Stay Healthy While Sitting at Your Desk and Working All Day

January 10, 2019 By Contributor

stand desk

Staying healthy can be challenging, but people who sit at a work desk for hours every day have a significantly higher risk for developing multiple health conditions that can negatively affect their lives. Does this sound like you?

If so, it’s critical that you’re proactive about eating healthy and getting up and moving throughout the day to prevent stress, obesity, and an overall decrease in your fitness level. Stepping away from your desk and computer also helps your eyes!

A healthy lifestyle incorporates a number of things, from eating appropriately and getting enough exercise to picking good quality contact lenses and keeping your brain healthy.

Here are five different ways to stay healthy if your job keeps you sitting and sedentary day after day:

1. Take Breaks

Long stretches of sitting at your desk or work area can have significant negative effects on your physical health. In addition, handling multiple projects, meetings, and lots of work each day can negatively affect your emotional health.

Taking breaks has a positive impact on your health and it actually improves your focus. Ultimately, your performance at work will improve. From now on, get up frequently from your work area and go for a walk to a colleague’s work desk, the cafeteria, a break out area, or even better – outside.

2. Take Care of Your Eyes

In addition to taking breaks, following a 20-20-20 rule keeps your eyes healthier. Every 20 minutes, stop what you’re doing and look at an object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Your eyes need this break from your computer screen or any other close-up work you do for extended periods of time.

If you wear contact lenses, you should follow proper hygiene and the schedule prescribed by the specialist. You should also choose lenses that protect your eyes from UV rays.

3. Don’t Miss Any Chance to Move

Moving around in your office or workplace may not be always possible, so it’s essential that you take the opportunity to move whenever you can. Have a conference call to attend? Attend it while you walk. It’s beneficial for your body, helps you handle pressure, and also increases creativity.

Look for all possible ways to move around, like skipping the elevator to take the stairs, parking your car away from your office, and taking the long way to reach your desk or work area.

4. Dedicate Some Time for Fitness

The most straightforward approach to work more activity into your day is to schedule physical workouts. Try cardio, yoga, running, biking, tennis, or swimming. Just 30-minutes of exercise a few times a week are enough to get measurable results.

There are so many advantages to physical exercise in terms of benefiting your physical and mental health. It aids in weight reduction, decreases your risk of coronary illness, controls cholesterol, and enhances heart function to name just a few.

5. Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Water is essential to good health, so get a reusable water container and keep it at your desk or work area. Make sure that you consume one bottle before lunch and one before you leave to go home. This will keep you hydrated and even helps prevent dry eyes.

In addition to drinking enough water to stay hydrated, you also need to eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Start your day by eating a healthy breakfast. This will give you the nutrition you need for optimum concentration and efficiency at work.

Snack on dry fruits and nuts if you feel like munching in between the meals. Rather than purchasing pieces of candy or chocolate bars, which are packed with sugar, keep a supply of dry organic products or nuts in your bag or at your desk. Being conscious about what you eat is the key to managing your nutrition and health.

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