Pope Institutes the ‘Sunday of the Word of God’ in New Motu Proprio ‘Aperuit illis’

Pope Francis during the general audience in the Saint Peter Square - 26 August 2015

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“May the Sunday of the Word of God help his people to grow in religious and intimate familiarity with the sacred Scriptures” September 30, 2019 14:16Deborah Castellano LubovPope and Holy See

“May the Sunday of the Word of God help his people to grow in religious and intimate familiarity with the sacred Scriptures.”

This is Pope Francis’ hope for this day he instituted in his Apostolic Letter published today, Sept. 30, in the form of a Motu Proprio of the Holy Father Francis, “Aperuit illis”, instituting the Sunday of the Word of God.

Stressing how essential it is for Catholics to familiarize themselves with Christ’s written word, Francis highlights “a day devoted to the Bible should not be seen as a yearly event but rather a year-long event.”

The Jesuit Pontiff underscores how we “urgently need to grow in our knowledge and love of the Scriptures and of the risen Lord, who continues to speak his word and to break bread in the community of believers.”

“For this reason,” he says, “we need to develop a closer relationship with sacred Scripture; otherwise, our hearts will remain cold and our eyes shut, struck as we are by so many forms of blindness.”

The relationship between the Risen Lord, the community of believers and Sacred Scripture, Pope Francis stated, “is essential” to our identity as Christians.

“Without the Lord who opens our minds to them, it is impossible to understand the Scriptures in depth. Yet the contrary is equally true: without the Scriptures, the events of the mission of Jesus and of his Church in this world would remain incomprehensible. Hence,” the Jesuit Pontiff noted, “Saint Jerome could rightly claim: ‘Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.’”

Francis expressed that with this Apostolic Letter, he wished to respond to many requests he received from the people of God that the entire Church celebrate, in unity of purpose, a Sunday of the Word of God.

In point three of the letter, Pope Francis declares the day to be on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

“I hereby declare that the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time to be devoted to the celebration, study and dissemination of the word of God,” Francis said, noting: “This Sunday of the Word of God will thus be a fitting part of that time of the year when we are encouraged to strengthen our bonds with the Jewish people and to pray for Christian unity. This is more than a temporal coincidence: the celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God has ecumenical value, since the Scriptures point out, for those who listen, the path to authentic and firm unity.

Francis called on the various communities to find their own ways to mark this Sunday with a certain solemnity.

“It is important, however,” he pointed out, “that in the Eucharistic celebration the sacred text be enthroned, in order to focus the attention of the assembly on the normative value of God’s word. On this Sunday, it would be particularly appropriate to highlight the proclamation of the Word of the Lord and to emphasize in the homily the honor that it is due. Bishops could celebrate the Rite of Installation of Lectors or a similar commissioning of readers, in order to bring out the importance of the proclamation of God’s word in the liturgy.”

“In this regard,” the Holy Father continued, “renewed efforts should be made to provide members of the faithful with the training needed to be genuine proclaimers of the word, as is already the practice in the case of acolytes or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.”

Francis went on to suggest that “pastors can also find ways of giving a Bible, or one of its books, to the entire assembly as a way of showing the importance of learning how to read, appreciate and pray daily with sacred Scripture, especially through the practice of lectio divina.”

Trump Fights Back Against the Dems, Reminds Average Americans “They are Trying to Stop ME, Because I’m Fighting For YOU!”

September 30, 2019 by kommonsentsjane


This is true, President Trump is trying to bring out the Biden’s/Son/Ukraine scandal and the Pelosi/Dem’s are trying to make it Trump’s fault. Bring it on.

How much longer is Pelosi and these crooks going to “skirt” the law?

Pelosi has spoken on more than one occasion that, ‘NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW,’ (except, herself, she says).

If that is the case, then she and the whole Obama crooks should be in jail at least two years ago – not counting all of Obama’s scandals.

Dem Senators reportedly Sent Letter in May, Told Ukraine Top Prosecutor Not to Close 4 Cases Critical to Mueller Probe…Imp-lied U.S. Aid to Ukraine Was at Stake.


Hey, hey, what do you say – Democrat Senators holding up aid back in May with the same Ukraine story that is now on the burner but with different characters in play?

And this is where the slut and the pimp come into the picture with their cock and bull story, “Unqualified Whistleblower.”

‘All Not Well With Nigeria, Judiciary Under Attack And Activists Intimidated’ – Atiku

By checkpointcharley on 30. September 2019 • ( 0 )


Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 general election has said that all is not well with Nigeria, with judiciary under attack and activists and youths are being intimidated.

Atiku said this on Monday in his 59th independence anniversary message, saying “the time for rhetoric has long since passed and now is the time for all lovers of Nigeria to take concrete steps to aid Nigeria’s progress.”

He added that we all have to defend the constitution so that the ideals of Nigeria’s founding fathers have been would not be set aside on the altar of tyranny.

The former vice president urged citizens to work for Nigeria’s betterment, and “to insist that no one in Nigeria, no matter how highly placed, shall be bigger than the laws of our land.”

Atiku said: “On October 1, 1960, our nation’s Founding Fathers could never have fathomed that 59 years after birthing the largest black nation on earth, we would be facing a situation where we do not have a free press, our judiciary being under attack, and our youths and activists, who should ordinarily be the future of Nigeria, would be facing the very real threat of arrest and intimidation should they speak out about the state of the nation.

“I could call for prayers, as others would indeed call for today … but I am mindful of the fact that the time for rhetoric has long since passed and now is the time for all lovers of Nigeria to take concrete steps to aid Nigeria’s progress, by not just praying and showing understanding, but also to take democratic action to ensure that the ideals of our founding fathers – Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress – are not set aside on the altar of tyranny.

“All is not well when judges are persecuted for enforcing the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human rights of Nigerian citizens.

“All is not well when Nigeria is now officially the world headquarters for extreme poverty and out-of-school children, yet the cost of maintaining those in government continues to grow, while the needs of the governed are not being met.

“And certainly, all is not well when the media cannot freely express itself without the fear that those who wield the big stick would use it on them for saying things as they are.

“And to ensure that this becomes the case, we all have a duty to support and defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And this we must do, so help us God.

A Grammar of Dissent

Analytical psychology provided a virtually limitless opportunity for Carl Jung to play with the canonical vocabulary, expanding it to describe what he thought to be wider realms of human consciousness. An example of his creativity was his concept of Synchronizität. This “synchronicity” described what he perceived to be “meaningful coincidences,” by which he meant events …

Source: A Grammar of Dissent – Crisis Magazine

Cardinal Newman, Defender of the Faith

“In your opinion, what is the best book of Catholic apologetics?” Although that question, put to me unexpectedly several years ago by someone I was chatting with, took me by surprise, I didn’t have to spend much time searching for the answer. “Cardinal Newman’s Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine,” I said confidently—just as …

Source: Cardinal Newman, Defender of the Faith


September 30, 2019 by kommonsentsjane

Democrats/Pelosi just spent $35 million on the Mueller lies on President Trump and now she is trying to justify another $35 million on the President trying to impeach the President with more fake lies.

The answer to this is – the non-whistle blower’s statement was “HEARSAY” and is not admissible in court. Since we now know that, we need to have this person meet with the President and tell it to his face. Anyone who accuses a person has to face the person they accused.

Pelosi’s carbon foot prints flew into Austin and the State of Texas over the weekend. What about her green deal – using planes for her own private use? Same old story – everything for me; but, nothing for thee!

Those fumes contaminated the whole skyline of Austin and Texas. Rumor has it that the banners read “PELOSI: NOT WELCOME”


This is getting serious. Last week in Austin – Fox was removed by Dish from the Austin/surrounding viewing audiences. Even today, Monday, Dish is blaming it on Fox.

Nancy Pelosi in Austin for Texas Tribune Festival (lying journalists).

Hundreds of people packed the event in Downtown Austin.

(Understand Willie Nelson was in the crowd – don’t support him any longer. He could have been true to his Texas roots and support everyone in Texas not jut the lying Democrats.)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says public opinion is now on the side of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.


The truth is – President Trump’s telephone call had no money changing hands and Pelosi’s partner in crime, Joe Biden, had millions changing hands. But, I forgot – Democrats can lie, cheat, and steal; but, conservatives can’t since democrats are under sharia law and conservatives live by the Constitution.

Speaking at a journalism event in Austin, Texas, yesterday, the California Democrat said the American people “are coming to a different decision” after seeing the complaint and the “cavalier attitude the administration has towards it.”

My comment: “Only in her “wet dream DEPENDS.”

Pelosi, God is watching you and your Democrats and he knows that you are working against his people. One of these days, you will get your “comeuppance” as they say in Texas. Wonder when was the last time she went to “confession?”

Sweden Oh Sweden! Dopey Leftist Eggheads Wake Up to Hellscape They Created

Mike Walsh (The Ethnic European)

Making the headlines are ‘media appointed intellectuals’ who when ethno-nationalists were ringing the migrant invasion alarm bells were fast asleep or dismissing patriots as ‘racists’.

The latest to grab the headlines is Swedish hack Janne Josefsson. He now says ‘Despite talks of integration at all levels of government, man-made segregation has only gotten worse in Sweden.’ (Really? Jumping on the populist bandwagon).

Sweden is often referred to as multi-cultural but what politicians have created is an apartheid state. (the elite have woken up, people do prefer their own kind). He adds ‘The more the country derails, the more desperate and populist the rulers become in their rhetoric.’

“We call it multiculturalism, but in fact, we have created social, economic and human apartheid in Sweden. Regardless of what government we have had, segregation (ethnics create their own communities) has increased.’

While rejecting the idea that this is the result of a deliberate attempt to destroy the country, Josefsson believes it reflects a complete failure of politicians, regardless of their alignment. (See, that is our song they now sing and get the credit for).

According to Josefsson, Sweden is no longer a single country, but rather different worlds (the diversity we warned against). He draws the example of Sjumila school in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, where fewer than one percent of pupils speak Swedish as their mother tongue.

‘Schools have become conveyor belts that deliver personnel to criminal gangs. In Sjumila school, every fourth boy becomes a criminal shortly after completing school. Despite all talks of integration at all levels of government, segregation (diversity) has only grown worse’, Josefsson argued.

According to Josefsson, political denial of reality has been replaced by the “extremely harsh rhetoric” of politicians, such as Social Democrat Justice Minister Morgan Johansson, who called the perpetrators of a recent street murder in Malmö that made national headlines abominable beasts. This, argued Josefsson, is a sign of desperation, a token of politicians’ inability to solve the problem.

Yet, when the populist right called migrant marauders ‘abominable beasts’ they were vilified by media as vile racists, hunted down by state police, fined and imprisoned by the brain-washed globalist judiciary. Josefsson (and the populist right vilfied by media hacks like Josefsson) concluded that Sweden gets “the society it deserves”.

Professor Wilhelm Agrell, another turncoat liberal published an opinion piece of his own warning of Sweden’s internal conflict dragging the country down. According to Agrell, violence keeps escalating in Sweden as the state’s monopoly on violence no longer exists.

“In the typical internal armed conflict, different groups fight each other and to varying degrees a state power that has completely or partially lost its violence monopoly, “We must act to save the country.” (So, will there be apologies for those of us who warned against the migrant invasion? Don’t hold your breath. These parasitical rats are controlled opposition).

Attempted Kidnap Goes Awry in Abuja, Nigeria. Three suspect burnt to death

September 30, 2019 Agency Report

An angry mob on Monday morning burnt to death three suspected kidnappers at Dutse Alhaji area in Abuja, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) has reported.

Their female victim was rushed to Kubwa General Hospital for treatment.

At the scene of the incident, a Vehicle Inspection Office officer, Aminu Umar, told NAN that the incident happened at about 8:00 a.m. when a woman inside a moving vehicle was heard screaming for help.

“The lady was suddenly pushed out of the vehicle while screaming. A motorist, who saw what happened, pulled over in front of the vehicle and blocked it under the Dutse Bridge.

“From there, Okada riders (motorcyclists) surrounded the vehicle and told them to come out.

“They asked them if the vehicle was one chance (kidnappers) and the next thing, they started beating them and eventually put fire on them and the vehicle,” he said.

Sylvanus Ekpenyong, Route Commander, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) said his men were alerted by some people while on duty at Dutse.

“We were at Dutse junction and we got information that there was traffic building up before the Dutse Bridge because a vehicle was on fire.

“We rushed down there to clear the road only to see three dead burnt bodies and a burnt vehicle.

“When we made inquiries from eyewitnesses, they said it was one chance (kidnappers).

“So we are here to ensure free traffic flow of vehicles but we don’t know the exact group of people who burnt them,” he said.

A witness who is also a motorcyclist, Aliyu Mohammed, said that angry motorcyclists attacked and burned the suspects because it was obvious they were kidnappers as described by the victim.

Mr Mohammed said it was the normal tactics of kidnappers operating in Abuja to push victims out of their moving vehicle after carrying out their illegal act.

He, however, said that the incident of today would serve as a warning to all those involved in such activities within the territory.

NAN also reports that security agents were on ground to ensure the bodies of the suspects were evacuated to a nearby mortuary as they ensured peace and free flow of vehicles in the area.

State Security Men Denied Me Telephone Access But Allowed Boko Haram Commanders To Make Calls – Sowore

By checkpointcharley on 30. September 2019


The convener of #RevolutionNow Movement, Omoyele Sowore, has alleged that while arrested Boko Haram commanders in custody of the Department of State Services (DSS) are allowed to make calls, he has been denied access to telephone.

Mr. Sowore said this on Monday at the federal high court in Abuja where he was arraigned for “conspiracy to commit treason and insulting President Muhammadu Buhari”.

According to him, he is yet to know what charge was brought against him as he had not spoken with his lawyers.

He said, “I am not allowed to see sunshine. I’ve not been outside except today. I am happy people are staying strong.

“I have no doubt this will come to an end in favour of the Nigerian people. Whether you like it or not, the revolution will happen. It is only a matter time. They gave me no access to telephone. No TV. No newspapers.

“What is interesting is that Boko Haram commanders who are engaged in high level terrorism have access to telephone, TV and even cable in their cells. So you wonder which one is better: a freedom fighter or a terrorist.”

He also said he has a bad shoulder due to how he was rough handled by DSS operatives when they  arrested him.