How Army will be involved in Rivers by-election – State Constituency election to involve soldiers?

The by-election into Port Harcourt III state constituency will hold on August 18

Source: How Army will be involved in Rivers by-election – Spokesperson

Carnival At Youth Service Camp in Sokoto, Nigeria, as Catholic Bishop Visits corpsmembers

It was a carnival at the National Youth Service Orientation Camp in Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria recently when the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Right Rev. Dr. Matthew Hassan Kukah visited.

The Orientation Camp situated at Wamakko, an outskirt of the Sokoto State capital came alive with especially members of the National Association of Catholic Corps. They lined the route from the Camp gate to the Camp Chapel, singing and engaged in different cultural dances to welcome the Bishop on arrival before the Eucharistic celebration.

At hand at the Orientation Camp to receive the Bishop was the NYSC state coordinator Mr. Philip Enatomhe Enaber, Assistant Director Dr. Okparaocha Head Human Resources, Mr. Daniel Okpala as well as the patron and patroness of the Catholic Corps Members. Also present was the Chaplain, Sr. Celestina Akpan, DDL.

In his Homily, Bishop Matthew Kukah encouraged the new Corps members to see their posting to Sokoto State as part of God’s plan for their service year.

The NYSC state coordinator promised a television set to the NACC family house


Donna Russell: Aug 13, 2018: CBN News

“I was walked out of that hospital, after all, I had done during all my years as a nurse and I was told I couldn’t even speak to any of my colleagues.” -Sarah Kuteh

(United Kingdom)—[CBN News] A nurse in Great Britain who was dismissed from her nursing job for talking to patients about Jesus now has her full rights to practice nursing restored. (Photo: Nurse Sarah Kuteh/via CBN News)

It all started two years ago after Sarah Kuteh was fired for alleged “gross misconduct” after her supervisor received complaints that she was talking to patients about her faith.

Kuteh says there was a pre-op assessment questionnaire she had to go over with patients and asking about their faith was part of it. She says from time-to-time this would lead her to conversations about faith with her patients. In one case, she even gave a patient her Bible.

She was surprised to learn about the initial complaints but once she did, she said she decided she would only share her faith in Jesus if a patient asked her about it.

However, the 15-year veteran nurse received additional complaints against her, was suspended and later fired.

“I was walked out of that hospital, after all, I had done during all my years as a nurse and I was told I couldn’t even speak to any of my colleagues,” she said in a Christian Concern interview.

“All I had done was to nurse and care for patients. How could it ever be harmful to tell someone about Jesus?” she asked.

The Christian Legal Center represented Sarah in her appeal to be reinstated to full nursing rights and privileges.

Their chief executive, Andrea Williams, said if it weren’t for the pre-op question about faith, these conversations with patients would not have happened.

“Without proper investigation, she was fired and her long career as a nurse put under threat,” Williams said.

Kuteh was able to find work at a nursing home but was under certain restrictions imposed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and could work only under the supervision of a senior nurse.

When the NMC reviewed Sarah’s case and request to return to full rights as a nurse she had many character witnesses.

Christian Concern reports Sarah’s supervisor had lots of good things to say about her. She was described as “a kind, caring, honest, friendly nurse” and was also considered a “valuable member of the team. A co-worker told the NMC panel that she was “respectful” and “always acts professionally while on duty.”

At her hearing, Sarah said she should have given a Bible from the hospital chaplaincy to a patient instead of one of her own.

The panel eventually ruled: “It is in the public interest to return an otherwise experienced and competent nurse into practice.”

Vaccine Corruption Exposed To Washington State Board Of Health


By Catherine J. Frompovich

Bernadette Pajer, co-president of Informed Choice Washington, made the most exceptional presentation before the Washington State Board of Health regarding fully informed medical consent and choice, full-disclosure regarding vaccine science and ingredients, plus Big Pharma’s apparently illegal tactics that deprive citizens of their inherent and indisputable rights to self-determination regarding their health, their children’s health and vaccines/vaccinations.

Ms. Pajer’s presentation needs to be studied, and even replicated, regarding what her group found out about the modus operandi of Big Pharma and vaccine manufacturers to deny personal health rights and the obvious collusion that goes on between dozens of groups, if not hundreds, and that Big Pharma foots the bill.

If that is not collusion and something subject to legal action under the RICO and Sherman Anti-Trust laws of the United States, I don’t know what is.

Brave Mom Exposes Vaccine Corruption To Washington State Board of Health
5:28 minutes