A mighty wind

The giving of the Spirit to the new people of God crowns the mighty acts of the Father in salvation history. The Jewish feast of Pentecost called all devout Jews to Jerusalem to celebrate their birth

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Be Agents of Peace

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The Easter Season ends with the Feast of Pentecost and with it the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem. This event marks the beginning of the Church. As we heard in last week’s Gospel, after His death, Jesus fulfilled his promise to send to his disciples a helper, an advocate, who would enable them to be his witnesses throughout the world.

He breathes the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and sends them to continue his work of reconciliation through the forgiveness of sins. Jesus bestows his disciples with the gift of peace, sending his disciples to continue the work that he has begun. The Gospel reading tells us that the Church is called to be a reconciling presence in the world. The reconciling presence of Christ is celebrated in the Church’s sacramental life. When we are baptized, we are cleansed of sin and become a new creation in Christ. In the Sacrament of Penance, the mercy of God is celebrated through the forgiving of sins. Reconciliation is to be a way of life for Christians. Where there is conflict, we are to be agents of peace and harmony among people.

Panel of Faith on the Frontlines participants

On May 15th, CMMB CEO, Bruce Wilkinson joined Dr. Mary Leahy of Bon Secours Charity Health System for a special livestream event presented by the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture. The event was titled Faith on the Frontlines and was moderated by Father Matt Malone, S.J. of America Media. The panel explored the intersection of faith and the world’s medical response to COVID-19. How are Catholic healthcare workers responding to the unique challenges of COVID-19, specifically caring for the “whole person” when treatment of this disease requires isolation?

The program also asks: how do we heal the healers? How do we provide support—mental, emotional and spiritual— for those men and women who, daily, sacrifice their own health and emotional well-being to serve their patients? Our mission leads with the phrase, “Guided by the example of Jesus…” Every program, service, and emergency response are done so in the footsteps of Jesus.

Our staff in New York City, country office leaders, frontline healthcare providers and community health workers—all work to bring peace, harmony and positive change to the communities we serve. And in times of conflict the urgency to achieve that peace becomes tenfold.

Today, as we face a conflict unlike any other, both at home and abroad, Bruce and Dr. Leahy stress the role of faith in navigating a response to COVID-19, especially for those who are most vulnerable.

“We have a deep introspection right now to look at our own societies and to try to rectify and bring some justice into places that have access for all.” – Dr. Mary Leahy

When our lord said love one another, he wasn’t talking about our neighbor across the street. He was talking about all of us throughout the world and we need to act that way.


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Adolf Eichmann receiving his sentence

1962 Adolf Eichmann hanged. On this day in 1962, the State of Israel hanged German official Adolf Eichmann, who had escaped from a prison camp in 1946 and spent some 14 years in hiding, for his part in the Nazi extermination of Jews during World War II.

Mark Felt

2005 – It was publicly revealed that former FBI official Mark Felt was “Deep Throat,” the anonymous informant at the centre of the Watergate scandal that involved U.S. President Richard Nixon‘s administration.

Louis Botha, oil painting by Sir James Guthrie, late 19th century; in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh.

1910 – Louis Botha formed the first government of the Union of South Africa.

Personality Traits of a Good Leader

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According to research and in my opinion, Leadership is like a ladder that has 12 steps. Every step of this ladder is to support the next step. If any of these steps becomes weak, it becomes difficult to step up smoothly on this ladder. It means that every step has its own importance and every step required to be enough strong to support itself as well as the next step. Every business and every organization runs with mutual cooperation of leaders and employees. Leaders are to lead the organization and ensure the smooth progress of the organization. And Employees are to become the real power of that organization by showing their honest devotion and hard work to increase the production of the organization.

Personality Traits of Good Leader in business

In this article, we will explore these 12 steps Ladder which on the other hand are the Personality Traits of a Good Leader. So take your time and humble while reading these all and prove yourself to be one of the best leaders by applying the best personality traits of leadership in your life.  There is also a bonus suggestion at the end of this article.

1. Think Positive:

Isn’t this a word you heard often. Of course yes, this word I’m hearing from the very first day of entering practical life. Everyone in my life started his advice with word positivity or Think positive. Positive thinking is the first step leadership ladder.

Staying positive isn’t a difficult thing to be. Everyone can stay positive in their lives. It doesn’t require too many efforts from us. It can be fed up in the mind with little effort. Understand the power of positive psychology and look at every situation as a learning opportunity.

According to the human psyche, every happening in the world has two shades. One pulls it towards the negative side and others towards the positive. So why not you set your mind to be strong on the positive side and focus it towards positivity. The negative side is for nothing but to ignore at the earliest. Negativity will give you nothing but a wastage of time and will fulfill your mind with negative emotions. It will congest your mind in one after another negative thought. So don’t waste your life by being negative and make it think positive.

2. Be Honest:

Be honest with yourself and be honest with everything you are doing in your life. You need to be honest to move forward and to make a remarkable history in your life. Honesty is the second step of the leadership ladder.

Whenever a mistake is committed, be honest, and tell the truth to your colleagues or employees wherever you are. Sometimes truths hurt but remember telling truth at an earlier stage can prevent you from bigger disasters.

Leadership has different Styles or types. Here are some important Leadership Styles.

3. Delegate:

To become a successful leader you need to trust your employees. Employees are like the backbone of any organization. The production of an organization strongly depends upon employees’ delegation. Here are 4 Leadership Tips for times of Constant Change.

Therefore, it is only possible if you could place trust in the employees. Employees are also trustworthy and can make any sacrifice for their organization. Know the situation when to leave the employee alone resist the temptation to micromanage.

4. Communication:

Good communication is a wonderful skill to learn of all its time. Everyone needs good communication skills to become successful in every field of life. In business administration and in today’s competitive organizational requirements, one can’t find a job without having good communication skills. Communication is checked in almost all types of interviews whenever a job is announced in an organization.

Personality Traits of a Good Leader

Research has shown that in Leadership and organizational management, Communication plays a vital role in the growth and production of an organization. In today’s world, so many problems are the result of a lack of communication between the employees and the management staff of an organization. A leader having good communication skills can easily interact with every type of employee and can handle every situation smoothly.

5. Motivation:

Motivation and inspiration can be used as a powerful weapon to encourage employees and subordinates. Employee loyalty towards the company and productivity can be doubled by motivation. As a good leader, you must have the skill to inspire your coworkers to be as passionate about the company as you are. Lack of motivation can lead employee stamina towards exhaustion and tiredness.

Here’s How an Organization turns to a Leading Organization?

6. Balance:

Balance in life and any other thing makes it easier to deal with every situation smoothly. As a leader, it is your first responsibility to bring balance in workload and work routine, your life, and employees’ lives.

That’s why people perform better at tasks when they’re able to balance work and life. Panic at work can create a stressful situation. So also have to manage stress gently. Stress must always be transferred wisely towards employees at lower ranks. It can help them make strong and may also help to balance the production process.

7. Teamwork:

Leaders do strongly believe in teamwork and know the way to unit his team. He knows, how important is every member of his team and so try his best to keep his team active and energetic.

However, Team Alignment is another powerful trait of a good leader. A good leader sets one long term goal for their employees according to their production capacity and time frame requirements. After that he keeps the entire team aligned and focused towards that long term goal.

During this time frame and achievement, a leader faces certain hurdles and difficult situations but having strong imaginary power and quick reaction skill he deals with all the circumstances gently.

8. Encourage Growth:

Besides all the job requirements a leader focuses on the professional and personality growth of an employee. He supports the employees in all fields of their lives according to his approach. Celebrate small wins as it will also encourage your employees.

Encouragement also plays an important role to improve the performance of your organization. When you encourage your employees to grow, they will feel that someone is there to take care of them, and in response, they will get inspirations and energy and will become more productive. So as a leader you must also have an eye on the growth of your employees.

9. Give Credit:

Credit giving is the lack we have found in most of the organizations. Nobody knows the importance of credit given. Although it is a great way to boost the confidence of an employee by just simple words like “Well done, keep it up”, “great job is done”, I am happy with your progress” and so on.

You might be wondered to know that giving credit is one of the personality traits that differentiate between a good leader and an ordinary boss. A leader focuses on giving credit rather than taking the credit of his employees. While a boss love to take credit rather than giving credit.

10. Appreciation:

Does there anybody who doesn’t like appreciation and praise. Almost everyone is in love with praise and appreciation. That’s why a good leader never hesitates to praise to the employees. You must also show your appreciation, even for the small things and achievements that your employees do.

However, Appreciation is just like giving credit and so a great way to motivate your employees. Words like “Well done, I’m impressed”, “great job is done, keep it up”, I am happy with your progress” and so on are some of the common examples of appreciation. You might also love to read What is Leadership.

Inspiration in leadership

11. Fair Environment:

The leader tries to maintain a fair behavior with all the players of his team. All the players are of equal importance in his opinion and don’t encourage favoritism. Because playing favorites will only discourage the rest of the team.

A team can only become an unbeatable team if everyone in the teamwork honestly and with full devotion, and that is only possible if the leader could maintain a fair environment.

12. Mentor:

Leaders must not act like a boss. He first shows by acting and guides their followers and then advises to do as I did. So you must first act more like a mentor than a boss. Instead of telling your employees what to do, show them how they should do.

Leaders love taking risks because risk can help them learn new things. They love to implement new inventions and new technology by taking risks. They know the way to change their personality standards with the requirement of the system. Leaders also encourage their employees to take risks and tell them not to worry about mistakes because mistakes are also a way to learn new things by implementing.

Here’s is the bonus personality trait of a good leader:

13. Good Habits:

Great habits must always be encouraged. Engaging and recognizing your co-workers is a lot easier with the right tools. It can easily be determined by building activities to create a delicate, fair environment, and positive changes in the workplace. It helps both leaders and employees build wonderful habits, leading to a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment. The organization can make progress to an unstoppable position. All this writing brings me at a single point that Everything is possible; anything can be achieved by maintaining a discipline between the managers, employees, and workload. That’s all for today.

Faith is continuous

Faith is working. Faith is not a one-time event. Our initial moment of faith is lived out through time. It grows and is nurtured through love.

When a situation for forgiveness is called up, we are truly called to love until it hurts. Selflessness, even in the face of immense sorrow and suffering, is a part of growing in holiness. We cannot be refined, purified, and made new if we constantly avoid the inevitable suffering of this life. God wants to make us good and holy. This requires the oftentimes agonizing pruning of self and ego. It means offering up our own grief in love, so that others may see the face of Christ. This type of love requires our whole selves, unreservedly offered to God in unification with the Cross.

We do not know God’s plan for others and He asks us to trust and love others without knowing the reasons for our own pain. We must learn, although slowly, to trust that God desires what is best for us even in our pain of being offended, which is to make us saints. It means that we must be willing to allow the Divine Surgeon to cut us open and give us new hearts, even in the midst of terrible anger, suffering, pain, and grief. If we love until it hurts, we will be made new. The following was God’s promise from long ago: “And I will give them another heart and a new spirit I will put within them. From their bodies I will remove the hearts of stone, and give them hearts of flesh, so that they walk according to my statutes, taking care to keep my ordinances. Thus, they will be my people, and I will be their God.” Ezekiel 11:19-


By Kindness 31/05/2020

Empathy is one of our greatest gifts as human beings. It helps us relate to others, making them feel seen, heard, and understood. It allows us to connect with one another on deep and meaningful levels and to accept others with a more open mind and generous heart.

Those of us who identify as empathy sometimes feel the emotions of others so deeply that we take them on as our own. This level of sensitivity may prove challenging and burdensome when those feelings weigh us down and keep us from experiencing our own joy. To ensure that empathy remains a gift to ourselves and to others, it’s important to maintain balance. To make sure the emotional weight doesn’t become more than we can carry.

It can be helpful to process feelings to make sure they don’t overwhelm you. Try this exercise to help release from heavy emotions:

Feel it. Note the physical sensations of the emotion.
Name it. Sometimes multiple emotions feel similar. Anxiety, excitement, and stage fright can all manifest as butterflies in your stomach. Putting a name to the emotion can help reduce the overwhelm brought on by uncertainty.
Breathe through it. If you are overwhelmed at all by the feeling, inhale through the nose for a count of four and exhale through the nose for a count of six. Repeat as necessary. Conscious breathing calms our nervous system and lets it know we are not in danger.
Practice gratitude. Being grateful can help you acknowledge your ability to feel, notice, and name your feelings. Your gratitude can also be a powerful celebration of not being pulled under by the wave of emotion.

SERAP writes Buhari, seeks details of govt loans since 2015

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has sent a Freedom of Information request to President Muhammadu Buhari requesting him to use his “leadership position and the opportunity of the 5th anniversary of your government in office to provide spending details of all loans obtained by the government since May 29, 2015, including details and locations of projects on which the loans have been spent.”

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Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts Summaries Released Shows NO Misconduct

DNI John Ratcliffe released the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts to Senators Grassley and Johnson on Friday afternoon. CBS reporter Catherine Herridge obtained transcripts and summaries of the Flynn-Kislyak calls with redactions. The transcripts and summaries show no misconduct — in fact, General Flynn worked to deescalate tensions. Kislyak brought up Russia sanctions first a couple times —…

Source: BREAKING: Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts + Summaries Released – Shows NO Misconduct, Further Confirms Obama Cabal Railroaded Him!

Leftists Whipped Into Frenzy By CNN Gather Outside CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Vandalize Logo And Break Windows!! (VIDEO)

This wasn’t supposed to happen! CNN whipped leftists into a frenzy all week over the horrible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Now the leftists are outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta! Many are defacing or vandalizing the CNN headquarters! They created this monster — they didn’t expect it to turn on them! CNN HQ in…

Source: REVOLT! CNN Whips Leftists into a Frenzy — Then Leftists Congregate Outside CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Vandalize CNN Logo, Break Windows!! (VIDEO)