Addressing the Notion of “Praying Away” Mental Health Conditions

Blind Injustice

In many Christian circles, regardless of theology, there is
the belief that you can often pray your troubles away. There is a belief that
you can pray away financial troubles, family issues, physical illness, and yes,
mental health issues as well.

While I am very supportive of praying for people who go
through these different types of issues,[1] I
think that it is extraordinarily important for me to use my past experiences
with mental health issues to address the notion that it’s not always as simple
as praying your mental health issues away, or that you are subject to
condemnation if prayer doesn’t take away your mental health issues.[2]

You see, I was once one of those people who believed that if
I prayed long enough and hard enough, any stress or anxiety I felt about my
life would just go away. And honestly, in many of those…

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