November Governorship Elections: INEC clears 23 parties for Kogi, 45 for Bayelsa

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has cleared 23 political parties to contest the governorship election in Kogi State.

Source: Governorship Elections: INEC clears 23 parties for Kogi, 45 for Bayelsa

Romans 14:1-4

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

In Romans 14:1-4 Paul begins by exhorting us to take care of those weaker in the faith. We’re to receive and accept them without arguing or debating what they may believe. “As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.” These are words to take seriously. Paul warns us to not make spiritual maturity a requirement for fellowship. We should distinguish between someone who is weak and someone who is rebellious. The weak need our care and nurturing. The rebellious may need correction. There are many reasons why a Christian might be weak:

  • They may be a babe in Christ (babies are weak)
  • They may be sick or diseased (by legalism)
  • They may be malnourished (by lack of good teaching)
  • They may lack exercise (needing exhortation)

Paul uses a person who refuses to eat meat as an example here. “

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Your Past Shapes Your Future

Simply Etta

Your-past-shapes-your-futurePhoto Credit

I cannot shun the past because it contains information that is useful to script future goals. Looking back into the opaque window of reductive retrospect, what essential opportunities exist today that beckon one to seek with unrestrained enthusiasm? What iridescent signals flare from our conceptual self that if we heedlessly ignore their luminous summons, such deliberate acts of omission will suture the apex of our souls, relegating us to the dreaded curse of mucking along in an ordinary life stalled out by our overweening fear of estrangement?
~Kilroy J. Oldste

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