What it takes to prioritize your priorities?


[Image: The Readers Desk]

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.


Ever wondered why listing priorities is tough and even tougher to proceed with it? Prioritizing priorities is comprised of difficult decisions, hard times, complicating circumstances, lots of compromises, and many more. But the question is, Is it all worth it? Yes, it is. Maybe we won’t realize it today but the compromises you’re making are gonna pay you the legitimate price of it if you are consistent with your priorities. It takes a few minutes of courage and conscience to prioritize your priorities and to decide what you want from yourself, how hard you want it, how passionately you want it, and most importantly what you can do to achieve it, how far you can go to deal with it?

You first need to establish your goals so that you can have a view of what you need to work on every day. There is this time comes in all our lives which teaches us a lot of things following which, you are going to rule your life in the future. The point to focus on here is, in such cases, only you can teach yourself only you can convince yourself, and no one else can ever how much they try how hard they try nothing is gonna work on you until and unless you accept it. And that’s the actuality we tend to disbelieve.

The time has come to go completely selfish for your sake. The person you’re becoming is gonna cost you a lot of things so list your priorities wisely because if you’re not in the cycle of becoming the person you want to be then you’re automatically going to be the person you don’t want to be. Don’t give up on that person you want to become. If you lose this time you will lose that person, can you afford it? Ask this to yourself can you afford it? Seemingly, you can’t but you might compromise with it. Have you ever thought what if I would not have compromised? Think about it. Now going with the heading above, it does takes a lot of things to prioritize priorities. They are; first being you, what you were, short-term happiness of yours, patience, compromises, friends, family relationships, time, society, perceptions about you, adjustment, adaptation, settlements, and many more.

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