An introspective reflection.


Hey YOU. Yes YOU! That’s who I want to see. In unadulterated beauty. In unfiltered goodness. In genuine purity. In elegant simplicity. In silent eloquence. In boisterous merriment. In reticent pensiveness. In raging boldness. In out-of-the-box madness. In irrepressible humor. In unquenchable curiosity. In all-that-you-truly-are form.

I want to
see YOU draped in nothing but your authenticity.
Yes, the real you. Not the dolled
up, heavily made up you. Not the multiple-diet, pound-shaven you. Not the embellished,
propped-up brand you. Not the insatiably hungry-for-likes you. Not the superficial,
insta-you. Not anyone else attempting to be you.

Why? It’s
the only language that I know, in my head and in my heart. Authenticity.
In my world, everything is just
as it is. Real and deep to the core. Yes, wrinkles, spider veins, and
more. I say what I mean and I mean what
I say. I do what I do because…

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