Here’s a good story………..Turin shroud shows another mystery face

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Here’s a good story……….. Turin shroud shows another mystery face:

Monday, 12 April 2004
This isn’t the only face on the Shroud of Turin (Image: NASA)
The ghostly image of a man’s face has emerged on the reverse side of the Shroud of Turin, the piece of linen believed to have been wrapped around the body of Jesus after he was crucified, scientists say.

The discovery, using new digital imaging techniques, adds new complexity to one of the most controversial relics in Christendom.

The study, which will be published online ahead of print publication in the Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, examined the back surface of the famous handwoven linen.

The front side of the shroud, which carries the smudged outline of the body of a man, has been venerated as proof that Christ was resurrected from the grave, yet dismissed by others as a brilliant medieval…

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Police officer, two others shot in bank robbery in Osun, Nigeria

Nigerian police force

On Thursday evening, armed bandits attacked the only commercial bank in Ila Orangun town of Osun State, Polaris Bank, shooting a police officer and two civilians.

The police later confirmed that the shot officer died.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the three victims of the incident were shot during an attempt to deploy security personnel to the scene.

It was also reported that the robbers, who were about 15, made away with an unspecified amount of money during the raid that lasted for about two hours.

This paper gathered that the bandits announced their arrival with gun shots, which sent fears down the spine of the residents. The heavy shooting paralysed transportation, economic and social activities within the town.

The bandits reportedly shattered the bank’s security door with dynamites before gaining access into the banking hall.

A commercial motorcyclist in the town, who simply identified himself as Tunde, expressed shock and sadness as this is the first time such will happen in the town.

He said the robbers had earlier sent letters to the bank to notify them of the looming raid but it was surprising to see them on Thursday. “No one expected it,” he added, in telephone interview with this reporter.

Effect of the robbery

Speaking on the effect the robbery will have on the town, Mr Tunde highlighted the likelihood of the affected bank not resuming commercial activities anytime soon, which will result in exploitation by other commercial mediums.

“That means we’ll have to make use of POS stands and pay unnecessary charges, pending the resumption of Polaris bank.”

However, The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Osun State police command, Foladade Odoro, who confirmed the incident in a text message sent to PREMIUM TIMES, said the police officer who was shot, was an Inspector and the two civilians are currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

“At about 1630hrs, a gang of armed men attacked Polaris Bank, Ila Orangun. One Police Inspector and two other civilians were shot and injured in the process while an unspecified amount of money was stolen by the suspects.”

“The injured police Inspector later died in the hospital while the others injured are receiving treatment.”

Proverbs 16:5-8

Arlin Sorensen's Thoughts on Scripture

In Proverbs 16:5-8 Solomon reminds us that God isn’t fond of pride or arrogance.  In fact, God resists the proud and regards them as an abomination. The proud man or woman imitates Satan in his proud rebellion against God.  It isn’t something that we should expect to get away with. “Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished.” One proud man or woman cannot succeed against God, but neither can many proud men or women. God simply won’t tolerate pride, which is really pushing God off His rightful place as King of Kings and putting self on the throne that only belongs to Him. Even if they join forces against God as they did at Babel will not go unpunished, as God demonstrated at Babel.

Sin carries a price.  It can never just be overlooked or ignored…

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Pro-Vaccine Medical Expert ADMITS ‘There Is A Link’ Between Vaccinations And Autism


It’s rightly known as “one of the biggest medical controversies” of all time: vaccinations.  And, while proponents of the vaccine movement have credited these toxic ‘solutions’ with eradicating communicable diseases such as polio and measles, there’s still a heavy debate about the serious implications linked to vaccine side effects.

In fact, more and more research shows that these effects are often serious and life-altering.  There are countless injuries (and lawsuits) associated with vaccines.  Yet, to make matters even worse, we see doctors – who dare to question the validity of vaccinations – under attack.

BOMBSHELL news about vaccinations from a respected medical expert that worked for the government

Case in point: naysayers and government officials have long poo-pooed or even outright ridiculed evidence showing a link between childhood vaccination schedules and autism – a condition that’s estimated to affect as many as 1 in 59 children, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Autism is (often) a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect virtually every aspect of a child’s life.  Signs and symptoms include social, behavioral, and communication impairments, as well as telltale physical behaviors including repetitive movements and a lack of eye contact.

The pains were taken by the government and Big Pharma officials to hide the fact that vaccines can cause autism will never outweigh the pain endured by the parents and children affected by this condition.  Fortunately, there is now a new harsh light shining directly at this highly ‘controversial’ – and scientifically supported concept.

One person blowing the whistle on the alarming vaccination – autism association is Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a long-respected pediatric neurologist.


Dr. Andrew Zimmerman

He now reveals in a sworn affidavit that back in 2007, he warned officials from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that vaccines could induce fever and immune stimulation in a certain “subset” of children. These vaccine side effects could ultimately lead to brain damage typified by autism spectrum disorder.

You can learn more about him and his astonishing admission in this breaking video just released on January 6th of this year:

Expert witness-turned-whistleblower: Guess what happened to him when he tried to blow the cover off a major government cover-up

Dr. Zimmerman’s admission is a major reversal from the early 2000s, back when the federal government itself used him as a key expert witness arguing against the vaccine-autism link. In fact, he testified in multiple cases in the so-called Federal Vaccine court – a little-known entity which to date has shelled out billions of dollars to families affected by injuries and death caused by vaccines.

But after consulting the research and finally acknowledging the causal relationship between vaccines and autism to the DOJ, Dr. Zimmerman was promptly fired as an expert witness. No surprise there.

Then, the federal government continued to stick their heads in the sand about the issue and (equally non-surprising) misconstrue and discredit Dr. Zimmerman’s professional opinion.

In light of this breaking vaccine news, we would be thrilled about the hard-hitting admission if it weren’t so disturbing: the fact that government officials have known all along vaccines can cause autism…but have been trying to hide this reality from the American public.

Time will tell if this disturbing truth will earn its rightful revelation. In the meantime, a lauded pediatric neurologist who once debunked the vaccine-autism connection now admits that many of his own young patients got autism from the standard childhood vaccination schedule.

Who knows how many other children living with autism were handed the same fate.

Clinton’s 2016 Strategy Revealed: Overwhelm FBI With Trump-Russia Narrative Until Something Stuck

Nothing gets hidden forever

As it became clear during the 2016 US election that Donald Trump had a mountain of support underneath him, nervous Democrats connected to the Hillary Clinton camp reached out to US officials over a half-dozen times, “each tapping a political connection to get suspect evidence into FBI counterintelligence agents’ hands,” according to The Hill‘s John Solomon, citing internal documents and testimonies he has reviewed, along with interviews Solomon conducted. 

Each contact by a Clinton crony was unsolicited, according to Solomon’s FBI sources, in what they described as a “classic case of information saturation” meant to inject toxic and unverified opposition research into the agency’s counterintelligence apparatus that should have known better than to eventually bite.

Ex-FBI general counsel James Baker, one of the more senior bureau executives to be targeted, gave a memorable answer when congressional investigators asked how attorney Michael Sussmann from the Perkins Coie law firm, which represented the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party, came to personally deliver him dirt on Trump.

You’d have to ask him why he decided to pick me,” Baker said last year in testimony that has not yet been released publicly. The FBI’s top lawyer turned over a calendar notation to Congress, indicating that he met Sussmann on Sept. 19, 2016, less than two months before Election Day. –The Hill

Perkins Coie, as we know, paid Fusion GPS to produce opposition research assembled by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele in his now infamous “Steele Dossier,” which suggested that Donald Trump colluded with Moscow during the 2016 election. 

By the time Perkins attorney Sussman reached out to the FBI’s James Baker, the Steele dossier had already made its way inside the FBI. Sussman, however, “augmented it with cyber evidence that he claimed showed a further connection between the GOP campaign and Russian President Vladimir Putin,” according to Solomon. Some of this digital evidence was delivered on a thumb drive, according to Baker. 

“[Sussmann] told me he had cyber experts that had obtained some information that they thought they should get into the hands of the FBI,” Baker testified. “I referred this to investigators, and I believe they made a record of it,” he added, telling his colleagues to “Please come get this.” 

Baker acknowledged that the Clinton-linked attorney’s evidence did not follow the typical route into the FBI – but since he was the bureau’s top attorney, agents snapped-to and collected it from him. 

Rewinding to Steele’s first outreach

According to Solomon, “the tsunami began when former MI6 agent Steele first approached an FBI supervisor, his handler in an earlier criminal case, in London” on July 5, 2016 – the same day that former FBI Director James Comey made the shock announcement that he would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified emails on her homebrew server. 

Steele’s approach was not initially embraced, however, and the FBI took no action on the dossier according to congressional investigators. Then things escalated…

Steele traveled to Washington later that month where he would reach out to two political contacts who were in positions to influence the FBI; a former State Department official under John Kerry, and former #4 DOJ official Bruce Ohr – who immediately took Steele’s “research” to then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Ohr would eventually warn the FBI that Steele’s information was biased opposition research, which the agency ignored

Then-senior State Department official Jonathan Winer, who worked for then-Secretary John Kerry, wrote that Steele first approached him in the summer with his Trump research and then met again with him in September. Winer consulted his boss, Assistant Secretary for Eurasia Affairs Victoria Nuland, who said she first learned of Steele’s allegations in late July and urged Winer to send it to the FBI. 

(If you need further intrigue, Winer worked from 2008 to 2013 for the lobbying and public relations firm APCO Worldwide, the same firm that was a contractor for both the Clinton Global Initiative and Russia’s main nuclear fuel company that won big decisions from the Obama administration.)

When the State Department office that oversees Russian affairs sends something to the FBI, agents take note.

But Steele was hardly done. He reached out to his longtime Justice Department contact, Bruce Ohr, then a deputy to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Steele had breakfast July 30, 2016, with Ohr and his wife, Nellie, to discuss the Russia-Trump dirt. 

(To thicken the plot, you should know that Nellie Ohr was a Russia expert working at the time for the same Fusion GPS firm that hired Steele and was hired by the Clinton campaign through Sussmann’s Perkins Coie.) –The Hill

The Australia connection

While Ohr had passed the Clinton-funded Steele dossier to the FBI, Australia’s ambassador to London, Alexander Downer, contacted US officials – who said Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos drunkenly admitted to knowing that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Downer has a major connection to the Clintons – securing a $25 million donation from the Australian government to the Clinton Foundation in the early 2000s. Between 2006 and 2014, the Clinton FOundation received some $88 million from Australian taxpayers

Alexander Downer, Bill Clinton

Downer’s tip on Papadopoulos launched Operation Crossfire Hurricane – the FBI’s counterintelligence operation which employed spies to infiltrate the Trump campaign. 

Continuing with the Trump-Russia “saturation campaign” was the September 2016 delivery of more anti-Trump opposition research delivered to Winer and Nuland – the Kerry State Department employees. This time, however, the opposition research was crafted by known Clinton associates Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer. This second “dossier” was also sent to the FBI. 

All in all – it was a full court press against Trump and his campaign – including an outreach by Christopher Steele to the media which resulted in the FBI severing their relationship with him (despite using his research as the foundation for a FISA spy warrant against Trump campaign aide Carter Page). 

By mid-September — less than a month before Election Day — there likely was agitation inside the Clinton machine: After so many overtures to the FBI, there was no visible sign of an investigation.

Simpson and Steele began briefing reporters with the hope of getting the word out. It is taboo for an FBI source such as Steele to talk to the media about his work. Yet, he took the risk, eventually getting fired for it, according to FBI documents.

Baker, the FBI’s top lawyer, testified to Congress that he was clearly aware Simpson’s team was shopping the media. “My understanding at the time was that Simpson was going around Washington giving this out to a lot of different people and trying to elevate its profile,” Baker told congressional investigators.

Ohr, through his contacts with Steele and Simpson, also knew the media had been contacted. In handwritten notes from late 2016, Ohr quoted Simpson as saying his outreach to reporters was a “Hail Mary attempt” to sway voters. –The Hill

Congressional push…

Clinton’s opposition research got some congressional assistance when then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – after having been briefed by then-CIA Director John Brennan, sent a letter to the FBI in late October, 2016 “demanding to know if agents were pursuing the evidence,” writes Solomon. 

In other words, the Trump-Russia narrative from Team Clinton was promoted through the State Department, Congress, Justice Department and a top Democratic lawyer. And nobody in the FBI – according to what we know, made any efforts to interfere with an obvious attempt at a political hit job.

In another timeline, Hillary Clinton won the election and none of this information would have come to light. That said, it doesn’t seem to matter anyway since there’s clearly a ruling class that’s above the law – whether they win elections or not. 

In Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital protesters demand release of Activist

January 24, 2019Kunle Sanni

Deji Adeyanju (Photo Credit: Politics Nigeria)

Deji Adeyanju (Photo Credit: Politics Nigeria)

A group of youth on Wednesday gathered at the Unity Fountain to demand the release of the detained activist, Deji Adeyanju.

The protest was organised by the Free Nigeria Movement. The co-convener of the group, Adebayo Rafael, led the protesters on a march to the Three Arms Junction near the federal secretariat.

The police arrested Mr Adeyanju on November 28, 2018 at a protest that urged security agencies, especially the police, to be nonpartisan during the upcoming elections. The protest took place at the police headquarters in Abuja.

A court granted him bail on December 6 but he was rearrested on December 13 and charged with murder, an allegation dug up from his student days at the Bayero University, Kano.

At the protest, Mr Rafeal called on President Muhammadu Buhari to release Mr Adeyanju, saying the activist did nothing wrong,

”We are here to say our democracy is in danger, we are here to say that it is time for us to rescue our country, we are here to say we can no longer allow the abuse of the right and the human right violations of the Nigerian people,” he said.

”We are not going to allow the attack on the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech, we are here to say the Nigerian people and the youth would not tolerate the tyranny of Buhari Osibanjo.

”We are also here to inform Mr President to free Deji Adeyanju who has been in detention for more than 40 days. We are also saying Deji has committed no offence for him to be remanded in jail. He is not a thief, the real thief of our commonwealth in this country are roaming around with nobody hindering their movement.”

Ariyo Dare, a member of the Coalition for Defence of Nigerian Democracy, told PREMIUM TIMES tranny has no place in Nigeria.

”This protest is about the threat to our democracy. There is an assault on the judiciary and the press, activists, and Nigerians. It is a sin for us to remain silent while others suffer the brutality and dictatorship.

”We are here to speak on behalf of our brothers and sisters held by the government. I mean people fought for this democracy; we are here to tell them that the people own Nigeria, not the government,” he said.