Trilogy of Faith


Kone, Krusos, Kronos

To be, or not to be: that is the question: 
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer 
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, 
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, 
And by opposing end them? 

William Shakespeare
from Hamlet
If you want to think outside the box, the first thing is to step out of the box!
An education within a particular system it is focused in nurturing, and prop up the same system, so it is delusional to believe, you can step out of the box at the same time you want to upheld the system.
Stepping out of the box it is tantamount to destroying the system, or at least change the system, and that means Revolution,  upsetting the apple cart, adopting a new course, etc. This undoubtedly will be resisted by those  whose job it is to enforce the system, because they benefit…

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“First and Foremost, Flynn Was Not Charged with Perjury” – Democrat Law Professor Turley Schools Obama on Legal Precedent Following “Leaked” Phone Call

Disgraced former President Barack Obama appears to be in a panic.  General Flynn is now in the clear and the Durham investigation is ongoing. More documents are about to drop. There are rumblings that former members of his FBI (e.g. FBI General Counsel James Baker) have flipped and are working with Durham.  Obama’s Deep State…

Source: “First and Foremost, Flynn Was Not Charged with Perjury” – Democrat Law Professor Turley Schools Obama on Legal Precedent Following “Leaked” Phone Call

So John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost Of The Trump-Russia Dossier? What’s Happening To America?

Hillary Clinton and the DNC both claimed they knew nothing about the Trump-Russia dossier when it was published by Buzzfeed in January 2017. The New York Times — famous for their fake news — reported that Hillary and the DNC were unaware that their law firm Perkins Coie was working on the dossier. Officials from…

Source: NOW WE KNOW: John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier That Launched the Coup


Encyclopædia Britannica


Mandela, Nelson

1994 – Nelson Mandela inaugurated as president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, whose efforts to end apartheid led to his imprisonment (1962–90) and earned him a share (with F.W. de Klerk) of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, became president of South Africa this day in 1994.

United States

2002 – American FBI agent Robert Hanssen was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to spying for Moscow; he was one of the Soviet Union‘s and Russia‘s most-valuable double agents and the most-damaging spy ever to penetrate the FBI.

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1940 – Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands during World War II.

Indian Mutiny

1857 – The Indian Mutiny erupted in Meerut in reaction to the increased pace of Westernization in India and a military crackdown on Indian troops by their British officers.

Politics Of A Pandemic

Right Ring

Some people refuse to believe this pandemic is anything more than a flu hoax, oversold and over-hyped. The reasons are assorted but they don’t seem to be changing their minds.

I made the decision early on as to whether to follow the conspiracy side or accept it as a real pandemic threat. I chose the pandemic side and haven’t questioned that decision. Maybe the same can be said for the conspiracists.

Not that I’m anti-conspiracy, I just like to choose them wisely. This one didn’t fit for me unless I missed some mountain of evidence. We have plenty of valid ones out there, as far as I’m concerned. But no matter which side, people seem dug in on what they think of it.

However, I have seen enough damage now. There is a list of things affected by the Asian Contagion, China virus. No, they don’t add proof to the…

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Conflict Creates Frustration And Anger

Frustration and anger are feelings that often accompany conflict situations. When you feel frustrated or angry, you might express your feelings through physical or verbal outburst. This might make you feel better at first, but you will probably feel guilty later. This can damage the relationship, especially if your partner is afraid of your anger.

When you are angry, acknowledge it without trying to hurt the other person either emotionally or physically. It is the most constructive response to anger and is more likely to lead to a positive resolution.   Ignoring anger from conflict means ignoring the signs that something is wrong in the relationship. This may solve the problem for a while but it may create greater problems in the future.

Self-control is necessary always because physical or emotional outbursts are abusive behaviour and not acceptable. If you are experiencing abuse in your relationship, seek help. Couples at risk of violence or with propensity to resort to violence during disagreement need the assistance of counselors.

When you choose to acknowledge your feelings, you can then take steps to resolve the problem as quickly and calmly as possible. Give yourself ‘cooling off’ time if you feel that you or your partner is too angry to talk about the problem. Remember to come back to the issue later and try to sort things out. Explore your true feelings. Conflict is usually the end result of a buildup of underlying feelings and unresolved issues. There are two sides to every story, therefore, acknowledge and take responsibility for your part in the problem.