Naked Blogging: Steps In Between

February 21, 2020Peter B. Giblett Naked Blogging

Naked Blogging: About getting to the heart of blogs, exposing some work from around the globe.

When he created the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver exclaimed “It’s not him, it’s the food!” While it true that naked blogging could be literally true. Who is to know the state of clothing every blogger has when writing? One aspect blogging brings to the world is that ability to strike when the inventive spark hits. 

Naked Blogging

Naked blogging is more a concept of getting to grips with what bloggers are saying. Firstly, the idea – take a quick look at somebody else’s blog and see what they are saying or doing, secondly it is about linking to some people I wish well.

This is not the first time I have done that. A while ago I looked at ProBlogger and what he learned about Blogging.

There are lots of bloggers doing lots of different things. Few reach the superstar status of ProBlogger, yet every page published means something.

If your site gets featured here it is because I found something interesting on your site.

Steps in Between

Celaine Charles writes a blog called Steps In Between. A little while ago, Christine Tabaka posted a link about an interview on my Blog Talk Space Facebook Group. This was the start point to write this post.

Well, the interview by Celaine Charles of Christine Tabaka was the start point for this page. Celaine Charles, describes herself as “a want-to-be-writer.” From what I have seen she is a bit more accomplished than that. 


The interview dates from October 2019. The subject being “2017 Pushcart nominee, Ann Christine Tabaka.” Similarly, what I like about this is that the blogger has managed to connect with somebody who is already accomplished and get an interview with the. Not only is it about building connections but also it expands the horizons of the writer.

Similarly, their aim – create a series based on a set of interviews, The November 2019 interview was with Christine Grabowski. I like the idea of interviews. If you can do it this can be a way to extend the scope of your blog. She also has other interviews, including February 2020 with Pamela Hobart Carter (Writer, Poet, Playwright, Artist).

I wish the writer well with this series. Interviews can be a great way to become popular. Then my question is what else does she write about. Back to her blog, Steps in Between, for a wider search.

Blog Focus

Celaine Charles’s blog is focused on a writing and poetry. In one post the theme is: Character Developing: The Story and the Author, a skill that a fictional writer needs to develop. That page is well worth the read. An interesting thought about development:

“Instead of the flat silhouettes my first book characters held in the beginning of development, these new one’s buzz with energy. They are simply awaiting their new forms to join us on the sofa…or in the car…or on a hike into the beautiful pacific northwest.”

Celaine Charles

She posts about four times a month, a good consistency. It enables readers to go back for more, knowing that every time they visit there is something new and interesting to read.

Personal thoughts

Still, if there is one piece of advice that I would offer Celaine Charles is to adopt a theme that exposes more historical pieces to her readers. On the front page she should have access to historical pages, either by showing more on the front page or providing access to categories or the historical archive. Personally, I believe historical articles provide great value, few blog pages are outdated.

Intentionally, I took a day off from writing,” she comments in one article about taking time off from writing. In the same way, there is rarely a day I don’t write. I didn’t write yesterday but I was feeling unwell, so it is a reasonable excuse.

Special note: On Blog Talk Space I have decided to add the Naked Blogging category to review other blogs. Welcome to Naked Blogging together with you, my readers we can explore the world of blogging.

2 thoughts on “Naked Blogging: Steps In Between

  1. Wow, thank you for your review and sharing of my work! I’m flattered. And I appreciate your advice. I would love to figure out how to get a history of my categories onto a homepage somehow. I think I’m stuck in my theme, and terrified to change it for fear of losing everything. I can’t wait to follow more of your posts. Cheers!


    1. You’re welcome. I really did love your effort and posts in truth. I wish to suggest you visit the helpline on theme. You may find guide to improvement along your preferred line. On this site, we blog and reblog posts helpful to us and to others on any site. Please keep at your efforts and others are also learning from you. Regards.

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