Tension running to mind, body to mind creates nervous disposition mind manages body whilst body interferes with mind..


The mind is the crossroads to how we create imagination when mind lacks imagination same mind lacks creativity becomes with drawn mind struggles to empathize..

If we don’t take advantage every opportunity is opportunity missed if the little things bothers us so much is it really the little things which really bother us..

Or is something much deeper bothering us which eye cannot tell something that challenges way we feel before we see..

Does how we feel change how we interpret what we take away from what we see, existing experience turns to knowledge in which lives on in containment of memory..

Body reports consequence body to mind we feel before we see, body senses consequence before during and after any event..

We use consequence unknowingly consequence guides works as inner barrier, instinct protects helps mind determine safety..

Physical action shouldn’t leave a negative trail behind in mind when relationship…

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