The Enemy of Civilization; Islam(?)

Author Lawrence Morra

“Mahdi” who will rule before the end of the world

I was reading an article about a young Muslim woman who was just forced to marry her cousin in the UK; this to me means the governance there is off the rails!

Let’s be frank and speak from the facts.  Muslims are demented, brainwashed people from the time they are born coming from families that believe in total fabricated lies from their FALSE prophet Muhammad who said in his last supposed vision from God that the only acceptable religion is Islam and anyone who believes any other must convert to Islam or die!  If we are accepting people into our societies and cultures that think like that from childhood then we are imbeciles for doing so and may as well cut our own throats!

The UK is being run by partisan political persons who have only one thing in mind; keep their own personal wealth and power and if that means selling out the people or the Nation so be it!  This is all a cancer that’s been allowed to metastasize and many nations leadership are sitting around with their hands in their pockets or somebody else’s while they allow this to continue.  A day of reckoning is coming and the longer everyone puts it off the worse the final outcome!  Capitulation never worked and never will.

ISLAM is the Clear and Present Danger as well as “the worst enemy of all civilization.” They desire to bring on the “Mahdi” who will rule before the end of the world and restore religion and justice.  Of course those of us who are sane and know history and truth realize they are talking bringing on the antichrist!  So, they are worshiping Satan whether they or you are willing to admit that!  In clearly strong arm countries or more communist regime set-ups are they allowing this crap?  I don’t believe China let’s Islam dictate to them how anything goes in China!  They try it there and they get their balls cut off!

We all know the old saying “some people are too soft” and that now applies in many places where we see Muslims doing their thing no matter how improper or stupid they are allowed; because, too many people are now soft in the head fools!   “Liberalism is a mental disorder” just like Dr. Michael Savage has said for years!   “Socialism is a curse and cancer to any nation that allows it!”

Lawrence Morra

Check out Good Reads to learn about a fine book written by an author with serious credentials on the subject, Sword and Scimitar by Raymond Ibrahim

A readers perspective: “Slavery did not originate in the Unites States.  Muslim Imperialism lasted from 630 AD to the end of the Ottoman Empire after WWI.  It enslaved millions of people from all of the lands it conquered.  The Crusades were not an example of “aggression” against peaceful Muslims.  The Crusades were intended to take back the Holy Lands from the Muslim conquerors.”  Jan

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