Grass-cutting Scandal: Buhari orders prosecution of Babachir Lawal! A Campaign Stunt?

January 21, 2019Samuel Ogundipe


Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal briefing State House Correspondents after leaving the Presidential Villa Abuja after the announcement of his suspension in Abuja on Wednesday (19/4/17). 02296/19/4/2017/Callistus Ewelike/NAN

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo said on Sunday that Babachir Lawal would be prosecuted for allegedly stealing money earmarked for the displaced victims of Boko Haram insurgency.

The vice-president said President Muhammadu Buhari had prevailed on anti-corruption agencies to prepare criminal charges against Mr Lawal, who served as cabinet secretary from 2015 until he was disgraced out of office on October 31, 2017, after being indicted of stealing millions of emergency funds.

Mr Osinbajo said Ayodele Oke, the former director-general of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) was also recommended for prosecution.

Mr Oke was the NIA head when a large vault of money was found in an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos in April 2017.

“The president has directed that the SGF and former DG of NIA should be prosecuted,” Mr Osinbajo was quoted as saying by the News Agency of Nigeria at a Lagos dialogue organised by Christian youth affiliated to the GRILL, Ikeja Branch.

The government has faced criticism for its snail progress in bringing charges against Mr Lawal, who was first found to have stolen millions of IDP funds using firms linked to him in a December 2016 Senate investigation.

The president initially argued that there was no substance in the Senate investigation, but ultimately succumbed to public pressure to remove him and ward off any political garbage that the administration could suffer from the scandal.

Even though he was removed from office, Mr Lawal continued to associate with Mr Buhari, and there is no indication the president was ever uncomfortable with this.

The disgraced former government secretary had also been the president’s point man in Adamawa State, as well as a major player in the reelection campaign team.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has invited Mr Lawal for questioning at least twice, although it was unclear whether any charges were filed.

Still, Mr Osinbajo said, “we are expecting that prosecution will take place.”

“The next of course is that criminal allegations will be filed against them and the prosecution process will be completed,” he added.

Australian Open: Serena Williams defeats World Number One Simona Halep

January 21, 2019Tunde Eludini

Serena Williams at Wimbledon. [Photo credit: Forefront Nigeria]

Serena Williams at Wimbledon. [Photo credit: Forefront Nigeria]

Serena Williams on Monday defeated World number one Simona Halep to qualify for the quarter final of the Australian Open.

Serena defeated Halep 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 in the closely fought encounter.

Serena hopes to win the Australian Open to increase her Grand Slam titles to 24 from the current 23.

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Danger!!! Safety of Vaccines Should be Re-examined

Kenyan bishops had urged people to resist WHO’s polio vaccine

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 by: Evelyn Pringle,

Kenyan bishops

(NaturalNews) Bishops of the Catholic Church in Kenya have for years warned residents of the country not to get the World Health Organization’s polio vaccine. The reason the clergy have urged Kenyans to refuse this vaccine was stated simply and concisely in an article by Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute and author of the book Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits: “Given that they have been subjected to more than a half century of population control programs under the guise of ‘family planning’ and ‘reproductive health,’ who can blame them?”

Bishops rightfully concerned

Ten million of Kenya’s 45 million residents are Catholic, and the Catholic “Church has an extensive network of health facilities that include 58 hospitals, 83 health centers, 311 dispensaries and 17 medical training institutions,” according to a October 7, 2014, press release by the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya.

The bishops called for a boycott of the polio vaccination campaign due to reservations about the safety of the vaccine. The bishops said they wanted “to carry out more independent testing on the vaccines to make sure they don’t contain estrogen derivatives, which they claim are being used to sterilize women and children,” reported on August 14, 2015.

Also, a recent incident where roughly 30 children in western Kenya were injected with an anti-malarial drug and “reacted with apparent paralysis added to the bishops’ concerns over the polio vaccine, with the bishops questioning the contents of the injection in that case as well,” reported on August 3, 2015.

Polio or something more sinister?

The Rockefellers, “some of the world’s most ardent financial backers of eugenics, have been at the center of the developments around what was named polio and its ‘vaccine,'” according to F. William Engdahl’s article “Polio or Something More Sinister?”

“Eugenics was a fraudulent social theory that a ‘better society’ could be created by eliminating ‘undesirable’ human blood lines and promoting the desirable types like those of Rockefellers or DuPonts or their likes,” Engdahl explains. “To the present day eugenics is the guiding ideology of the very rich, loveless American oligarchs including Bill Gates and David Rockefeller.”

The “major financial backers of the criminal activities of the UN WHO (World Health Organization) and their fraudulent swine flu pandemic scares are the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,” Engdahl reports.

Under the heading “Gates, GAVI and Murder Inc.,” Engdahl explains, “Several years ago, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, along with the World Bank, UNICEF, the WHO and a group of pharmaceutical companies, united all in something called GAVI and set out to bring massive polio vaccination first to India.”

“GAVI: The Vaccine Alliance was founded by the Gates Foundation in 2000 as a ‘public-private partnership’ to unite in assaulting poorer developing countries with the Big Pharma vaccine industry they would otherwise be spared,” he writes.

But their polio vaccination program is killing and paralyzing tens of thousands of children, he warns. It caused “48,000 cases of… Acute Flaccid Paralysis, a condition the WHO admits is clinically indistinguishable from polio and which occurred in direct proportion to the doses of polio vaccine received.”

“The Gates-Rockefeller-WHO polio vaccination program in Pakistan killed an estimated 10,000 and crippled tens of thousands more,” he also points out.

“The polio spreading through Syria is ‘vaccine-derived polio,’ specifically,” he reports, “the same strain of ‘non-polio acute flaccid paralysis’ as in India and Pakistan that coincided with the mass vaccinations with Sabin oral vaccines by GAVI.”

If this all sounds improbable, Engdahl says, take a look at the recent expose by Kenyan doctors about a vaccine developed by WHO with the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations. “The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association discovered an antigen that causes miscarriages in a tetanus vaccine that is being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF,” he reports.

“Since 1972 the Rockefeller Foundation has worked in secrecy with the WHO and various pharmaceutical companies to fund a WHO program in ‘reproductive health,'” he notes. “There they developed an innovative tetanus vaccine.”

The WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns, in the early 1990s, against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. “Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program,” he explains. “When they tested numerous vials of the vaccine they, like in Kenya today, found they contained the same Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or HCG.”

HCG, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, “stimulated the formation of antibodies against HCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion,” he reports.

“They found that to be very curious in a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds,” he writes. “Tetanus is also rather rare, so why a mass vaccination campaign and that for only women of child-bearing age?”

As Steven Mosher pointed out in an open letter dated December 22, 2014: When the Nazis sterilized Jews and others in Europe, historians called it the Holocaust. When officials sterilized mentally disabled people and minorities in the US, Hollywood called for the screen rights. But when population controllers sterilize women in Kenya against their will and without their knowledge, they call it “health care.”

Engdahl says the pattern is clear: “The global agenda of Rockefellers, Gates, Clintons, Bushes and their very rich loveless friends is racist. It calls for elimination of non-white populations, genocide.”

Polio vaccine killing children in Kenya

On December 10, 2015, The Star of Kenya reported the death of a two-week-old baby girl in the center of the country who received two doses of a polio vaccine two days apart. Her mother, Ann Wanjiru, told the reporter that she asked community health workers why the baby needed another dose two days after the first one. “I told the health workers my child had taken the polio vaccine on Friday but they said there was no problem with her taking another dose,” she said. “I questioned them twice but they insisted she must take it.”

EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plots to seize domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda

Sunday, January 20, 2019 by: Mike Adams

Image: EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plot to seize domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda

(Natural News) The World Health Organization, a criminal cartel front for the vaccine industry, has just declared war on the so-called “anti-vax” movement. The W.H.O. is the same group that spiked vaccines given to women in Africa with abortion / infertility drugs. The W.H.O. is also the same fraudulent group that falsely declared H5N1 bird flu to be a “stage 6 pandemic” in order to create global panic that generated billions of dollars in vaccine sales to world government (which stockpiled the vaccines and then later spent a fortune having the unused vaccine destroyed).

Now, the W.H.O. says that anti-vaxxers are one of the greatest public health threats of 2019, ranking the “vaccine hesitancy” movement right alongside Ebola as a public health threat. “Vaccine hesitancy – the reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines – threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases,” claims the W.H.O. in a that also claims global warming — a quack science hoax fabricated by globalists — is also going to destroy humanity if we don’t surrender world economies to Al Gore.

The real goal is to criminalize vaccine skepticism and shut down all online speech that’s critical of vaccine safety

From sources inside the vaccine deep state, I’m being told that this declaration by the World Health Organization is just the first step in a major assault being unleashed against Natural News and other independent journalism sources that rightfully question the lack of safety in toxic vaccines. With this declaration in place, the next steps will include:

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  • Passing laws in Australia, the United States and Europe that criminalize all online speech which is critical of vaccine safety.
  • Arresting and imprisoning individuals who discuss the truth about vaccine ingredients such as Thimerosal, squalene or aborted human fetal cells (i.e. aborted human baby parts).
  • Blacklisting all scientists who study vaccine composition.
  • Seizing all domain names of independent publishers who report the truth about vaccines.
  • Censoring all “anti-vax” content across all search engines, mobile devices and social media.
  • Banning all “anti-vax” films and movies by claiming they are “spreading disease” when, in reality, they are spreading the truth about vaccine dangers.

Watch my urgent video that exposes the WHO’s global agenda to criminalize and silence all “non-official” speech about vaccines

I’ve just posted a hugely important video that explains the W.H.O. agenda to silence and criminalize all truthful speech about vaccines and vaccine ingredients.

This is a must-watch video, and you can find it only on

VAXXEDII film needs your urgent support to get the truth out before we’re all silenced forever:

The same people who created the “Vaxxed” film are now raising money to complete their next film, VaxxedII. This powerful film will feature video interviews with parents all across America whose children have been maimed, damaged or killed by vaccines.

This is the film the W.H.O. is trying to silence.

Boko Haram is Stronger Now Militarily – Obasanjo

“Buhari Deceiving Nigerians, His Government Empowering Boko Haram” – Obasanjo

BY AKAHI NEWS ON MON. 21/01/2019

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Boko Haram terrorism has not been defeated.

He noted that Boko Haram of today has become stronger hence the increase of security threats in Nigeria.

The statement reads in part: “let me assert that the security situation has deteriorated with kidnapping everywhere and Boko Haram more in action and nobody should deceive Nigerians about this. With the teaming up of Boko Haram and Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP).

“Boko Haram is stronger today militarily than they have ever been. Boko Haram has also been empowered by the Nigerian government through payment of ransom of millions of dollars which each administration disingenuously always denies. With ISIS being liquidated in Iraq and Syria, Africa is now their port of concentration.

Soon, they may take over Libya which, with substantial resources, is almost a totally failed state. When that happens, all African countries North of Congo River will be unsafe with serious security problems. The struggle must be for all West African, Central African, North African and most East African States. Nigeria has to play a vanguard role in this struggle as we have much to lose. This administration has reached the end of its wit even in handling all security issues, but particularly Boko Haram issue, partly due to misuse of security apparatus and poor equipment, deployment, coordination and cooperation.

“Finally, those Nigerians that are being intimidated or threatened by this Administration must trust in God and stand firm. Tough times do not last forever, but tough people invariably survive tough times. This is a tough time for almost all Nigerians in different respects, but the people’s will shall triumph. All people who have registered to vote with their PVCs must never allow anybody or anything to deny or deprive them of the right of performing their fundamental civic duty of voting and sustaining democracy.

“Establishment of democracy and its sustenance is second to attainment of independence in our political life, leaving out the victory of the civil war. We shall overcome.

Nigerian Government’s TraderMoni an ‘idiotic’ programme – Former President Obasanjo

TraderMoni in Bodija and Oje Market in Ibadan by Novo Isioro

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has attacked Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, saying that he (the Vice President) has displayed executive recklessness and abuse of office.

He made the statement in an open letter titled “Point for Concern and Action” which he distributed to journalists at a press conference held at his house at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta.

The former president who expressed disappointment in Mr Osinbajo’s activities said he has shown human weakness and proved the saying that the corruption of the best is the worst form of corruption.

“Osinbajo must have gone for, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” he said.

Mr Obasanjo mocked the Buhari-led administration’s TraderMoni initiative describing it as an outrightly idiotic programme.

TraderMoni is a federal government initiative aimed at providing two million petty traders across the country with collateral-free loans.

The vice president has in the past five months traveled across the country, distributing N10,000 to petty traders in a bid to empower them. The government collects the Permanent Voters’ Card details and phone contacts of all beneficiaries.

In his letter, the former president wondered where the federal government got the money from and questioned the future of Nigerians who lost their jobs in the past three and a half years.

“What an act by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria lawyer, number 2 man in the Executive hierarchy; and what is more, a pastor of one of the Christian movements led by a revered, respected and upright church leader, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. Osinbajo must have gone for, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. A great pity indeed and which makes people ask the questions, “Any hope?” Yes, for me, there is hope. Osinbajo has shown the human weakness and proved the saying that the corruption of the best is the worst form of corruption. His explanation that it was their government programme can only be construed to be very shallow and lopsided, if not an outrightly idiotic programme.

“Traders in rural and sub-urban areas of Nigeria are many more than those in urban areas and they are much poorer than traders in Lagos, Abuja and other cities. They need more attention and greater help. Are they to be confined to the heap of perpetual poverty? What of those who are not traders? They are not entitled to hand-out and they can languish in penury? And what about millions who have lost their jobs in the last three and a half years? The timing is also suspect. Those who criticise the action are called evil but they are not evil as they know what they are doing and saying, and they love Nigeria and Nigerians not less than the likes of Osinbajo. They are not devils incarnate; they are patriots.

“What is the connection between taking the number of PVC (Permanent Voters Card) of the recipient of the N10,000 doled out to ‘traders’ and the forthcoming election? There is something sinister about it, and Professor Osinbajo, of all people, should know that. With collusion of the INEC officials and card readers not made to work, anybody quoting the PVC number may be allowed to vote as the revised Electoral Bill was not signed.

“And if that happens all over the country, it will be massive rigging indeed. The Chairman of INEC must stand firm and carry out his duties with competence and unbending neutrality. Card readers must be used without fail and accreditation must be completed and number ascertained and made public before voting commences as was done in 2015,” he said.

Mr Obasanjo also attacked President Muhammadu Buhari in his letter, accusing him of planning to rig the election.

The presidency on Sunday evening replied Mr Obasanjo, saying he is jealous of the president’s achievements and thus turned to tell lies.

Garba Shehu, President Buhari’s spokesperson, also accused Mr Obasanjo of corruption.

“As the grand patron, more correctly the grandfather of corruption as described by the National Assembly, Chief Obasanjo released today’s letter purely for the reason of rescuing his thriving corruption establishment,” he said.

Mr Obasanjo was one of the millions of Nigerians who supported Mr Buhari in the 2015 presidential election. He has since withdrawn his support for the president, accusing him of incompetence and nepotism.

Mr Buhari is seeking re-election on the platform of his party, APC with Mr Osinbajo as his running mate. The presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on February 16.