2020 — The Beginning of Something Great

Crispy Confessions

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

After dropping off my daughter at preschool, I sat in my car for a minute, thinking. Despite all that is wrong with the world, I believe that now is a really great time to be a child. Of course, it’s not ideal or even normal. Nothing is normal right now, after all. But in terms of what they can learn and what they can gain, 2020 might just be the year that everything changes for the better.

I mean, think about it. Before 2020, we were all going about our lives, which were increasingly hectic and chaotic. We were all too busy at work and at school. We didn’t spend enough time with our families. We were all on our smartphones and tablets, our eyes constantly glued to our social media news feeds.

And then Covid-19 happened, forcing us to stay at home…

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