Guest post: Setting Realistic Mental Health Goals -By Ethan

Vincent Ehindero

Most of us know how to set a goal. Even if we don’t all physically write them down, most people have a basic understanding of determining what they want and how they’re going to get it.

For things like school, it’s simple: I want a grade of 90 or higher on a test, I want my class rank to move down 5, I want to study for an hour a night. When goals are simple, they’re easier to track, and so it’s easier to achieve them.

For hobbies, it’s much the same: I want to learn this new piano piece by next month, I want to crochet 3 scarves in the next month, etc.

But when it comes to setting goals about ourselves, we suck. If all you know is that you want to become a little bit happier, how can you possibly know how long something like that should…

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