Man Dressed as Woman Caught Filming in Lady’s Restroom…

This to me is senseless and utter madness to film women’s privacy against their will and without their knowledge. What has America turned into? All in the name of moral relativism?

Trigger Reset

But according to Democrats it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to behave like this, and these men are no danger to women and children…

Greenville, S.C-

Greenville police said a Texas man was arrested Sunday after he was reportedly caught dressed as a woman videotaping a female victim in a gas station bathroom.

It happened at the QT on Academy Street near downtown.

Police said Shawn Thomas Hallett, 38, was charged with voyeurism.

Police said the female victim said she entered the store bathroom, knocked on a stall door, heard a male voice respond but looked down to see “female shoes”, so she used the adjacent stall.

The victim said she then noticed a cell phone appear from under the stall next to her, so she ran out and alerted police.

Two other witnesses saw the man exit the restroom and leave the store, police said.

Police said they caught up…

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