you notice that you are unable to complete day to day task then it’s clinical anxiety and it is time for you to seek out help.

 There are five types of Anxiety,

  • Generalized anxiety – Stress
  • Obsessive compulsive – Repetitive behavior that proves the same negative outcome
  • Panic disorder – You are worried about the…

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When to Monetize Your Blog

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There is often the question of when to monetize your blog. The answer is, when you start seeing a 100 visitor traffic per day. That is a good time you can monetize your blog.

Now comes the question of how to monetize your blog and there are 8 different ways that I can think of from on top of my head that I will just list:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertisment
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Selling Books
  5. Selling Courses
  6. Selling digital products
  7. Sell coaching services
  8. Secure sponsorship

Which one are you going to try or at least research about starting today?

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What’s Your Emotional Intelligence? What EQ Is, How It Differs From IQ, and Why It Matters

Maybe It's Just Me

When it comes to life success, what’s more important: book smarts or street smarts? Cognitive intelligence (IQ) versus emotional intelligence (EQ) is a topic debated by many.

Some believe the most successful people are the brainiacs of the world, while others say the emotionally savvy have the upper hand.

When we were young, our parents instilled in us the importance of doing well in school and getting good grades. Excelling in academics means more career opportunities which means more money. And while money can’t buy happiness, it certainly makes your life easier.

However, there are many things you can’t learn from a textbook such as how to make friends, how to fall in love and heal a broken heart, and how to cope with disappointment and failure. All of these play a vital role in our long-term success and happiness.

The Difference Between Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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Philippians 3:3-6

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

In Philippians 3:3-6 Paul tackles one area that the false teachers were spewing to the Philippians – questions around circumcision. Here he defines true circumcision. “For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh—though I myself have reason for confidence in the flesh also.” These Jewish legalists considered themselves the ones truly circumcised and right with God. But Paul declared that he and his followers were the true circumcision. Worshipping God in the Spirit is what defines true circumcision as opposed to the fleshly and legalistic worship these false teachers were doing.

Wuest explains “The word ‘worship’ is the translation of the Greek word referring to the service of Jehovah by His peculiar people, the Jews. A Jew would be scandalized by the application of this word to a Gentile.” Paul…

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Posts that have to do with our everyday experience

Self-esteem is the belief and confidence in your ability and value. The way you see yourself and the value you place on yourself has a way of controlling your behavior and attitude either in the positive or negative way.

I have a friend who used to feel insecure about herself. We had a talk about it and she told me that she didn’t like her stature and body shape, she wanted to put on more weight, she has been trying everything possible to look better and that was when I realized that the way she thought about herself or the inside had a way of influencing her on the outside in the way she walk and talk. This feeling of self doubt had a way of affecting her mentally. The time she spent on thinking about her looks could have been spent in doing something significant and gainful. It was…

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You’re sooo full of it.

hello after twenty

Full of SELF WORTH!! 😉

Confidence is the consistent commitment to yourself.
Would you agree?

Having confidence in yourself should be a “must have” rather than a “nice to have”, especially for women.

In a male dominated world along with society’s dated standards, it can be hard for women to thrive, especially in the work place. It is hard to be seen when credit is taken away from you.

It’s an interesting dynamic working for a chauvinistic male vs a hostile intimidated women, or an empowering women leader.

Throughout my career, I’ve experienced both sides. Through this experience, I’ve learned to navigate a healthy work setting for myself through the challenges. It’s taught me so much how confidence is so important in healthy relationships- professional and personal. It should be a non-negotiable. It should be instilled in us as children, to encourage confidence.

I was raised to be quiet, submissivem…

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Posts that have to do with our everyday experience

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Confidence gets rid of fear and negative thoughts. Self-confidence is believing in yourself and your abilities. Without self-confidence, you cannot achieve your goals and dreams, without self-confidence, you cannot be successful and without self-confidence, people won’t take you seriously. Self-confidence is in degrees or steps and it is up to you to improve it.

In this article, I am going to share with you one of the ways of boosting your self-confidence and that us through goals and dreams. You see, everyone has goals and dreams but not everyone has the gut to fulfill them which also makes them to lose their self-confidence because they don’t believe in themselves and their abilities.

There is this sense of joy, happiness and self-love that comes when you don’t just set goals but also work…

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Outline: A Godly Leader raises leaders

The Domain for Truth

Note: This is the tenth installment in our series on biblical leadership.

A Godly Leader raises leaders

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Have you thought about raising up leaders?

Purpose: Today we shall three points so that as a Christian leader we would raise up other leaders

  • The importance of raising up leaders
  • The examples of raising up leaders
  • How to cultivate raising up leaders

What I mean by “raising leaders”

  • Originally I was trying to make this lesson on delegating responsibility but I thought there is a deeper principle in how we delegate responsibility as a leader: We want to delegate in such a way that the person we are delegating responsibility we are hoping that they become leader.
  • Raising leaders mean not just raising the next person to be in charge of everything or someone replacing your position but also for them to be a leader in doing…

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