Mind must have good relationship body to mind so mind can understand itself enough within itself to understand self worth inorder to represent self worth..


How are we supposed connect with other’s when we vaguely own don’t own much value from within oneself to enable create our own self worth..

Mind needs to consider what’s relative to us inorder to create logic to a self given relationship in which allows oneself to make more sense beyond oneself..

Mind must stay tuned stay relative inorder to program itself answer questions of itself inorder to learn itself how to understand other’s..

Mind of humanity creates own mark bench which allows unique logic to itself inorder to feel understand self empowerment..

Mind needs to be above board in control of constellation of gut to mind memory to mind mind to memory and sensory to mind..

Degenerative gut overwhelms human mind gut degeneration starts to control override mind instead of mind living in harmony with gut..

The human minds relationship body to mind is serious threat to the human…

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