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  • A Full Catechism of the Catholic Religion; Preceded by a Short History of Revealed Religion, from the Creation to the Present Time, 6th American edition, with questions for examination, by Rev. Joseph Deharbe, S.J., translated by Rev. John Fander, revised, enlarged, and edited by the Right Rev. P.N. Lynch, D.D. (New York: Catholic Publication Society, 1889). With Imprimatur. Available in various formats at Internet Archive. The 11th American edition (1889) is available at Internet Archive.

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What broke me completely

by joypassiondesire, on September 18, 2019

I tried to tear your hands away from my body but you were too strong. I was stuck, I could’t move, I could’t get up. You had me in a very firm and painful grip. I had no way of escaping what you were about to do. My only chance was to beg you not to do it. I looked into your eyes and I begged you to stop, I said no, please don’t do it, I don’t want to. And in the very second I had said those words you put your cold left hand firmly over my mouth to keep me quiet. Very hard. And in the same second you had put your left hand over my mouth, you took your right hand and you did exactly what I feared you would do. You didn’t even hesitate. It was so rough and so painful. I was so chocked. I tried to scream because of the sudden pain but you held your hand so firmly over my mouth that not a sound was heard. Utter powerlessness. Trapped. Humiliated. Broken. Shattered.

This was the first time you broke my sense of security, that you shattered my faith in humanity. But you didn’t stop there. You did much more, and again.

I wish I could just shut you out of my mind. You left my body in so much pain, bruised and battered but I can forgive everything, and I already have, a year ago. But those very seconds were I had no way of escaping and my only chance was to beg you not to do it… That powerlessness still haunts me daily. It haunts me in every nightmare. That was what broke me. That is the reason for my fear, anxiety, sadness and powerlessness today. That is what I am working on over coming.