Nigerian Writer Odega Shawa lists top crimes committed in SA by South Africans that cannot be blamed on Nigerians

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Nigerian writer, Odega Shawa, who lost someone close in the recent xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa, has addressed the xenophobia by listing the top crimes committed in South Africa by South Africans.

The Flowers in the Dream of a Mad Man author took to Facebook to oppose the argument from some South Africans that Nigerians are getting attacked because they commit crimes in South Africa and because they are taking their jobs.

He listed 11 shocking crimes committed in South Africa which cannot be blamed on Nigerians or other African Nationals. 

He ended his post by informing South Africans that other African nationals aren’t their problem.

His post got comments from Nigerians and South Africans alike.

South African Facebook user Relebohile Raqani shared the post and wrote: “This is the sad truth!”

Read Odega’s post below.


I lost someone close in the crazy xenophobia sweeping South Africa as we speak.

He was a small electronics gadget dealer.

I have had some dispiriting moments arguing with some folks from South Africa who seemed to find it very difficult defining what really xenophobia is. They really have no clue as to how NOT to be xenophobic.

I have some quite decent brothers and sisters from other mothers that are South Africans.

This post is for the crazy ones who are too stupid to know what the problem is – and those like these that set an innocent man on fire, another living human being, and watched him burn to death. The problem is not foreigners, you morons. The problem is that you are filled with hatred and bitter resentment. The problem is that you see no hope in your miserable existence and you are too much of a scum to realize that you need to get off your lazy butts and go to work, instead of lying around counting who is stealing your job in your town, as if you could do anything worthwhile if they gave you any job.

Blaming others for your own personal miserable life and collective social condition is xenophobia. Period. 

And here is a list of South Africa’s top 10 to show how crazy xenophobia actually is.

Now anybody can prove that all your problems are not caused by foreigners.

1. Sandile Mantsoe kidnapped, raped, murdered and burnt the body of his girlfriend, Karabo Mokoena. An investigating officer told TIMES LIVE that 60% of Karabo’s body parts were missing when her body was discovered, including her heart. I think Sandile ate his girlfriend. At least African immigrants in your sweet country haven’t started eating South Africans!

2. Mortimer Saunders is a South African child rapist, pedophile and murderer who kidnapped a 3 year old girl named Courtney Pieters. He raped the 3 year old, killed her and then fingered her dead body, according to court filings, before stuffing her in a trash bag to be dumped in the trash. CCTV caught him, which was how he got arrested. Nobody set him on fire alive.

3. Violent armed and crafty robbers: Welcome Marcus, 50, and Charles Anthony Scheepers, 54, attacked a Klerksdorp Nedbank branch and carted away R3 million. When arrested by police, who never seemed to do much of arresting when it comes to xenophobic scumbags, it was discovered one of the men only had R50,000 left of his share of the loot.

4. Ex president of South Africa Jacob Zuma (he of the 3 foreheads and numerous wives) allegedly stole millions of public money that would have helped some of his lunatic xenophobic citizens and stopped them from burning another human being alive because of their own pathetic and miserable life conditions. On the 16th of March 2018 it was confirmed by the director of public prosecutions that Zuma would face 18 charges of corruption, including more than 700 counts of fraud and money laundering. He is currently defending the charges, generating a slur of social media memes in the process, at the same time as fighting a new nickname: King of Corruption. He has also been accused of rape in the past.

5. In August 2018 a teenager (names withheld because he is a minor) responded to several charges of statutory rape, rape and human trafficking. With four other co-accused, this South African teenager allegedly imprisoned several girls and women in a brothel east of Johannesburg in Springs, including a 14 year old girl.

6. You should know Moses Sithole, probably the greatest crime ambassador of the dear sweet Rainbow Nation. He is the most nefarious and most evil serial killer to be associated with Africa anywhere on the continent. He confessed to the rape and murder of at least 38 women, the youngest being 18 and the oldest 45 years old. He usually strangles them with their underwear after raping them. It was so bad at a point that then President Mandela ( God bless the African Saint!!!) had to visit the scenes of Sithole’s crimes at Boksburg. Sithole was sentenced to a total of 2,410 years in prison, to serve at least 930 years before being eligible for parole. Nobody set him ablaze alive.

7. Meet the Hard Livings gang. A bunch of useless and evil low life human animals founded by two South Africans, the Staggie twin brothers: Rasheed and Rashaad. The gang rules Cape Town by night. And by day. Their members have been involved in both local and international organized crime activities. Their local expertise included drug running and trafficking, poaching, protection rackets and shebeening (provision of unlicensed drinking places). They have succeeded in turning downtown Cape Town to a hell on earth, all by themselves.

8. Name: Asande Baninzi

Curriculum Vitae: check below

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Serial killer, armed robber and rapist

He was convicted of 14 murders, 4 rapes and 2 armed robberies. He slaughtered a family of four living in Delft, in the Cape Flats and pleaded guilty to all charges during his trial. Didn’t bother defending shit. His crimepreneur partner, Mthutuzeli Nombewu (yes, guess it. Another South African) committed suicide to avoid arrest and jail.

9. The Sexy Boys is another South AFrican gang, this one was founded in Chestbut, Belhar area of Cape Town, known for drug running, racketeering and extortion of taxi drivers (probably they robbed and murdered the taxi driver the xenophobic scum are blaming on ‘foreigners’). Members have a reputation for brutality and murder. Their sexy is so obviously not the type you and I love.

10. On July 27 2012, 3 South African domestic workers murdered a couple that employed them, in a bid to tear the low lifes away from idleness and xenophobia. The three South African devils drowned the good couple’s 3 year old son in a tub of boiling water. The child had been forced to watch the violent and brutal gang rape of his mother and the shooting of his father  before the animals threw him into boiling water and cooked him alive. The family dog was ripped open and dumped on the front lawn.

BONUS: A South African all star crime dream team: Sifiso Mhlanga, Julius Gxowa, Thabo Maruping and their friends robbed and shot reggae musician LUCKY DUBE to death on October 18 2008. In court affidavit the drug infested crime squad revealed they robbed and shot Lucky Dube because they thought he was a Nigerian!

Xenophobia in South Africa has now become institutionalized, with a top law enforcement official openly and shamelessly complaining about how ‘foreigners’ take over local businesses, as if the South African government handed these businesses to these immigrants free of charge. The fact is these immigrants worked for these businesses while their South African mates sat around waiting for someone to give them a job.

If you listened to the xenophobic scum of South Africa you would think all the crime committed in South Africa were perpetrated by non South Africans.

Here is a message to the low life animals and neanderthals who enjoy setting fires and burning other human beings alive.

It is the job of law enforcement to identify and prosecute crime. If they are not doing their job they are to be held responsible. When they identify criminals or other offenders that are non South African citizens it is the job of your legal and judicial process to deport such individuals or groups.

Take off your moronic gold and silver tooth, go learn a skill and get engaged in some productive value chain – and stop looting other people’s sweat all in the name of hating foreigners.

South Africa High Commission Shuts Down Operation In Nigeria

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South AFrica embassy

The South African high commission in Nigeria has shut down operations in the country, Lunga Ngqengelele of South Africa’s department of international relations and co-operations, told ENCA.

Ngqengelele said the high commission is temporarily shutting down following reports of attempted attacks on it.

He said: “We received reports that some of the people in Nigeria and Zambia have tried to attack some of the businesses belonging to South Africans in their countries.”

“Out of safety and of course concerns for the employees of the embassy, a decision was taken that we temporarily shut down while we are assessing the situation and ensure that no one is injured in the process.”

According to the official, South Africa is in communication with the Nigerian government and “we have been assured of the protection of the businesses belonging to South Africa.

“Nigerian police quelled the uprising from the Nigerians attacking SA business, we understand that arrests were made. We are pleased that there was no loss of life.”

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If your boss is a micromanager—the kind who wants to maintain as much control over you as they can—you know how frustrating and irritating it is. It’s possible, though, to take back some control—and these phrases can help you make that happen. Use them to start an effective dialogue that can result in more autonomy and less micromanagement:

I’m going to do everything in my power to make you look good. If you tell your boss you want to make them look good, there is no reason for them to hound you. Accustomed to resistance, most micromanagers will be glad to hear something positive.

Your success is important to me. Feed the ego of your micromanager and let them know their success matters to you. Their controlling tendencies are likely to ease if they believe your mind is on them—as they want it to be.

Tell me how you like the work to be done. You may be able to circumvent a hovering micromanager by getting all the information up front. It will help you do the job you are supposed to do while also meeting their expectations.

I will do an excellent job for you. When you reassure a micromanager about the quality of your work and show them that excellence is important to you, you may be able to put their perfectionist mind at peace.

I know you want to help me succeed. Disarming a micromanager is important, and labeling their negative action into something positive may have them agreeing with you. Thank them and let them know you appreciate their investment. The recognition will make them feel good about themselves and it may help them give you some peace.

I value your guidance. This is another way of disarming the micromanager with a positive twist. If you acknowledge their counsel, you may be able to persuade them that you will come to them when you need them.

You sometimes know things about the situation that I don’t. This phrase feeds the micromanager’s ego and lets them know that you acknowledge their higher position and that you’ll check in when you need to know more.

All the hovering, adjustments and changes are affecting my productivity. If nothing else is getting through, tell the truth and be straightforward. Leaders are measured by how much their team achieves. They know that productivity issues reflect poorly on them.

I am going to show you how I do it on my own. Give the micromanager a rest by walking them through your own processes, showing them your competence and care.

I am always open to your feedback. Holding yourself open for your micromanager to teach, guide, and mentor can help keep your work relationship on the plane where it belongs.

A leader who’s constantly looking over their employees’ shoulders can inspire a lot of second-guessing and paranoia, and ultimately ends up running away their most talented people. To stop the micromanager—or at least get them out of your hair—try each of these approaches in turn until the situation is under control.

Lead From Within: Most people don’t take well to being micromanaged because it leads to a loss of control and autonomy. But there are steps you can take before you decide to leave.