7 Reasons Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog.

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One of the most common struggles every blogger faces is probably not gaining traffic or followers as they would like to. For some bloggers, that’s not a problem at all whilst for others, it is. There is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed of for wanting to grow your blog. We all have been there. My first year of blogging was pretty much non-existent. I either published multiple articles or I didn’t post anything for months. I believe I had around 500 followers by the time I hit my first bloganniversary.

As I always say, numbers aren’t everything. When I hit 100 followers on my blog, it felt like I hit 100k followers! Now, that I’ve been blogging consistently for a couple of years – I try not to focus or look at numbers that much since it can get quite unhealthy. With that said, if your blog doesn’t reach as many people or nobody at all then there is probably a good reason why. At the end of the day, you are blogging for yourself and remember why you started your blog in the first place.

Unless your blog is your sole income, over-worrying or comparing your numbers won’t change anything and will only make you feel less motivated to work on your blog. That’s the reason in today’s post, I’ve shared 7 reasons why people might not be reading your blog. Once again, if the fact people not reading/checking out your blog doesn’t bother you or it’s not important to you then that’s amazing! I truly believe that your passion for your blog should come first and then everything else comes after. Numbers only matter if they are important to you otherwise it’s just some digits.

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The reason why my blog was pretty much non-existent was due to the fact I wasn’t posting articles consistently. I don’t think you need to post every single day in order to gain traffic, even posting consistently once a week does the job. Your readers need to know that there will be a blog post coming from you and even if there isn’t that you will let them know. Not posting anything for weeks or even months will have a huge impact on your traffic therefore people might not notice your blog or might not even know that your blog exists in the first place.

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As I mentioned above, when you are passionate about your blog or what you write – it reflects on your content. People can see when you write about a topic that you are truly interested in versus when you are not. I don’t necessarily think that blog posts need to be at a certain length or short blog posts aren’t written passionately. It’s such a weird thing but it shows in your blog posts.

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Obviously, if not a single person has checked your blog then that’s completely a different matter but most of the times, the reason why your audience don’t read your blog posts is because you don’t write content that they like in the first place. I truly believe there is an audience for every niche and blog. You don’t need to change your niche if it doesn’t receive traffic, you just have to find your audience.

Check what blog posts or topics are well liked by your audience and then start to write blog posts based or related to those topics and you will start to notice a difference. Find a balance between writing the content that you love & content that your readers enjoy reading. Implement strategies that will allow your blog to reach the right audience. For instance, if you have a beauty blog and you write about skincare but your audience likes to read about makeup then find a balance between those two.

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Interacting with others doesn’t only show that you are supporting their content but it also lets other people know of your blog’s existence. If nobody knows that you have a blog in the first place, how will anyone check your blog? Interacting with others through likes or comments will let other people know of your blog. Plus, it’s a great way to support one another! You can’t expect to gain thousands of views, likes and comments by not doing anything.

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Optimising your website will not help your blog reach a wider audience but it will also help improve the visibility of your blog posts. In order to gain organic traffic and for people to find you through search engines, you need to work on your SEO. Obviously, this is only doable if you have bought your domain or have a self-hosted website.

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Social media platforms are available for a reason! As a blogger, it’s extremely important to take advantage of the platforms you have access to such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Each social media has a different audience therefore the possibility of reaching thousands of people is high. Trust me when I say that you will at least receive one view by promoting your blog posts in any of those platforms.


Last but not least, if you don’t pay attention to your blog then it will obviously have an impact on your traffic. By paying attention, I mean working on your blog design. As soon as someone checks your website, they don’t see your blog posts or the content you’ve written but the way you have customised your theme. I don’t think your theme needs to look a specific way but it definitely should allow your readers to read and find information easily.

Your fonts should be readable and people should easily navigate through your website & find the information they need. If people have to spend a long time to go back to the home page or have a hard time reading your posts because of the font size/colour palette you have used then they will definitely not spend time on your blog. They will close your website as soon as they open it.


A quality that is highly important for a blogger is patience. You can’t expect to see or achieve the results you would like to see within a couple of days. It takes a lot of time, hard work and effort. It can be disappointing and discouraging when people don’t read a blog post that you’ve worked so hard on but remember to think from your audience’s perspective as well. If your audience are quite young then obviously, you will notice a drop of traffic during back to school time.

If your blog’s demographic is university students then your traffic might drop during the holidays or spring break. Just because people don’t read your content doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. Your blog is already incredible as it is, you only need to do more work “outside your blog” in order to gain more traffic. Don’t let numbers define your worth as a blogger. Don’t give up & work hard, and you will soon start to see the fruits of your labour.

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